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The lowest possible rating for Microsoft's poorly-tested transition from Lync.

With no more than four users per organisation to test Skype for Business for Android – and with the unrealistically low number of three favourite contacts (second screenshot below) – it's no surprise that Microsoft's notion of ease is far from reality.

Think: presence. No compact, at-a-glance list of who's online. No compact, at-a-glance list of who's away.

Instead: Microsoft's star. Blue, which suggests that it should respond to a tap, but it's unresponsive. Plus a mass of oversized circles with a meaningless variety of colours.

No disclosure triangle – and neither the blue star, nor the blue word 'Favorites' is responsive – so the mass that underlies the Contacts menu is unavoidable. With sixty-six favourites it was necessary to perform five extreme swipes (bottom-to-top) before the first organisational or user-defined group became visible on a Yotaphone 2.

Microsoft proudly states: "Easily find a contact within your groups…". Truly: five swipes, before appearance of the first disclosure triangle for a group, is not ease of use. Such things are the hallmarks of an ill-conceived, poorly tested user interface.

As a workaround I created a user-defined group of favourites, then used a desktop application to copy everything from the Microsoft-defined Favorites (a.k.a. pinned contacts) to my favourites, then removed everything from Favorites. Then uninstallation from Android, to work around a sync failure (for an unreasonably long period, more than fifty of sixty-six contacts remained in the wrong place). Final step in the workaround: re-installation.

Post-workaround: the third and fourth shots below show the unavoidable empty Favourites (Microsoft's mess) and the more user-friendly, user-defined group of favourites. Friendly – a disclosure triangle.

A poor user experience. For that UX: Microsoft's lone, blue, sadly unresponsive star deserves no more than one of five stars under …
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Recently I hear good things about Unify. Project Ansible and Circuit have reignited my interest in communications technologies. 
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The flattened pile of covers in OS X 10.10 Yosemite is an absurd regression in usability.

Flat? Really?

Apple, please, take a hint from the first few seconds of this advertisement from over forty years ago:

Yosemite? Really?
OSX 10.2 released and #Coverflow  IS STILL UGLY on #Yosemite ...
While Windows 10 gets better, OSX looses one design highlight after another ....  :-/
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Whilst presented as an error, that message is the proper response to any automated or manual attempt to perform a live file system repair with HFS Plus. This type of file system must be unmounted (must be not live) before a repair. 
Booting into recovery mode, I now get "Live file system repair is not supported" after running Disk Utility Disk Repair. Permissions repair went fine. Not much on Apple discussions about the message.
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