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Get a THIRD OFF our single-session QUIT SMOKING hypnotherapy service between now and the end of July 2018.
Pay just £80 (normally £120) for a full extended session designed to tackle the psychological factors maintaining a normal / moderate smoking habit. Not only that, but we will offer a booster session if necessary within the first month FREE OF CHARGE!
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One of the things I talk to clients about is that people tend to treat their own opinions as if they were facts. So if you believe the world is flat you will interact with it as if that's true. Or if you believe the world should treat you fairly and it doesn't you could have trouble coming to terms with that, and perhaps end up feeling depressed or anxious. A new study shows us why this might happen. Read more.

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Let h2 Natural Health help you to quit the habit NOW.
People are more likely to succeed in stopping and staying stopped if they choose to do it by stopping completely on a target date than by cutting down gradually. Maybe you have tried nicotine replacement therapy (NRT patches, gum, sprays or inhalator), Zyban or Champix, or perhaps plain old willpower all without success. Hypnotherapy has a proven track record and treatments that include hypnosis compare favourably with other methods. Contact us for more information.
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You may have seen the recent study that suggested that fast eaters were more likely to develop metabolic syndrome (
The researchers think that when people eat fast, they tend not to feel full. This means they are more likely to overeat, which makes them more likely to be overweight. Eating quickly also causes bigger glucose fluctuations, which can lead to insulin resistance and eventually type-2 diabetes.
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Many thanks to Leyla from Perth for taking the time to write this testimonial, which she requested we post on our page ....

“I went to Andrea after being stuck in a bit of a rut with an emotional issue. This situation had lasted a while and I found myself experiencing depression-type symptoms with very low mood, not wanting to go out and do things, feeling fixated on the negative aspects of what was going on, and having emotional responses that were not helpful. I also had some minor physical ailments that were on-going and troublesome.
Andrea put me at ease straight away. She is very approachable, is a great listener but also injects just the right amount of humour at appropriate times. She skilfully unravelled the whole situation and identified the right remedy for me based on all the information I shared. I noticed differences within a week of taking the remedy and within a month I was doing a lot better and that dark cloud feeling had really lifted. This allowed me to approach my situation in a much healthier way and focus on taking better care of myself to further address things on a physical level.
A few months on, I managed to set and achieve some personal goals and get my life back on track. That heavy feeling of low mood has never returned, and I continue to make positive changes and have healthier responses to what is going on around me.
I also, more recently, went to her with a sore throat, which caused me to lose my voice at times and flu-like symptoms that had lasted for weeks. Again, she worked hard to identify the right remedy for me which improved my throat and voice quickly, and the rest of my symptoms within a week or so.
I would highly recommend Andrea as a homeopath. She is very skilled, insightful, funny, empathic and professional. You feel like she genuinely cares about your situation and wants to get you to a better place of health and balance. Thank you for all of your help!!”

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Make 2018 your year

Making a change, and maintaining the change, is a difficult thing to master. Old habits die hard and well, we find comfort in routine. But when a habit or fear is holding you back, change is a good thing. In fact, it can change your life.
If there’s something you’re struggling with, whether it’s anxiety, a phobia, a habit or addiction, make this year the year you overcome it.
Hypnotherapy is one option, and is thought to be effective in treating a number of issues. Below, we look at three common issues hypnotherapy can help with, and how it can promote change for the better.
All of us will have felt anxious at some point. While when under stress or pressure, a little anxiety is common, an anxiety disorder is very different. Fear may takeover – the person perhaps avoiding certain situations and missing out on opportunities – all to stay safe.
Hypnotherapy can be very effective in managing anxiety. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help boost confidence and self-belief, as well as help manage feelings of fear and worry. Using the power of suggestion, hypnotherapy can begin to teach you how to regain a sense of control and normality in your life.
The therapy can help you to identify potential triggers, and learn how to manage them. No longer will you live in fear – you will feel confident in your ability to cope, and know what to do if the feelings return.
Fear of flying
One of the most common phobias, fear of flying understandably can affect your life. Yes, flying is one of the safest ways to travel, but flight anxiety can be crippling. While the level of distress experienced will vary from person to person, it can often interfere with personal holidays, or even affect career choices, if business travel is a necessity.
Hypnotherapy can help by connecting with the subconscious. By changing the negative thoughts and behaviours associated with flying to a more positive experience, you can regain control.
Fear of flying is a learnt fear, meaning it may have stemmed from childhood or after a bad experience. Because of this, it’s good to know what triggers your fear and why. Once you recognise the triggers, together with your hypnotherapist, you can learn ways to manage your feelings and learn how to cope.
Public speaking
While the thought of speaking in front of a big crowd will make most of us a little nervous, for some, this fear is even more intense. Fear of public speaking is common, and it’s on the rise.
Simply put, we spend a lot less time speaking in front of people. The times when we do, it’s often by force – whether at school or work – and because the situations are so few and far between, the fear remains the same.
In some cases, fear of public speaking can develop into glossophobia. This phobia comes from a fear of being judged. This, combined with doubts over your ability, can be overwhelming.
Hypnotherapy can be effective in treating phobias, as they’re not easy to control consciously. It works with your unconscious to understand where the root of the anxiety comes from. Hypnosis helps to identify the cause, and through tailored suggestion techniques, you can learn to manage the anxiety, overcoming the fear.
There are many areas in which hypnotherapy is thought to be effective. If something is holding you back, or you’re finding it hard to break a habit with willpower alone, hypnotherapy might be the option for you. Change isn’t easy, but trust us, you can do it.
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New studies show that people with low self-esteem tend to have less responsive partners than others. It's previously been suggested that this was mostly down to skewed perception on the part of of those with low self esteem, but these three studies show there's some truth behind it. Maybe teaching communication skills to both partners would be a relevant approach to improving self-esteem?
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OCD means people's action are at odds with their beliefs.
The journal Neuron recently reported a study in which people were asked to play a computer game which involved predicting where a 'coin' would fall and catching it in a bucket.
Both groups of participants, those with OCD and those without, could predict where the coins were coming from, but those with OCD did not use this information to help them catch the coins.
Researchers suggest they had less confidence in their own knowledge and decision making.
Read more (…/2017/…/170928121636.htm)
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Clients who use the PKAVS 'Complementary Therapy Voucher' scheme now benefit from 12 voucher sessions (previously 6)! These sessions are absolutely free to qualifying carers and can be redeemed at h2 Natural Health for 45 minutes of: massage, reflexology, or relaxation & stress management. Please enquire with us or direct to PKAVS.
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We've just finished a fresh design for our hypnotherapy website - a more up to date appearance which also makes it easier to read on mobile devices. Check it out at:
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