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please listen and do research

I'm Typing here after watching your program. Pakistan Playing a Double game ?
so I think Usa stop lair game. What I'm said try to dig you find out all truth.

whole world in trouble after the 9 11 2001.
Usa didn't show any proves just making a blames about Taliban.
wait. why whole world believe what Usa said? It's Law ?
If someone blame so everyone accepted without asking Proves that is law?
simple do the research.

1, check this pc game intro made in 1999. the person didn't show 1st mission. you find about anthrax virus too. just 2 min.

2, 4 plane hi-jack wait. Who is Security In-charge there ?
Marvin Bush, brother of President Bush.

3, they didn't believe building destroy by plane. lot of Architecture, Engineer even Physic Proffessors.

4, if wtc destroy by inside so who's incharge? Marvin Bush.

5, wtc7 How bbc know?

what is American Cia role in this war?
Afghan give them name American Taliban?
Who are they ? Controlled Ttp in Pakistan.

We are truth seeker.
If we can't stop the Criminal so they do again and again new dramas.
They said Dirty bomb Iraq you remember ?
They leave Iraq next day big army with weapons moving to Syria and called Isis?
what they did 9+ year in Iraq? killing terrorist or creating terrorist ?
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Gulf News

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Subhan Allah 
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