And people wonder why kernel maintainers are grumpy.

This patch is why, someone thinks they are "smarter" than the kernel and create an empty function to silence the kernel warnings that happen if they didn't provide a callback function. The programmer thinks they are smarter than the kernel and have silenced the nasty messages it was spitting out at them.

It's as if they think the kernel is doing this for no reason, and that an empty callback function really is the solution. Luckily, the kernel documentation says that I am allowed to publicly make fun of anyone who does this, so I don't feel bad about doing it.

But still, if you are a programmer, did you ever wonder about why the kernel/compiler/whatever is giving you a warning message? It is trying to help you out, some developer took their time to create that message and the logic to trigger it to be printed out. They didn't do it "just for fun", they were trying to save yourself a whole lot of problems in the end. By circumventing these types of messages, you don't solve the correct problem.

To quote the old IBM phrase, "THINK".
To which I'll add "or you will be mocked."
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