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Sony Xperia S coming this month, sooner than expected
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Awesome. My contract finishes 1st week in Feb, so I'll hopefully be able to pretty much jump straight in with an Xperia S. Freakin' sweet!
Jojo Z
its out yet??
Patience +Jojo Z! It should be out in 4-5 weeks. Then the networks will probably sit on them for a couple of weeks for testing...
Jojo Z
which means it will b out by march or april...which means i ll have 2 settle for arc s or ray for this time...</3
Pretty much. I'm gonna hold out for the Xperia S though. My X10 is still just about usable, so I can cope for another month or so...
Jojo Z
m stuck with my i guess u can understand the IMPATIENCE;)
what about Xperia ION, seems like it is better than S. Price?? any guesses ??
+Gani Amigo, the ION is just for the North American market at the moment. The S is basically the European/'International' version. I know the specs are slightly different, but there's nothing to say the two handsets will be released in each other's respective markets. That said, there's nothing to say they won't either...!
I hope next Sony will have 48mp camera - a response to nokia
Nice mobile with great features but still in specifications missing one feature " FM transmitter" and built in antenna
Yes, 48 or more because Sony is already using Carl Zeiss lens in professional and non professional cameras.
Is Sony Xperia S released ?? in India ??
Question is not why Sony can't make any better phone than Samsung, the question is when. They certainly have the technology. They recently completely bought out Ericsson so give them sometime to catch up. Although, they don't have any phones with a $600+ price tag. 
Basically SIII is a phenomenal phone, it offers A LOT with a huge price tag. I am planning Xperia ion because it also offers good performance for daily tasks. It all boils down to what you need the phone too. It is like getting a gaming rig for your home and work excel on it, if you get the drift. What Sony needs is good software support. They lack in that department. I used CyanogenMod on my arc forever and recently gave a try to Sony's official ICS firmware. I could only stand it for 3 days!!!!
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