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Box of live crickets plus an 8 year old boy, what could possibly go wrong...
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They're everywhere in your apartment, aren't they?
Word to the wise: hatching frogs can be a nice educational thing, but for chrissake, get the water-frogs. The salmonella you get is infinitely preferable to having to feed them crickets. Mealworms don't work.

For animals that really can't swim, those crickets invariably seem to think it's a good idea to jump into the water bowl. And you spend more time trying to keep the crickets alive than you spend on the frog.

Never again. I think I even preferred the guinea pig (and that really was the most pointless animal for kids ever). We've had it all: hamsters, snakes, dogs, cats, bunnies, frogs, gerbils, fish, you name it (no birds, though).

So take it from a family that has tried almost everything: stay away from anything that likes to eat crickets. You will be sorry.
We used them to feed a Venus flytrap, a pitcher plant and a sun dew, left overs from his science fair experiment. He's begging for a snake, so far we have resisted...
+Greg Kroah-Hartman: snakes are actually ok. You feed them frozen mice once a week, they're easy to take care of, and the biggest issue is that they aren't all that smart and you have to handle them a lot so that they get used to it. Ours definitely hasn't been handled enough, and isn't getting enough attention, but even then it's not exactly a burden to take care of either.

But I think my favorite animal (aside from dogs and cats, which are more like furry family members) were the rats. Of all the rodents (and rodent-like) creatures we've had, they are by far the best. Friendly, smart, social, love to play.

The biggest downside of the rats were that they only live a couple of years, and that coupled with the fact that they really are social means that the inevitable death of the rats is actually a bigger bummer than some random guinea pig.

Guinea pigs really are worthless. Just glue some hair on a stone, and you have a better pet.
oh yes that's so true! ;)

our youngest son tried to learn a guinea pig to fly because they are so boring, it didn't survive :(
+Linus Torvalds I'd get a mouse/rat but having two cats would make it unfeasible.. and I'm sure it would be no picnic to the rats either. None of my cats would eat the rats, more like play with them... to death.
Meh. I recall we had 2 Chinese water dragons in a huge terrarium. Crickets all over the place. The living room sounded like "an African savanna at night".
+Sriram Ramkrishna get a snake (preferably python): it will take care of the cats. Bonus: python will retain funny silhouette for some time.
Cats > everything
If you can't due to allergy like me, crested geckos ftw. crickets are not a big issue.
+Linus Torvalds were your bunnies in the house or garden? We've had house rabbits for a few years now, your description of rats seems to be the same that I'd give to our rabbit. (I think many people miss the best of rabbits by keeping them in a hutch in the garden.)
We all go through it...

"Hey dad, look! I figured out how to open this thing up without throwing the whole content through the livingroom."

"Nice son. Good job!"

"Uhm, well... I also noticed that crickets don't need to be thrown to get out there."

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