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Success, now to fix that obsolete, out of date kernel...
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wow, it's as bad as I assumed, why would anyone have something like this in a kernel patch:
create mode 100644 drivers/usb/host/dwc_otg/doc/html/dwc__otg__driver_8c.html

Yes, html in a kernel patch, this is not going to be easy, it's going to take a big stick to reach across the ocean to smack some people with...
I don't even begin to see the reasoning for that.
Raspberry Pi in the wild?
Well, you have this half-done cleanup of the vendor driver. It's perhaps a little better, but probably still needs to just be thrown away and reimplemented from scratch.

I know a few people have crawled out of the woodwork and asked what needs doing a few times. Maybe with raspberry pi + -staging there can be some good traction on it coming.
How many of those Pi's are needed to compile the kernel faster than your workstation?
Now there is something you don't see everyday....
So, he stick in his thumb, and pulled out a plumb, and said, "This ain't no Raspberry Pi".
+Greg Kroah-Hartman Don't smack them too hard. It's doxygen output. That means that they were trying to make sure there was documentation.

Efforts in that direction need to be encouraged, but redirected to the appropriate forms! =)
I saw that commit for the dwc2 driver with all the doxygen documentation in it :-/ When I rebased the raspberrypi tree in github to v3.3 I just dropped that whole commit since it has no chance.

I've heard that drivers/usb/gadget/s3c-hsudc.c is the samsung implementation of the same dwc2 IP from Synopsis. I would give it a try but, alas, I don't have one yet. Mine is backordered until the end of time.
When i read in your last post that you have a raspie i was a little bit envious but hoping mine is shipped as well i was mostly happy for you. It was well beyond midnight and after a week with little sleep my mind didn't realize the implications it would have for the raspie kernel that +Greg Kroah-Hartman had one.

Now i am even more happy you got one first and hope it means a better kernel for mine when it arrives :-)
Well, I know some experts - they prefer to use MS Word when writing docu...
Don't forget to contribute back to community! :P
Nice , but where is your Flattr button ?
Who actually commits the output of doxygen? It's like committing Makefiles when using makfile generators or committing .o files. It does not make sense, much like Chewbacca living on Endor.
+Andrey Moshbear It depends on philosophy. I might check in doxy output if I don't want developers to have to have the tools installed. Some for the autotools. Depends who your target audience is.
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