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Visits to Google+ grew 27% in March for a total of 61 million, according to Experian Hitwise.
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Who said Google+ is dying?
dorio x
G+ is the best and the future
i will keep google plus alive...........!!! Google Plus ! are you with me ?
... After this upgrade, must should says that Google+ is the best network ever visited before... :)
Unfortunately it isn't really popular in Belgium :-(
Almost all my "FB friends" laugh with my switch to G+, but I'll remain faithful to G+ !!!
great spirit jorg !!! keep it on.......... im with you
dorio x
+Jorg Mensaert Don't worry, someday all your friends will come over here. Then is your time to laugh. I will sure you G+ is the best social network and "Circle" and "Hangouts" is the best.
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