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ktap is now merged in the staging-next git tree and on it's way to the 3.13-rc1 kernel release.

Please test it out if you are curious about it.
This patch introduces ktap to staging tree. ktap is a new script-based dynamic tracing tool for Linux, it uses a scripting language and lets users trace the Linux kernel dynamically. ktap is designed to give operational insights with interoperability that allow users to tune, troubleshoot and ...
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How does one test kernel features from user space? Is such a thing even possible without relying on stdlib?
+Mladen Mijatov use the userspace tests in the ktap directory, it shows how to interact with it (read/write/open, all common syscalls you can make from any language).
Hmm, what happened to ktap meanwhile ?I can't find it in staging anymore - missed the memo ?
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