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Many of you have been following the work +Sarah Honeychurch and I have been doing around rhizoanalysis of open courses: Here is the draft of the paper in current form:

+Laura Gibbs +Sarah Honeychurch and I are doing an open research study on open courses. We are interested in examining how leadership and apprenticeship develop in relationship to literacy practices.

If you would be willing to join us for a 10-15 minute conversation we would love to have you in the study,

Hello everyone. I and +Sarah Honeychurch are doing a study of open courses and looking at how leadership and apprenticeship develop in conjunction with literacy moves made.

We have identified and contacted people for interviews based on previous social network status.

We would really like to hear from more "beginners" who were really active on CLMOOC or people willing to reflect on their beginnings.

Please ping us if interested in a 15-20 minute conversation

How do I invite people to the Stream. I have always used HoA for video podcasting.

For the life of me I can not find the link to invite people via email or to generate a link for them to join.

What do I need to do?

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For the many districts who maybe rethinking your talent "management" platform we are happy to announce the launch of ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.

You can read about the launch here:

Really popular right now is our video based capacity building modules. Instead of simply striving for agreement one our talent coaches gives evaluators the type of narrative feedback we expect them to provide to teachers:

Most people in this community know me. We spent the last year building this because teachers were not being served but rather ended up in servitude to talent management software. I am really excited to see where this takes us.

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I will try to teach you all that I have learned about teaching poetry in 20 slides.

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