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Dear Microsoft, please learn to blog.

You got the catchy headlines, but everytime one tries to see what you're up to, it's so discouraging to read you.

Some tips for you:

1. Keep it short and sweet.
2. Use a bigger font.
3. When you put screenshots on your posts, make sure clicking on them takes us to huge high res versions of them.
4. Don't put your videos at the end of the posts, your posts are so long that nobody will even find out you have a video if it's all the way at the end.

It's so frustrating to read you 100% of the time.

All your innovation won't matter if you can't connect to the audience that can tell the story for you. Please be more engaging.
We've had the opportunity to demo aspects of the Store experience at a few recent events—at our //build/ conference, at the Store Preview event, and then just last week at CES. We thought it would...
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Sean C
Completely disagree. I like the long detailed posts as do many other people. People also want to know all these details, or even need to know. If MS posted short entries then SO many people would complain and ask stuff, then also say that MS are not being open enough. These blogs are not even intended for the average person anyway. They often have FAQ's and reply to comments as well, so i dont know why you think MS are not being engaging. If you want it short then just read a tech news site that reports on this stuff, they often dumb it down for people like you.
+Sean Clarke if you want to express more detail then you post that inside technet for developers or people who care about detail. Attention is scarce (specially when iOS and Android are starting to eat your lunch, the less engaging their posts are, the less tech news sites will cover these topics for "people like me" (i guess you must be developing an app for that market, most people won't care to read all that, think investors, developers of competing platforms that will just look at this stuff and dismiss it because it's full of the same corporate language they are used to so much, I know it very well, I used to work doing marketing and other technical support work inside their Venezuelan subsidiary in Caracas).

One thing is dumbing down the message, another is being efficient for people that don't have time to read through all the bullshit and embellished details. They probably have nothing solid at this point and they're just trying to keep the buzz going, and they're not doing a great job at that, I don't see anyone excited yet.
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