Some places are "rougher" than others to release kernel in...

Go grab them while they are hot, before I do another set of releases next week, from some other country.

3.14.69, 4.4.10, and 4.5.4 are now out from my trees, and Ben has released 3.2.80 and 3.16.35 (the 3.16-stable tree rises from the dead!), and Sasha will have 3.18.33 and 4.1.24 out in a few hours.

And yes, to quote myself from my talk at the +CoreOS conference in Berlin 2 days ago, (hey, if I don't quote myself, who will?), if you aren't using a longterm or stable kernel release (or Linus's -rc releases), your machines have known bugs on them, unfixed. Don't be someone who doesn't want to update just because you are lazy.

Now, speaking of lazy, back to my coffee while my scripts do their release magic :)
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