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Windows 8 logo guidelines require that systems have UEFI secure boot enabled, blocking Linux booting.

Link from +Matthew Garrett who deals with this crap more than anyone I know.

It's as if everyone at Microsoft who tried to do this years ago moved on to something else, institutional memory seems lacking here.

- Replaced link with true link to presentation.
- Full video is at if you want to see the whole thing.
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Windows vista/7 "activators" rely on hacking the boot process, that may be their main motivation...
I've been using EasyBCD for dual booting, I guess this puts them out of business.
I put Windows out of my business in 2001, never felt the urge to get it back in again.
Treacherous Computing at work.

Now were the people predicting this paranoid or merely pragmatists?
Does it block dual-booting? If Windows could not be removed and replaced with Linux, that would definitely be very bad. (Update) Seems that there is a discussion of just this issue in the LWN article linked to by +Ed Brindley above.
What a weird time we live in when Apple can use the mere ability to dual-boot as a differentiator from its PC counterparts.
Didn't they just got out of anti-trust oversight? Maybe it's time for another trial.
Ahahaha. "Its [rebooting] what hundreds of millions of users see every day..." Bwhahaha...
Aww, they even prevent me from watching that video unless I have Silverlight.

On the other side, this won't affect me at all. There are no Windows machines left in my home now and that includes total of 4 computers. Even our phones are Linux based.

I am also, so far, quite successful in converting people full-time to Linux. Microsoft can do these little pranks as much as they want to but it only goes to show how desperate they are.

If you remember, some time ago, Microsoft slide showed us that they consider Linux to be far bigger threat than Apple. I think this is a definite proof of that. :)

That means we are winning. Right? We've won in server, super-computer and mobile market. Only desktop remains!
The simple question is: who gets to be a CA? If I can sign my loader, krnl and MBR, it's fine. If I can't, it's not.
But but, do they want me to stop playing games on my laptop ? I use Linux for anything serious..
at 7 minutes in he re-invents "hibernate"! critically though its now on by default instead of totally hidden. :-) ... and did you notice that although he cites security, it boots straight to the desktop, no login required?
Since this probably only applies to systems with Windows pre-installed, one more reason not to buy those ...
Interesting that he references Stuxnet as a reason to implement signed boot images, given that Stuxnet code was signed, using stolen keys. +Morten Juhl-Johansen Zőlde-Fejér: the "logo requirements" is MS' term for certification requirements.
+florian have you ever tried to buy the laptop of your choice without Windows? It not always possible, I bought a dell xps, and they refunded the windows licence, but it came with Windows on the hdd.
+Danny Angus i agree, theres alot of laptops that dont have WinWowes but not necessarily the one you want, but desktops no prob at all, cheaper to build anyway. It just goes to show WinWowes are hoping to make money from apps not just the product key from the OEM system. Not the 1st time Microsoft have have to find ways to knock Linux users down, they had to dig XP Home up form beneath the grave so give then a market with Netbooks afew years back, after afew Linux distros were rolling out pretty well on them in store.
+Florian Echtler It would've been nice if Dell or Lenovo had all the same laptops available with Linux, but that's just not the case. Dell and others are able to reduce the price of a new laptop by preinstalling a lot of teaser apps from third party software companies. If you eliminate those and make Linux available, it will jack up the price to the point where it's not competitive.
Well I bought a Dell precision M6500, you can actually buy that direct with Red Hat Enterprise
Stupid question: where does secure boot fit if you want to virtualize a Win8 instance?
+Tim Serong thats not a stupid question and the answer is nowhere because UEFI is not needed (yet) in a virtualized environment they normally use a simulated bios. So the question will be, does the virtualization technology need to support a virtualized UEFi, if yes.. then it could be that only HYPER V supports it...
+andrey that is not very reassuring! It still let's oems lock out osses, and Microsoft might make that a condition of preinstall then we are stuck.
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