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Articles about music & high-quality crafted guitars.
Articles about music & high-quality crafted guitars.

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What were the 35 Best Rock Songs of 2016?

Check out the full list here.

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Brian Speaks!

Brian Wilson's autobiography, I Am Brian Wilson, is a must-read if you love the Beach Boys! Check out my book review here.

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If you're in the market for a premium acoustic guitar, check out 4 stunning options here.

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For anyone interested in an acoustic guitar with great sound AND price, here's a breakdown of 5 really cool guitars under $500.

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It's finally time to learn how to play guitar.

The Ultimate Best Beginner Guitar Acoustic & Electric Buyers Guide.

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Thinking about finally learning how to play guitar? Looking for the perfect gift? Or simply wondering, what is the best beginner guitar?

The Ultimate Acoustic & Electric Guitar Buyers Guide contains all the information you need to know to make the right decision.

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Domo Arigato, Yamaha. In our Yamaha FG800 Review, we examine why they replaced the popular Yamaha FG700s & take a deep look at the full 800 Series.

Yamaha might Godzilla their way through this price range, cause the FG800 acoustic guitar (as well as the FS800) is an excellent value.

P.S. Kilroy was here.

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Sometimes you just need a guitar that doesn't suck. We review the Jasmine s35, an acoustic with surprisingly good sound and a cool look at a ludicrously low price.

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Ride the Lightning and check out this review of the ESP KH-2, part of the Kirk Hammett Signature Series. It rocks!

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Butch Walker has a new album out called Stay Gold, and it's great! Check out our Artist Spotlight article on this talented and underappreciated musician.
Butch Walker: Artist. Songwriter. Producer. ROCK STAR.

Check out our Artist Spotlight feature to learn more about the talented and underappreciated Butch Walker.
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