Goodnight everyone from ITHACA

Ithaca symbolises the return to the haven

Let me share with you the story of *King of Ithaca Odysseus and Penelope):

When Odysseus set off for glorious days in Troy, his beloved wife, Penelope, was left alone to unwittingly excite the appetite of men for a gorgeous Queen. Before long, the palace was brimful of odious suitors who would flirt with the Queen persistently. What is more, they made Penelope promise she would marry one of them. To keep them at bay, she came up with a devise: she promised she would come to a wedding with the best of them when she would have finished weaving a shroud. So, she spent the daytime weaving it and the nighttime unweaving it. Thus doing, she managed to stay clear of the suitors for 20 whole years, until .................Odysseus returned to Ithaca.

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