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Reorder the new Google drop down menu

Quick extension to allow users to customize the order of the options in the new redesigned Google bar.

Thanks to +Harry Ledley for developing this awesome extension

Chrome extension link

BONUS: This will also enable the new UI if you don't already have it.
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+Ted LeBlond to be fair the developer is at Google (as an intern) but yes, would have thought it was a no-brainer....
I'm from the UK and still haven't got the new Google bar... Is there any way to push it through?
Worked for me too! I've been waiting for this update.. thanks!
Nice work. and so quick!

Only problem: the hover colour is wrong when you move elements from the 'More' menu into the main menu
When I log in with Google APPS account this OLD/Original version is used ...
The new Google bar still isn't available to Google Apps users it seems.

Feels like Google+ all over again.
I am still waiting for the new navigation bar?
Thanks the g+ resource for the tip. I installed the extension and received the new navigation bar. It is sweet.
+Ted LeBlond It's always important to sort out issues, but as you know, we're not the people responsible for the Extension.....
Looks like you need to reorder and pick and choose the services on each Google property individually i.e. whatever changes I do on Google+ don't show up in Gmail.
Is that by design or is it a bug?
If anyone has a problem please message me. I'm trying to fix things as soon as I find problems. Fixed the hover color earlier today and working on allowing users to add new links from the "even more" section. Once done with that I'll try to expand to non .com domains.
To anyone who wants to be able to add new properties from the "even more" page -- This is pretty much working but I could use a few testers. Let me know if you are interested.
How do you move around the Google properties? You should be able to just drag them around and drop them where you want to put them.
I'm not sure if the real bar stays anchored in anything but Google+ right now, but my extension shouldn't be affecting that.
awesome, thank you. the first thing i tried after 'adding' the new drop menu was rearranging it... so this is a great tool to find.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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