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Six Reasons Why You're Not Being Circled.

Having trouble getting Circled on Google+? You want some bigger numbers, but you're not getting enough +1s and reshares for your liking?

Here's six reasons why.

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All common sense, but seeing these mistakes all the time.
+the g+ resource nice, thanks!

Are the 6 reasons in a specific order?
I see number 5 ("You don't respond.") as the most important point ;)
What about giving credit to your post. Via someone or props to ect?
I thought it was because I smell of poo.
7) You are squared already... ( :
Yeah, lately I haven't been able to comment on other people's posts as much as I used to. And then I've only had time to give +1s or a quick en mass thank you to those responding to my own posts. Feels like I'm just some silent machine, cranking out a post or two a day. Sucko!

...Not that I care about getting circled... but I do miss the interaction I was having previously.
+the g+ resource I'm kidding, anyway. I don't get circled like you and Denis do, probably because I'm cranky and post too much. But I get enough new followers a day it's hard to keep up, and I'm closing in on ten thousand, which just seems nuts to me.
"Not that I care about getting circled..."

Yeah, me either - I have publishers to sell my books, I'm not trying to "create a platform," here. I'm still not sure how I ended up with this many people circling me, I assume most of them are the same guy trying to sell me penis ointment.

I like it when somebody who circles me turns out to be cool or interesting somehow, and we have stuff to talk about late at night, or I can look at photos of the faraway place they live or whatever. Thank god for the Google Translate G+ extension.
+Robert N. Lee “It is the mark of a modest man to accept his friendly circle ready-made from the hands of opportunity.” ~ RLS
Yeah, I may think about that, honestly, as book releases come up and etc. The stuff shows up in regular Google results, after all, and I'll be posting covers and stuff. No point in hiding them. Thanks!
Putting keywords in one's profile doesn't hurt either. Though, it's best to put there the things you DO, not the things you are looking for. When I search for my interests, the first place I go with my word searches are "people and pages" rather than "posts".

I use hashtags when I post a certain series of writings. These are not hastags like #stories but things uncommon that nobody else would write, like #500ReasonsToNotStandOnYourHead . Chances are, nobody else uses that, so putting it in each of your posts on that subject links them all together. It provides some continuity, and continuity gains followers.
+Weapons Plus Martial Arts Supplies Yes! Quite likely that Google gives more weight in search to Pages that have "completed the circle" so to speak.

Also there's the obvious benefit of people adding you direct from your website.
We have a few obstacles in our way. Namely being an "unofficial" resource. (we're working on it)
The first and best step in "working on it" was to call yourselves THE rather than A g+ resource. ;)
why exactly should I care about "bigger numbers" again?
Hi +the g+ resource , fully agree, most of these tips are in the "engagement" category. But, to get people to interact with you, I do think you have to reach a certain "critical mass" of followers, who will themselves interact with each others...
I find Number 5. is about me thinking of Circling you. Number 3. is the most important if you've circled me when I am considering Circling back or not. I remain prejudiced against #blueheads although random profile pictures aren't much better, I want to see 5 pictures in your scrapbook, a tag line that's interesting and an About page with information that answers the question 'Why should I circle you?' and I am interested in links that prove you have a digital identity you are committed to that has a pretty large footprint. If some of the links interest me then you are likely to be circled. After all of this then I consider your actual posts, no posts or links with no commentary and I am loosing interest in circling you. Interesting commentary on links, posts that interest me and I am likely to want to circle you...
yes i think so due to facebook and twiiter i think more people use facebook and twitter than google+ google+ is more involved with businesses and other advanced chat that's what my opion is jason i could be wrong or right
+Morgan Fickey, I don't know about the top 2 reasons, but the third one is right on. Most people are just looking to be agreed with or get a "+1" to their post. Few want actual conversations with opinions.
All wrong! None of my facebook friends have come to +
There are people who aren't being circled? Doesn't everyone get random people left and right? I can't keep up with the number of notifications I get.
Playing the same numbers game as facebook?
+Roger Goode Twitter limits you to 140 chars, and tends to have it's own language of acronyms, hashtags and @mentions that come across as looking "messy" on google+. If you are looking for more engagement, writing out the same thought in long-hand is going to seem more attractive to your followers, if your followers on G+ are different than your followers on Twitter, and the content is still relevant to your target audience on G+.

People can tell when you are re-using content, and it makes it seem like you put little effort into it, so they in turn don't feel as obligated to put effort into responding; it's almost a negative reciprocity effect.

On top of that, people may be irritated if you constantly tell them the same thing multiple times because they follow you in more than one place... and your audience in those different places may not be the same either. If your facebook followers are a different demographic than your google plus followers, the words, images, and content you share with them should be targeted towards that demographic. (On a business level, if you are looking at younger people on facebook versus google, for example, their interests would be different. On a personal level, perhaps on facebook you interact more with old-friends and family, where as on google+ it's more peers in your field and people with like interests.)
I believe one of the most important points is the quality of what's being posted. I see shit like people posting nothing but reshares of other content, and basically stuff we've already seen. Come up with your own content.

Also fuck hashtags, keep that shit on Twitter.
I have read the 'six reasons why...' together with this discussion. The biggest problem I have with all this is that I simply do not have the time to sit on a computer 24/7. Even though I have a computer at work, I actually use it for - guess what - work. Right now, I am actually taking time that should be spent for my work. I guess I am missing something...
I have started to uncircle some big cheeses on G+ who I probably circled way back at the beginning. Usually photographers, they are what I refer to as "Post and Runners". They post a pic, get comments (fewer lately I notice) but not so many that they can't respond but they never do respond in any way. No thanks, no +1s. I absolutely agree with all of the points on this article and will reshare. ("5) You don't respond.
If someone takes the time to comment, or ask you a question, respond as much as you can. It's not always possible to catch everything, but try, OK? Even a +1 helps.")
+Ellie Kennard some photogs do respond. But I've noticed, those who got on early, tend to haveabout the same quality photos as many who got on late. The numbers of followers though is tremendous in comparison. In some cases, add 2 zeros.
I have noticed that the law of diminishing returns is really apparent here. There are photographers who have almost a million followers who might get a few hundred comments and maybe 40 or 50 reshares or more. Which in proportion to those of us with a tiny fraction of their followers is pretty measly. There are some excellent photographers who must spend most of their time responding to comments as they miss no one, such as +Sumit Sen . I don't know how he does it.
+Pamela Vande - I think you will find that anyone likes to get comments and +1s from anyone at all - photographer or not, as an acknowledgement that someone is actually seeing them and that they are being appreciated. I don't have time to check out all those who circle me, but if they start to comment in a meaningful way I am likely to check them out to see if they post content I would find interesting too.
+Jacob Dix yea you are completely right about that, ive been here since beta and have watched the growth. I like the newer ppl in most cases more, due to interaction. But if everyone interacts the numbers will climb just as high.
Good suggestions. Thanks for some guidance.
Mmm I find this interesting I am led to b Leive u just have to put oneself out there to be heard
+Amba Maclean not just "putting yourself out there", but doing so in the right way. Like (for example) having a (ahem) profile picture?

+Alex Blakely I have over 5000 followers. I have ONE friend, and three family members who have circled me. I knew none of these others previous to G+ itself. So your reason for not getting circled isn't a fact. Strangers circle each other here.
+Jacob Dix I did a bit of tidying up.

(Your previous comment to Alex may look a little out of context now. Apologies)

I had to open the link in my phone. Maybe it is blocked by the company's proxy.

In any case, it has common sense tips but useful.
I`m not interested in getting cirkled by as many as possible, i use all social media to connect with people with like interests and to keep in contact with people i know, both fb friends and friends in real life from all over the world of whom many started as just fb friends at first..
My school blocked that website. So, I can't see it. But I would like to read it.
+Gabriel Vasile you are circled! You're not doing the Twitter to Google thing are ya? I see the Google to Twitter thing, but that's completely within the rules ;)
Some common sense comments. How do you do the twitter to google or vice versa thing?
+Jeff Lee, I've played around with various G+ to Twitter options and the best by far, so far, is the +G+Twitter Chrome extension ( I like it a lot.

If you are not using Chrome, your next best bet is to use an +ifttt recipe such as (my most recent howto post on that recipe: And ifttt offers channels for Facebook and LinkedIn as well, though I haven't tried these.

As far as I know, the only way to go the other way (eg: from Twitter to G+) is to use HootSuite as an Enterprise customer (, and even then that's only to post to Pages. At least until the Google+ API is writable. But, as +Jon Mitchell writes, that has to change soon:
8. You're you..(in my case anyway ...)
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