Dear etiquette experts,

What is the proper amount of time to wait upon receiving an email containing  obviously incorrect statements about Linux kernel code before sending a "you have got to be kidding" email response.

Should I just hope the sender realizes their foolishness on their own and give them N hours to rescind the statement and fix up their insane patch and resend it, thereby giving them a grace period?  If so, what is the proper value for N?

Or is it fair game to let loose and channel up the Torvalds-like daemons within my keyboard, with the hope that it would actually do some good and they would learn from their mistakes?

Or do I just delete the message and hope they go away, realizing that no matter how many time I try to point out problems, someone new will come along to aggravate me and I need to just accept this as part of some distributed-denial-of-service attack by companies wanting to slow down the kernel development process, so by deleting it, stop the attack from happening?

Anticipating your response,

A grumpy kernel maintainer
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