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As people seem to be confused about this, I'd like everyone to know that the 3.8 kernel is NOT going to be a longterm kernel release that is supported by me, or by anyone else that I know of.

Hopefully this puts a stop to this crazy rumor, if anyone has any questions about this, please let me know, and forward this on to anyone else that needs to see it.
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when can we expect a LT release ? 4.0 ?

any heads up for what will you improve ? add ? remove ?
... provide the program "as is" without warranty of any kind... 
But I think it's time for a new LTS kernel!?
Ah enterprise vendor kernel speculating ftw
+Dave Airlie no, even worse, "embedded Linux vendor wanting me to do their work for them."  At least they admit it to my face, which is refreshing...
+Michael Sirjue the kernel is the core, the heart of the linux, it controls the CPU, how the information in memory ( RAM ) is saved ( and when it should be erased ), The filesystem ... keeps you from getting hacked ( iptables, if configured properly ) / you can find more info here ->
features man!! i don't mind knowing that
Personally, I'm OK with there not being an official LTS kernel.  On servers that I care about long term support, we pay a vendor for it.  And boxes we don't care, I stick linux-next on it and wait to see what breaks this time. :)
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