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I have an irrational urge to get a Nexus Q, anyone have one yet to say it's "just not worth it"?
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it's a... if you love toys...
It's a pretty hackable (official statement by google) toy...
You did sign up for the OUYA, I guess? ;-)
seems like there are a lot of roughly equivalent boxes for $200 less.
It has potential, long term. The folks I know who got one at I/O find it interesting, but not quite useful yet.
would be interesting if it got a cheap twin for the kitchen (no video, built-in speaker)

The price is silly high. In the specs it has a gig of ram...  if the main UI is the tablet, what are they doing on this thing that needs so much?
+Ian Monroe if you are going to go down that route you are almost more looking at something like sonos or squeezebox (though they don't really have a video output like the Q does)
video is sort of important IMO :)

the price point starts making sense once you look at the Sonos stuff... there's some sort of audiophile tax on consumer electronics meant for audio. :)
Video depends on what you are doing.

Speaking to the audiophile tax: yes, it totally exists.  There's a reason that I use squeezebox gear around the house as opposed to sonos.  There's a lot of audiophile stuff that's designed to output sound and separate money from people's pockets.

That said, the Q is basically a squeezebox/sonos device with video output, and the Q is in the same general range that most of the squeezebox/sonos type devices run.  I kind of expect someone to make a squeezebox client app for it in the not too distant future, which would make it rather intriguing overall.
+John Hawley watching videos? and then going to the kitchen and still hear what's going on. 

I guess I was seeing it as a Boxee/Roku type device with an additional feature of audio syncing with players in other rooms. In that context it's way overpriced.
It has been claimed to have a rather capable 2x25W amp built in. If it really is of good quality that could explain the price. Perhaps there should be a cheaper version without the amp? Just 5.1 line level or optical output?
+birger monsen the amp does not explain the price, rather the custom forged shell and the small series production in the US...
+Måns Rullgård there is a difference between power and sound. I was talking about other qualities than pure power. Proper audio costs money.
Sure, distortion is just as important. Now distortion tends to get worse when driving an amp near peak power...
the amount of distortion is actually irrelevant, as anyone who has listened to a good tube amp would know. The nature of distortion is more important. Also, a measure of power is worthless without knowing what kind of measurement it is. The old NAD 2x20W amps were very good, even when driven hard, as they had a power supply that could ramp up and deliver high power peaks. On the other hand, audiophile class equipment would be wasted on most digital content anyway. Too compressed, too limited and too low sampling rate.
never been to one, so i wouldn't know...
If you preordered they send you one of the dev units. for free. Dammit. I didn't.
I wanted one once it was announced! Its a good amp that's not big enough to fill a room yet WILL fill a room with sound. I believe the video issue will be fixed in software. Its not a hardware issue. 
You should have bought it. ;)
I know where you can test drive one...
+JP Werlin ah, I forgot you got one, and you can compare it with some other systems, nice, let me know how it goes...
You and your SUP delivery service have a standing dinner invitation!
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