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Hm, it looks like google hangouts can share a screen, but can I use it to record a video where I share a screen? I'm trying to create a screencast, but I can't seem to find the "record this hangout" button anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas?
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If all else fails, there are always screen grabbers.
gtk record my desktop?
+Greg Kroah-Hartman Hangouts have their OnAir version which is uploaded to YouTube (automatically perhaps). To be honest I don't know how this works but I don't think it should be hard to find out more about it.
AFAIK there's no builtin recording yet. You've got to use desktop recording like recordmydesktop.
Why is it restricted to a handful of countries? Legislation?
In Germany live streams with more than 500 viewers are seen as TV and have to adhere to broadcasting laws.
Hangouts on air are done by asking a friendly neighbourhood Googler to help you get started.

But I don't know where to find one of those... ;)
That's utterly protective and retrograde, Christian :-(
Oh well, I tried to do this, inviting the world for a screencast to see if I could record it, but that didn't seem to work either...

I guess I'll have to go back to recording a screencast instead, which means I'll never get around to it...
Should be right above the green invite button on the left hand side, before you actually start the hangout. It can't be enabled once started and trying to add more people.

It should work, unless my account somehow got whitelisted, you should also have access.

Edit: Actually, just asked my friend to show me the screen, the button isn't there yet.
+Mladen Mijatov Sorry, the form to sign up external people is gone. I've poked someone to see how to get this working.
If they are not public, Jupiter Broadcasting had a tutorial on how to record a hangout. I can find the specific episode if you wish.
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