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Grangewood Fencing Supplies Ltd
Fence supply depot selling timber, wooden and concrete products, plus garden landscaping materials.
Fence supply depot selling timber, wooden and concrete products, plus garden landscaping materials.


Job Vacancy for 7.5 Tonne Lorry Driver. Must have own Digi card and CPC. Contact Anthony on 07854 640460.
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Check out the current special offer on our top quality hazel hurdles at
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I am delighted to announce that the continued expansion of Grangewood Fencing Supplies has lead to the opening of our 6th garden fencing and landscaping depot. 
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Check out the article linked below to see our new extended delivery area.
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Heavy duty garden buildings, Ideal for tidying things away around the garden this 
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Black Market in Fence Panels

Today's Daily Mail reports, "Gardeners have been hit by a national shortage of fences at the height of the DIY season - with panels changing hands for up to four times their usual price on the black market. Prices have rocketed to record levels as a result of a 'perfect storm' of severe winter weather and a house building boom."

While today's Daily Mirror added, "Many DIY chains and hardware stores have run out of traditional lap fencing, which is being offered for up to £80 a panel to panic buyers on the black market. There has even been a spate of thefts of the wood panels from people’s gardens."

Well here at Grangewood we still have panels in stock, although when ordering please be aware that the unprecedented demand has lead to extended delivery times.

If you would like to check on stock levels or delivery lead times, please contact your nearest branch.
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Revenge of The Concrete Fence

 Not for the squeamish! An act of mindless vandalism on a concrete fence doesn't quite turn out how the young scaly plans!
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Patura Electric Fencing

The principle on which the electric fence works – and what differentiates it from other fences – is the animals’ reaction to the electric shock they receive when touching the fence. The electric shocks are not dangerous to either humans or animals, but none the less make them afraid of coming into frequent contact with the fence This works in respect of all types of wildlife – both in containing animals as well as in protecting against them.

Three factors decide on the optimal function of your electric fence.

1. Conductivity of the Fence Wiring

Long lengths of electric fence can only function using fence wiring with good conductivity. When using 4 wires of 2.5mm steel, fences up to 120km can be considered when there is no vegetation. Using only one wire of the same, the maximum length drops to 30km.

If you go down to one compact poly-wire that has 6 x 0.20mm diameter stainless steel strands,the maximum length of fence goes down to 250m. If there is vegetation at the fence, then these figures drop considerably. Depending on the desired fence length and the anticipated vegetation level the fence wire must be selected carefully.

2. Earthing

An electric fence is a circuit in which current flows. The current, which travels through the wire, the animal and through the ground cover into the soil, needs to flow back to the energiser by way of earth stakes. As the soil is a poor conductor, particularly when it is dry, sandy or stony, it is important to ensure an adequate earth system, so that the energiser can reach its full performance.

a) For permanently installed mains and battery energiser, 3 earth stakes of 1–2m in length are generally sufficient.

b) For portable battery energisers there should be at least one earth stake of 1m in length. Additional stakes are recommended in dry conditions.

c) Ensure that all connections are made using screws.

d) All parts of the earth system should be hot dip galvanised – ie rust proofed!

e) Check the earth of your energiser regularly.

3. The Energiser

An efficient energiser is the foundation of the basic power supply to your electric fence. The output power of an energiser is specified in joules. Four factors play a crucial role when deciding which energiser to use;

a) Vegetation load on the fence.

b) Fence length or number of wires.

c) Type of animal.

d) Power supply 9V, 12V or 230V.
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Creosoted Posts

100% Coal Tar Creosote has been used for over 150 years to impart reliable service life to timber in many uses. Our new full round Redwood posts are first Kiln Dried to reduce the moisture content in the timber and are then Hot Pressure Creosoted (the same as a telegraph pole) giving them a service life from 15 to 30 years.

Due to the nature of the treatment, certain guidelines should be followed when working with Creosoted timber;

Wood newly treated with Creosote should only be used for industrial, agricultural or equestrian purposes.

Avoid contact with skin. Handle with gloves. Wear a dust mask and eye protection when sawing or machining. Dispose of off-cuts, sawdust etc safely. Waste wood may be disposed of by burning subject to any local rules on burning in the open or via your local waste disposal facility.

Creosoted timber should not be used where there is risk of frequent skin contact nor where it may come into contact with or contaminate animal or human foodstuffs. In particular it should not be used inside buildings, to make toys, in playgrounds, for garden furniture or picnic tables.
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