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My old "write a real Linux driver" talk, filmed at IBM back in 2008.  It's old, and long, but still mostly relevant.  Thanks to for digging it up and putting it online.
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The FOSDEM talk on patches is what lead me to submit a patch or two. Good stuff.
Thanks. Love watching your presentations.
Thanks really go to +Konstantin Ryabitsev for rescuing the old file and doing this work.  For some reason G+ doesn't want to let me edit the description of this post to put that info in it...
I was disappointed that they didn't let us keep the gotemp probes after your talk.
+Greg Kroah-Hartman I believe they have them available on a check out basis for employees who want to work through the video tutorial.
It's very educational, I am trying to follow this through the images, cuz the sound quality (of the video available at linuxfoundation) is very poor. It's a guess game for me, as well!
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