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46 hours between hotels, 30 hours between two different talks on two different continents, 14 hours on a plane, 6 hours on a train, and only 26 hours spent in Korea. Its been a long 3 days so far on this 11 day trip.

Coming up on a few hours, japan, back to korea, and then china.

If I had a manager, they would be so fired right now...
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Have some sushi for me.
I wish I could go to japan. Have fun there. :)
A schedule like that would surely have killed me, especially the 14 hours spent on planes. I utterly detest flying. Boredom beyond belief!
I was at one of the talks you mentioned(I think) and I really enjoyed your portion of it. Thanks.
+Nino Frkanec great, glad you liked it.  When I'm standing up, talking, it's easy to stay awake. It's when sitting in a 5 hour taxi ride, that's rough...
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