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Show your favorite Ingressphile that they light up your life (like an XMP burst) with one of my Ingress Valentines :)
+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Niantic Project 
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Haha... Those are awesome!  Too bad my wife doesn't play Ingress.
+Liz Quilty I have an invite with her name on it, but she just doesn't want to play. :(  She has done some intel work for me though, and lets me go out and play a few times a week if I'm really good.
Seems like sharing a post should link the +1's to the original, rather than essentially taking away from it. I mean, re-posting is about promoting something cool to your friends, it makes sense that the originating post should get the credit.
Agreed. Similar to the retweet change Twitter made last year.
I so wish I had someone to give this to.
Is there a high res version of that downloadable from someplace?  I totally will print that out and give it to my fellow agent, wife, and best friend.  (who are all the same person, if that wasn't clear enough ;) )
+Daniel Heramb I would be more than happy to accept the Ingress invite on behalf of Mrs. Heramb. :) Happy Portal Capturing!
"You can have my Ingress invite"
Aaa man I thought that code v-14 was a passcode.  No love from niantic :O(
PSA: Practices safe hacking. Always remember to deploy a shield.
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