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Guy Wyant
Focused on the end-to-end user experience.
Focused on the end-to-end user experience.

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So close to droneship landing success!

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If you don't follow Welcome to Businesstown... you should.
Fantastic art, and hilarious takes on startup culture.

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It is once again time to share the Classic Series Ingress Valentines!
Hi-res versions here:

Join in! Template to make your own is here: or on Imgur Memegen:
Ingress Valentines
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"the Tversky Intelligence Test was "The faster you realized Tversky was smarter than you, the smarter you were.""

// Thinking, Fast and Slow

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This level of intelligence and context-awareness is getting closer and closer to parts of the vision presented in of the inimitable Bret Victor's Magic Ink essay. If you haven't read it and you work in HCI/UX, please do.

Who would've expected we would get closer on mobile devices than we ever did on desktops.

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Fantastic interactive story that shows how even slight preferences for being in the majority leads to segregation.

I'd been looking for something similar to this to post; I had found the result fascinating ever since I learned of it when working with some NetLogo models years ago.

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If you were an alien watching our science news, you might mistakenly think humans were very concerned about the health of rats and mice.

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It seems my circles are mostly well-informed of this, but it shouldn't hurt to add a signal boost:
"The countdown is on for Thursday's 7:05 a.m. EST launch of NASA's new human spacecraft, Orion, on its first voyage to space." #watchspaceflightnotsportsball

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Microscope Makes 3D Video of Living Cells in Real Time --

This seems like it would be just a bit useful... suddenly no restriction on using fixed samples like in electron microscopy.
The videos it can produce are incredible; one is below.

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What a great idea -- a passive installation that makes you part of active research.
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