If you were wondering what is happening to vger.kernel.org at the moment, please be patient.
Just a heads up that we are having major problems at the vger.kernel.org list server.  Starting yesterday they changed something with GMAIL's smtp servers, such that every mail vger.kernel.org tries to send to GMAIL hosted recipients results in cryptic failures such as:

451 4.5.0 SMTP protocol violation, see RFC 2821


503 5.5.1 RCPT first.

There are more than 5000 gmail.com subscribers alone on linux-kernel, so every time one of these times out I get a huge postmaster email for the bounce.  The backlog is growing endlessly at the moment.

I've tried things like disabling SMTP pipelining to no avail.

Complicating things further is that we use zmailer and this worked because the author Matti Aarnio regularly logged into vger and diagnosed problems.  I haven't heard from him or seen him login to vger.kernel.org in more than a year, and this problem is beyond my ability to diagnose, only he could do it.

I've sent him an email to try and have him diagnose the issue, but I'm not optimistic.

We may, therefore, be without mailing lists for several days while I install something to replace our zmailer setup.  It could take some time and I appreciate everyone's patience in advance.
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