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Why Google+ is Kicking Facebook’s Ass

by +Sharon Hurley Hall

Facebook, Shmacebook! If you’re still on the fence about Google+, it’s time to get off and get your account. Google+ users have known for months that this was a better social network for businesses than Facebook, but if you need convincing here’s why Google+ rules and why you need to get a Google+ profile fast.

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Read how and why Google+ business profiles have become more effective than Facebook Pages for businesses.
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Good share, thanks. Re my B2B request last week, there are more G+business focused posts by the day :)
Good info, thanks.
pe pe peepeeeee....i am lovin' it!
Agree with Dave. Also, that kind of article turns me right off using Google+ - I genuinely like the way it works, but I hate to see Google behaving like a spoilt child.
That +1 from me on Dave's comment is strictly a +1/2: 90m+ is not 'no-one'.

But I agree the claim is premature.
Ridiculous, frankly. Not one of my other social media buddies is on Google+, largely because it's derivative pastiche. And unwieldy. I do like being able to edit photos as you upload them, though. However I note that they point specifically to it being a 'better social network for businesses'; presumably because there's nothing to distract you from the very important business of branding :-)
I would say Google+ have the potential to become the Best Social Media Network - It is not there yet... Business pages still needs more functionality etc... but so far my money is on Google winning the race!
I love google+, it does what it`s intended to do and it does it very well.
It keeps me in touch with who is important, not a bunch of randoms that make up numbers.
Facebook is just glorified online dating for people with low self esteem.
I must admit though, it is pretty hard to switch people on to g+.
Most people I have spoken to seem to find it slightly complex and bewildering.
+Dave Hinton nothing personal, but that comment can hardly be taken seriously coming from someone with as little involvement in the platform as yourself (no public posts and 8 people in your circles) don't you think ?
And to be honest : those who are late on the bandwagon are just giving those who aren't an extra competitive edge so "thanks !" to them ;-)
Interesting reactions to this.

+Lucy Fennings you really think that Circles are "derivative pastiche"? In our opinion, they're an innovative feature. Look at Ripples as well.
I agree with the guy above
The whole point of the shared post is to stir and provoke a bit, so rising to that headline is somewhat pointless. Far better to engage with the specific points it makes.

The headline is clearly 'ridiculously' premature. It appears your conclusions are too, +Lucy Fennings, given that you have only 15 public posts to date -- or are you super active in limited shares?
@MiMi,love your comment!!!!! So,So true
G+ Might be better, cleaner, easier to use, integrated, whatever - at the end of the day barely any of my contacts use it. What is the point with a social network if you can't connect? As a side note; I wish all my friends were here, i think it does kick ass!
No need to care anybody .Because if you honest, sincere .
google+ is better than facebook..
+Steve Fitzpatrick The keyword here is "network". Why not try to make new contacts? Leave the people you know on facebook and meet new people on G+.
I personally don't think the layout for G+ is better though.
all depends on what your looking for.It's just my thought
Point taken (no need to shame me into making more posts though!); just finding that by and large, people I interact with (including those who are usually 'early adopters' in other SM/digital fields) are not yet engaging much with Google+. Unless they feel they 'have to'. Circles are indeed useful (as they are on LinkedIn) and their 'ripple effect' (pun intended) has seen FB add more functionality around selective sharing since, so yes, that is obviously useful. I just haven't 'learnt' Google+ best practice yet...
I don't remember where I saw/read this :
Facebook is for people you were friends with in high-school
Google Plus is for those who you wish you were friends with in high-school

Basically Google Plus is really about creating a new network through affinities and new tools like Hangouts.
Plus I really trust Google to keep making it better, have you seen the type of customer feedback intake they've got going on G+ on Facebook ? Exactly.
Facebook is only better, as it has more users. Present Google+ as better to them would be hard...
+Lucy Fennings appreciate the comments. Would be interested in finding out more about how +Mr & Mrs Smith are intending to make use of the platform going forward (maybe something for another post).
"for businesses" that is the important thing you mention. It's why the poor integration with Google Apps and Googles other business services, and Ts&Cs that said these were 'personal' accounts are all wrong.
no its isnt.. becuase on facebook i have notification settings.. i dont here on +Google+ . no actual settings on either desktop or mobile..
Which is better - DVD or Blueray? Or VHS or Beta? Or Android or iPhone? At the end of the day, the best product doesn't always win. It's about acceptance and users.
Everything I see on G+ is awesome. But having few people to share it with is boring. OK, so I can hang out with other technophiles here which is great, but they don't need my services and I don't need theirs. My business demographic isn't here (actually, they're barely on Facebook either) - most are on Linkedin which brings tears to my eyes :(
Yao Bin
I don't think some people will still on the Facebook because google + business profiles have become more effective tools for the businessmen
I like Google+, but I am not so sure about the claims that it is kicking facebook's ass.
Maybe it's better than facebook but it isn't obvious enough that it's better.
It's never going to take off until there is a clear difference other than that even people that I have on both networks only bother to respond to facebook.
nah, facebook sucks. IF anything either isn't very user friendly, its dramabook
Is it really kicking facebook's ass? Not sure about that
Yes no offense G+ you might have been trying a little too hard!
But yes I LOVE G+ Facebook is sooooooo confusing. Although I must say knowing who you are sharing post with can be hard!
Yeah, Steve, finding time to include a new network is a bit of a struggle.
I think is too early to know what Google+ will offer to the brands.
You can't argue facts! I concur. I haven't been back in a while. Unless it is has been to interact with the few real celeb pals, but that is the extent of my interactions on Facebook. Too much drama!!
still fb is great and g+ is nothing but a shit
g+ is a ghost-town. The only people who update on here are google employees, google shills & photographers. Businesses need an audience to reach.
Google+ make me love people who I don't know and Facebook make me hate my friends
One of the worst things about g+ is how about half of the posts are related how g+ is better than facebook...jesus..then on the other hand on facebook nobody could care less about g+.
Why can't just use both? Facebook better for some tasks and g+ better for some. I couldn't care less which one is "better". I use both.
I love it when people compare G+ to Facebook. The main point is often missed. G+ is new and Facebook has been around for a relatively long time. Of course there are more active users and interactions on Facebook. In time, due to its superior features, G+ will surpass Facebook in active users and interaction.
I can't figure out how to use this thing ++ most of my friends are staying put on FB++ I can't figure out how to use this thing.... what did I all ready say that ? so I only got about 20 ppl in my friends list here (cause my friends are staying at FB) and of that list 2 use it (I'm trying but G+ also hates me and my "kind" {Furrys})
have to disagree with that last comment -- though at the same time accept that different networks work for different people.

IMO in google+ it's EASY to decide who to share with, not hard. I happen to CHOOSE to make the posts public and then ENJOY the fact that I don't know who's reading it and LOOK FORWARD to comments from people I don't know.

It's called having an open mind ;-)
i think i have java disabled within my account.. any idea's?
I agree... I just started using this site & so far its kind of a pain in the a**, but then again I have been using other Google products & they all seem to be tempermental (using both my android & my laptop).. I wonder why that is?!?! The MAIN issue i have is the filter options, I set the Filter to strict & ever since i changed it Google has blocked me from sites like "Fox 43" but yet is allowing several pornography sites to pop up (especially bad on You Tube).. I am a single mom of 2 very immpressionable 8yr olds, now they already see & hear stuff from school, TV, Radio & Daycare (but this is 100 x's worse) The LAST thing i need is them seeing/learning about Porn, & unfortunately I cant watch their every move. I have sent several emails to Google about this issue but as usual they NEVER reply, they NEVER answer the serious questions/problems on the "Q & A FORUMS", & they NEVER FIX THE PROBLEMS & GLITCHES IN THEIR SOFTWARE... So to all of you parents, Daycare Providers, Babysitters, those of you who might have your neice or nephews over, anybody, even those of you who just dont want that crap popping up on your computer/devices BEWARE of the Filter Glitches.. GOOGLE REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE & HAS NOT MADE ONE ATEMPT TO FIX THE GLITCHES, AND TO MAKE IT WORSE THEY ARE TO CHICKEN SHIT TO EVEN ANSWER MY EMAILS & APPOLOGIZE FOR THE RESULTS OF THEIR GLITCHES/SOFTWARE (not that it would help now but it definately would have been nice to get an apology 4 weeks ago when they recieved my FIRST Email)... I would greatly appreciate your support (the more the better) even if you dont have children of your own, just PLEASE think about the people who do & all the unnecessary problems this is/will cause for the kids & parents... Hopefully with you help we can put a stop to this before it affects anymore families and/or innocent minds.. THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT, IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I AM JUST AS GREATFUL TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DONT SHOW SUPPORT BUT STILL TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS.. Thank you again, Casaundra Harris
+Lugard Ekhator not familiar with that particular problem. Have patience though and I'm sure it's a feature that's in the pipeline.
I dont see it happening. i cant get but 2 people to come over
+the g+ resource attention-grabbing OTT headlines instill distrust in you as a source. Not following your feed.
as a new person to google+, i am still on the fence. I like the circle idea, but for business pages...there is a lot I like better about FB's pages atm. Google+ needs to also work on making some of its settings not so..irksome. I hate that I can't comment using my business page and instead have to make comments using my profile. (unless i'm missing something here and I CAN comment with them)
+Pete Perry That is true...and exactly the way Facebook was when it came out against MySpace. However, as a middle school teacher I hear more kids talking about Tumblr than anything else...
google should first of all the chnge the concept of circles people may be comfortable with circle in US but places where english is the 2nd language people are more at ease with friends and circle concept.

also try to do what samsung did to nokia, it kept the basic same so that the people don't have problem in switching over, but they also put things like better animation interms of interface better look of mobiles, that you have but change the ur circle and all other bull shit
i mean subscribe cocept
freind & subscribe concept
...and bashing Apple products gives you 99999 followers. :-)
I just signed up for Facebook. The only things I have on my wall are a link to my Google+ page and a list of reasons why Google+ is better than Facebook.

I also have a comment in there that I will not be sharing on Facebook at all. If people want to contact me, they have to go to my Google+ page. After I signed up on Facebook, the spam started. Luckily, my spam filter on Outlook trashed it all.
I'd say you are wrong. This site/app is confusing and poorly organized. I'll stick to Facebook for everything but the few friends I got this to socialize with.
+Lucy Fennings If none of your friends on G+, then it means time to make new ones! :-)
+Chance Aubrey. And it took how long for you to learn how to navigate Facebook? Google+ is worth the effort. It can't be that hard to use or we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
Its not poorly organized if you think of it in a twitter context. If you just make the effort to search for and follow people that post interesting content you'll be happy with G+ and the whats hot feature never lets me down! haha
Where is the embeddible player?
Just like google wave, just like google buzz, just like orkut... its another failure attempt by google. Admit it there is no addiction on google+ but facebook known for this. There is no google+ world exist but people knows what is the meaning of facebook world... anyways keep bitching about google+ and I am waiting for the end of it like the other failure attempts by google...
g+ is nawt kicking fb's ass
+Omair Rais : It will never happen, because Google + = Google, it is the same thing. The only way to stop Google on this, is legal proceedings. You will understand why (one day).
G+ is not Facebook, nor do I want it to be. I like having my friends, cousins, aunts and uncles on FB. I like having all of you on G+.
and why the heck can't i +1 things as my business page and not myself as well!? This ticks me off. Say I run a site about porn and I want to "like" or cough +1 sites...but I don't want them on my personal site..
maybe a dislike button is the function that would put G+ on the map. Facebookers have been asking for a dislike button for ever. YouTube has got a dislike button...........I guess it may cause Drama but it might make a nice change from the tumble weed and the sound of silence.
Even major companies don't send any posts on their G+ page yet. They just have the page. Looks will be a long way before kicking any ass..
Still a long way to go, but its very promising.
Facebook is still faaar better in respect that most of your social circle is there. And secondly, they are ACTIVELY there...
G+ is wanting on both. Well, I have no doubt that it will get the users since its Google's child. ;)
But the second thing is important. They must be active as well.. Most of my close friends and colleagues are here on G+ and inert as inert can be.
The thing is, they are active on Facebook WITH all its problems and inferior programming coz its the circle that has been built there that keeps them glued, n the programming is good enough for that.

P.S: Personally I love G+ but that doesn't change anything. :(
P.S 2: Facebook took about 5 years to become a proper success. That much time should also be given to G+. Can't expect things to happen overnight.
I don't utilize g+ to it's fullest, or much at all for business yet. I have, however, found more people involved in my varied interests and have some collaborative creative ventures in the works. I've had better conversations here than on fb, but I also haven't found out news from friends and family here. Some I would never keep in touch with if not for fb. Life gets in the way.
I know the headline (to this post) was business oriented, but the two social media perform two different functions and will hopefully stay that way.
That being said, I enjoy it here. It's personally more fulfilling than fb, but the headline is ott and sounds petulant.
More so given that I read the post, here, on g+.
Have a good day people. Onward and upward.
All very well but I am still getting loads more traffic to my site from Fb than from here.
To be specific, of 6.1k unique visits so far this year, 2.5k came from Facebook, 11 came from here. Well done G+!
unlike face book, we have freedom in G+ and they dont try to push things down our necks.....LOL ViVa le G+
Google isnt all + yet ! That will be a f_______ improvement.
Can we have peace or is your android team hell bound too ?
Ghost to ghost we need our senses ON this planet sooner than later.
It's not tough to tell that people that aren't savvy enough to use Google+ just follow the leader and go to Facebook with all the other people that aren't savvy enough to use Google+
+the g+ resource The G+ App on itunes - it doesn't size properly to the ipad, instead you have to use the 2x zoom which makes everything look crappy.
Self praise is no recommendation. Let's hand out Medals for Orkut, Wave and the myriad other failures too. Work to succeed before you spout Sheen winning bullcrap. You will be able to tell you're winning when you don't need articles like this one.
Would have to agree that G+ has better amenities for business pages vs. FB. Being able to engage directly with those who've circled you and other pages is a HUGE advantage. Yes, FB has more users but G+ is still young and growing at a faster rate...time will tell.
ERROR title should read why Facebook is kicking Google+'s Ass
clarification: Google+ 90million users (with limited engagement)
Facebook 800 million-plus users (400million who are actively engaged on any given day)
I don't like facebook I don't trust them. Should I trust Google+ ? apparently they are kicking facebook's ass......
1 of 90 million users "clearly" kicking facebook's ass.
As I said I don't like Facebook I get the impression they would sell their mother for spare change.
I would like to think that Google is better. Peddling the above line "why Google+ is blah blah" makes me think otherwise.
Sure. Understand that. This is not Google "peddling the line" though, but a blog. Blogs love clickthroughs and reaction.

Totally agree. I have never liked facebook much but thats what almost all my friends use. However many of my colleagues have now started using G+ more actively.
"This is not Google "peddling the line" though, but a blog. Blogs love clickthroughs and reaction."........ yeah because blogs are all independent and never anything to do with marketing.
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