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It would be good to see this film finished.  I might not agree with the "it's a war" theme, but the ideas covered here are good, and the people (present company excepted) that they interviewed are all really interesting.

Space elevators and Linux, where else can you see a film that mixes the two of them together?
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Looks interesting. I should see this movie!
I can't watch the trailer on my Android phone.
IV a new rope
V the empire strike-through
VI ... nah too lame.
Mmmmmm... I know Greg that you want to show the world your actor skills, but think there's a couple of movies/documentary like this one and kinda in the same matters. I even have them all downloaded.
But the real movie (the Hollywood way, not documentary), and in a pretty distortioned (that's not even a word, is it?) way and ideals is Antitrust with Ryan Philippe... If my memory doesn't fail Miguel De Icaza appears in that one for a short amount of time giving a dude a prize and I think they use Gnome 1.4 all over the movie... :-)
It's looking like it's not gonna reach the target. I'm gonna put in some money next month though, I'd really like to see this happen.
Trailer did not play with Debian Wheezy.  Some people think "Evangelism is War!" That could have something to do with obnoxious, non free and patented video formats.
Great share, trailer was great! I'll definitely throw money into this project! Reminds me of Revolution OS!
If it's a war, "we have met the enemy and he is us" as Pogo once said. According to a European survey a few years ago, 70% of free software developers work, or have worked, at a proprietary software company.
>how free software will save you thousands of dollars and lead to a better world.
Well, we need to kill some black sheep before they destroy us from the inside.
Idem here. The theme is not great but I will support them. 
The war theme I could have done without but (having liked "Revolution OS") I contributed nonetheless.
Thanks for your interest / support! The war theme won't dominate the movie. We just tried to build a trailer that was dramatic to grab attention even of people who don't care about FOSS. A movie titled: "The Software Philosophical Disagreements" wouldn't do as well ;-) 
As a user of free software for over 5 years now, and originally being sparked by the film OS Revolution I understand the profound influence this can have on our society. It brings great awareness in an easy to consume way. That being said...

I just put a $100 into Software Wars who wants to match me?
Only 20 hours left in the campaign guys, now is your chance to be part of this great project!
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