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Era world-wide on Google Play! #googleplay   #graalera   #graalonline  
Enter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Fight using assau...
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When will I be able to play the original version of Era on Facebook?
this is aweosme game i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
hey can i be a staff member my name is infamous and u have brown hair im up for it and im 16
:) good game very
its nice to play wis the new arcade shop
I cant log in in graal website....because invalid password
this game is so popular cause when i log in i cant even see myself because there are so many people
John R-
thats what i hate about it also when i die i always end up in the hospital and i hate it. its like a race and when u die u restart. but i would like to die and still end up where i died like fun run.
John R-
plus when ur invisible ur only invisible to ur screen (mostly)
i hate graal era but still a lot of people play it -
lol same here...i used to play it but on pc,it has a dont play it on pc...i found out the hard way
Tablet Version Is Better Than PC
However Graal Era Is Not Dead Or Rubbish Its Awesome!
+DatPikachu doh Classic Is Good Because They Added Horses However In My,Opinion Graal Era Is Epic. Not Because I Am Rich And Have Lots Of Items On It But Because I Love Streaking And Hanging With Friends On It.
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