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What do you think of your Galaxy Nexus? Something like this?
Over the past week or so, I’ve been using arguably Samsung’s latest and best flagship phone to date, the Galaxy Nexus. During my time...
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The Galaxy Nexus is a fine device. Far from perfect, but its screen is brilliant and 4G LTE is very nice in Boston!
+Thomas Barrasso Can you see the issues caused by it being pentile? I wish I hadn't noticed them. If I hadn't I would have bought a Nexus already!
+Graham Macphee Not really. I'm not that picky and unlike others my GNex has no data drops, no purple tint, no issues in general (aside from the dozen screen scratches from falling off my bike a couple of times). It still gets the job done with BAMF Paradigm 4.04 so I'm good.
+Graham Macphee Dammit I jinxed it. Just dropped my phone out of my pocket, got a nice nick down the side by the volume rocker. Wonder when VZW is gonna get a #WP8 device by Nokia.
Aww man, unlucky. Hopefully not too soon so they can develop #WP8 as far as possible!
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