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As I'm getting a few questions about this, and I realized that I never sent out an email about this, yes, the 3.4 kernel tree will be the next -longterm kernel that I will be maintaining for at least ...
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Very good news. It is a really good base for products ;-)
I think he got the words scrambled, should be "at least for now."
Nooo!!! Just as we went to 3.6-rc2
Hi +Greg Kroah-Hartman, I've a question about stable release bases. Recently I noticed that some upstream 3.4 patches are not included in 3.4 stable release (commit dbd5768f for example, it got in upstream between 3.4-rc2 and 3.4-rc3, but doesn't show up in 3.4.y stable tree).

I originally thought stable releases are based on corresponding kernel release but apparently I was wrong. So could you please share some information about how you choose the stable release base?

Thanks very much!

Just to fill my very curious mind ;-)
+Peng Tao dbd5768 | 2012-05-03 | vfs: Rename end_writeback() to clear_inode() [Jan Kara] ? The earliest I see that is in the 3.5-rc releases . From what I am reading that was just a rename of end_writeback() to clear_inode() which wouldn't qualify for a stable release. For guidelines about what goes into stable see Documentation/stable_kernel_rules.txt
+Jerry Snitselaar git describe tells that commit dbd5768f went in somewhere after v3.4-rc2.

$git describe dbd5768f

Checking git log v3.5 by hand, I found commit dbd5768f somewhere before 3.4-rc6 is tagged. However, when I checked git log v3.4-rc6, I could not find the commit.

OK. I admit I am screwed up by git... 
+Peng Tao I had only looked at git tag --contains dbd5768 . Pulling up the repo in tig though I can see that Linus released v3.4 on 2012-05-20 and he merged dbd5768 on 2012-05-28 during the v3.5 merge window. 
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