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Goodnight everyone from ITHACA

Ithaca symbolises the return to the haven

Let me share with you the story of *King of Ithaca Odysseus and Penelope):

When Odysseus set off for glorious days in Troy, his beloved wife, Penelope, was left alone to unwittingly excite the appetite of men for a gorgeous Queen. Before long, the palace was brimful of odious suitors who would flirt with the Queen persistently. What is more, they made Penelope promise she would marry one of them. To keep them at bay, she came up with a devise: she promised she would come to a wedding with the best of them when she would have finished weaving a shroud. So, she spent the daytime weaving it and the nighttime unweaving it. Thus doing, she managed to stay clear of the suitors for 20 whole years, until .................Odysseus returned to Ithaca.

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you cannot believe the trees reaching the sea level, giving the sea a green / blue color. I haven't met this anywhere else
this is just amazing and mesmerizing.(deep sigh)
i can't find any words to describe this view
Visit Greece u say? ...yes please :)
I though it's ITHACA from upstate New York.
to Iren Nalbant: indeed, when? (Yes, you will)
Whenever I have money and vacation days from work !
that's nice, then do you visit Greece often, or do you live there?
No I have never been to Greece
okay, but this place, i think, is a must-to-be visited country. i am interested of going there, hopefully soon. do you agree? i hope you have a wonderful time. it was talking to you.
Oh im sure it's beautiful ! Yeah hopefully I will visit Greece myself ,thank you !
I went there last year!!!
Especiallyat night, it was beautiful!!!!
Greece is such a marvelous country, with great and hospitable people. Greeks, even deeply touched with the unfavorable economic situation, unfortunately caused (a great deal) by their own mistakes, usually are justifiable, correct and fair. I had the privilege and pleasure to stay longer in Greece in its "golden" times (end of 80-ties), experiencing the best years with my family, visiting and enjoying every part of Greece. As a tourism and hospitality expert, I could evaluate with competence the tourism resources and opportunities of this country, having in mind all negative and positive actual circumstances.
Greece history,culture and beliefs reflects in every mankind lifestyle all around the world.So pretty cool and amazing.. Hope I can travel in Greece someday!!!!
Convincing enough that Greece is a marvelous country. yeah, I love to go there as well.
The photo itself sells the place, and with comment/s like Zeki Ceku, and the rest, i do not know why people will not go visit Greece someday.
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