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On this day, 1864, Union and Confederate forces clash; the Confederates hoped to reach the Federals to mitigate Grant's numbers!
The forces of Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate General Robert E. Lee clash in the Wilderness, beginning an epic campaign. Lee had hoped to meet the Federals, who plunged into the tangled...
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We REALLY need to be reminded of these things. We REALLY need to remember HOW MANY DIED FOR US to have better lives. We really need to re-access our political manners & direction before we lose everything so many of us have already fought, suffered & died for. Example: Did you know About a month or so ago, our republican state governor Scott Walker silently - without warning or notice - signed a bill that REPEALED WISCONSIN WOMEN'S RIGHT TO EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK - SAME AS MEN
The Republicans are making sharpe moves; In California its so hard to tell which members of which parties are the snakes.
in California there is big talk about Tuitions raising. The schools engrage thousands of students to go, march and make spectacles of themselves toward the Federal Government. The Federal Government simply funded a huge increase of students who qualified for financial Aide. Seeing this increase in Federal Funding, the Schools Themselves Raised Tuitions to cover the costs of New Building and Structures that were started ahead of earnings.
Barack Obama called on students to march against proposed interest hikes; No One Marched; that was THE POINT, the students were fueled by the snakes in the Schools.
i'd like to hear more about this. +Natoya Rose
i study related areas & for the last 20+ years have implemented many successful applications involving these very same principles. Do you know how i might find out more ?
+Natoya Rose
Thank you so much !
Are you studying about this too?
"Self Realization" ... this term reminds me of Maslow's pyramid of basic needs ... the ultimate goal being to acheive the top .. the top of Maslow's pyramid is called "Self *Actualization*" I bet Mr. Hawkins has heard of this, too. Are you familiar with Maslow, Natoya?
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