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Building Trust & Influence of Executives to Accelerate Business & Personal Growth
Building Trust & Influence of Executives to Accelerate Business & Personal Growth

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Photos from SMB Dallas June 2015 Meeting
Another fun early morning learning about social media platforms that are good for business and brands
SMB Dallas June 2015 Meeting Photos
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Photos from DFW American Marketing Association June 2015 Luncheon

In spite of tropical storm Bill beating rain and wind on Dallas, the crowd enjoyed +Robert Hunt share his Passion for Purpose presentation. Celebrating the 90 volunteers who support DFWAMA's 600 strong membership, it was an enjoyable celebration.

A few photos for the luncheon.


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Photos from Social Media Breakfast Dallas May 2015 Meeting
Another great meeting of information on social marketing.

This time the panel of social media experts came for the tourism and hospitality industry. Including +Catherine Cuellar sharing thoughts as CEO of the +Dallas Arts District;
+Erik Johnson explaining the nuances of managing for local golf venues under +ClubCorp; and
Franny Karkosak providing valuable insights from the restaurant side of TGIF Friday's

As side note, processed the photos using the new +GooglePhotos mobile app. Love the new app and works well synching between iPhone (where I took all photos and videos) and iPad (where the bigger screen is easier to view and edit). And in a few auto-awesome photos (I think it's called something different now) and it's way easy to use.

Sharing the photo album to other social platforms (eg Twitter) was real easy.

So enjoy!

#smbdallas #iphoneography 

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Some "auto-awesoming" from NDCC luncheon
Google+ always makes me smile when they auto awesome a photo, or in this case a few photos.

I took these photos during the +NDCC annual luncheon yesterday. With my iPhone 5s and the +Photojojo 12x lens attached.

Animated Photo

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Dallas to Austin trip for Keeping Austin Agile 2015

Off early this morning from Dallas to Austin. Tomorrow is 3rd annual +Agile Austin Keep Austin Agile 2015 show.

I'm attending for the first time as I have joined +Growth Acceleration Partners and we are sponsor of event.

About to get my geek on as I learn about the latest Agile scrum techniques and find companies who need software development help.

See all the speakers and program:
Follow the fun with hashtag #KeepAustinAgile2015  and #agileaustin .

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Always Wondered if TV ads Were Worth It.
An interesting meeting for MENGDFW members to learn insights related to answering this question. 
Does Advertising Really Work?
From CEOs, CFOs and directors, the question question, "do ads really work" is constantly posed. And for years, marketers have had to justify and defend their adverting budgets, often without factual data.

The +MENGonline DFW Chapter set out to tackle this question in its recent March 2015 meeting. Former CMO of Frito Lay, Dwight Risky presented the results of a truly enlightening study that he conducted. Keeping variables in check, he created an experiment that spanned multiple years testing the effectiveness of TV adverting.

The attendees were also invited to share their thoughts by watching 15 different ads and guess which ones were effective (increased sales) and which ones didn’t. Need-less-to-say, the batting average of the group was not extremely high!

The study did provide factual evidence that TV ads have a positive correlation on sales.  However, not all ads worked. So, beside proving ads have an impact, the study provided isights to help produce effective ads.

Key Learnings:
1. Have something “meaningful” to say -- Newsworthy. Relevant
2. Be Dramatic - new works (whatever in the minds of the consumer)
3. Small brands work
4. Quick Impact - ads that will work, will deliver within a quarter 
5. Spread ads more efficient and effective 
6. Effective ads have residual effects
7. Humor or Celebrities – can work, or not be needed

#mengonline #advertising #mengdfw

For a few more photos from the event: 

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Snow, Sun and Ice - Magic for Winter Photos

A week ago, I was in Kingston, Ontario walking by the lake. Lovely afternoon to take a few photos along the edge of Lake Ontario.

I'm still impressed in the quality of the iPhone. These were taken with my iPhone 5s. The lighting system works amazingly well!

Here's a few as we say goodbye to winter and anxiously anticipate the warmth of summer...

#winter2015 #iphoneography #winterscapes 
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