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where #LivingGrand happens, and where the moments are turned into an extraordinary experience.
where #LivingGrand happens, and where the moments are turned into an extraordinary experience.

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A warm greeting from the latest addition to our lavish dinner buffet at Grand Café – a collection of favourite Asian flavours presented in simmering pots, inspired by the famous Japanese shabu-shabu.

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Every evening, the chefs at Tiffin fill up the dessert corner with more than 150 pastries in 14 different varieties. Be sure to share your favourite from the previous visit!

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From the Peruvian lamb stew to the chicken gumbo from the USA and the beef stew cooked with Irish Guinness, we suggest a collection of classic stews from around the world for a heartwarming gathering with friends and family at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse.

#GrandHyattSteakhouse #Stew #Winter #Gathering #GHHKFoodie #GrandHyattHongKong #香港君悅酒店
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Another healthy option to start your day – homemade yogurt by Chef Marc

‘Your body needs a certain amount of good bacteria and the term ‘probiotics’ means ‘for life’. Hence, absorbing an adequate amount of probiotics will be beneficial to our digestive system and is good for life. Our homemade yogurt has no added sugar nor preservatives. The fruit toppings used are based on seasonality and it is sourced locally. That’s why it is a good option to kick-off your healthy day!’

#GrandCafe #Morning #Homemade #Yogurt #HealthyOptions #HealthyFood

主廚Marc 推薦的健康早餐選擇─家製乳酪


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‘My father visits me annually even we are 5 years apart’ by Corporate Leadership Trainee - Francesca

‘In Italy, Father’s Day is known as St. Joseph’s Day and it is usually in March. On this day, the Italians engage in some traditional activities, such as visiting the church and children's usually hand out gifts to their dads. When I was in Italy, I will do the cooking on this day and my dad likes it so much, especially my lasagna and desserts.’

‘I haven’t been home since 2010 because I was studying in Shanghai, travelling and have been working in different countries. Never really spend a lot of time living with them. But I’m happy that my family will visit me every year no matter where I am. This December, my family will be visiting me in Hong Kong and I’m planning to take them around!’

#HappyFathersDay #StJosephsDay #GrandCafe #FamilyLove #HomeAwayFromHome #TheFunofCooking

「我和爸爸分隔異地已經五年了,但他每年都會探望我。」- Francesca


「由於我曾到上海留學,去過不同國家工作,閒時又會四處旅行,所以我自2010 年起便沒有回過家了,與家人總是聚少離多。感恩的是,無論我身在何處,家人每年總會抽時間探望我,讓我們有短暫的團聚。他們今年十二月會到香港探望我,我已安排好帶他們四處遊覽了!」

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Marbled or lean?

Chef Takeda has created a sensational seasonal menu featuring Japanese A5 and B5 beef from Sendai! Marbled or lean, the highest-quality Wagyu is something you have to taste to believe. Available from now until 2nd July at lunch and dinner.

For more details:

#Kaetsu #Japanese #A5 #A4 #SendaiBeef #SeasonalProduct #Foodie #Authentic #Wagyu #foodstagram



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‘Simple is happiness’ by Chef Chan Wai Man

‘I don’t even remember when is Father’s Day until you talked about this…Since my daughter is still young and with my busy working schedule, she’s already sleeping when I’m home, no one has mentioned about it. The most unforgettable Father’s Day experience was receiving a drawn family portrait from my lovely daughter.’

When Chef Man was asked about his daughter’s favourite food, he gave us a loving smile and said ‘She likes my Hainanese Chicken Rice! She always begs me to take her to Grand Café and when she saw me in my Chef uniform, she will say “Daddy you look so cool!” Knowing that she’s proud of her daddy makes me warm inside and seeing her smile is what I wish for. This Sunday, I will be spending the day with my daughter and wife, just simply spending the time together already make up my Father’s Day.’

#HappyFathersDay #GrandCafe #HainaneseChickenRice #LessisMore #SimpleHappiness #FamilyLove

簡單就是快樂 –文師傅



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It is proud to announce the global collaboration of ‪#‎Hyatt‬, ‪#‎CathayPacific‬ and ‪#‎Dragonair‬ to offer specially designed Hyatt-restaurant inspired inflight menus to Cathay Pacific and Dragonair passengers starting from 1 June to mid-2017! We are excited that ‪#‎OneHarbourRoad‬ and ‪#‎Grissini‬, together with Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui’s ‪#‎TheChineseRestaurant‬ are the restaurants to kicking off this collaboration. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Hyatt’s great food in the air.

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It’s the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival!

Tomorrow will be The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Tuen Ng Festival! It is most well-known, as the name implies, for its energetic and colorful dragon boat races. In these, teams of paddlers race their long narrow boats accompanied by the beat of the drum down to the finish line. Starting from 10th June, the races start just 5 minutes ride from here, what are you waiting for?

For more details:

明天就是一年一度的端午節了! 最引人入勝的,非充滿活力的龍舟比賽莫屬。屆時,一眾選手將配合鼓聲及節奏划槳,配以窄長的龍舟,爭相衝過終點線。國際龍舟邀請賽由6月10日開始在中環海濱舉行,與君悅酒店只隔五分鐘路程,趕快去感受如此緊張刺激的盛事吧!

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The Hidden Place

Looking for a quick getaway? Waterfall bar is a place to hide from the hustle and bustle city to enjoy a colourful summer cocktail!

想尋找一個能短暫遠離城市繁囂的地方嗎? 在露天池畔酒廊喝一杯夏日特調的雞尾酒是最佳方法!
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