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These guys made archeology a more respected profession, & inspired many to learn history. #TimeTeam  
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Part-time cleaningjob
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Campaigners say No to eating dogs for "festival" purposes in China.
Save dogs and support the #StopYulin2015 international...
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Signed & shared
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Thought for the weekend.
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Ocean fishing resources should not be wasted by super trawlers which are just large freezer-factories, nor should resources be incorrectly counted such as dolphin kills. Let's get the science and fairness right.
We demand that the baby dolphins dumped at sea by the Taiji fishermen with no chance of survival are added as reported kills to the set quota made by the Japanese Fisheries Agency. These young dolphins will not survive on their own and will die at...
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When will the Japanese stop killing whales and dolphins? Until there is none left????
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We're testing a new #search engine from What do you think?
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thisofd true ,


H.E. BENIGNO C. AQUINO III, please RETURN the confiscated building by the GSIS - operatives

Region: Philippines

 H.E. BENIGNO SIMEON C. AQUINO III ( tuwid na Daan promoter), Manila MAYOR – JOSEPH M. EJERCITO  ESTRADA”Erap”, National Anti Poverty Commission Secretary Lead Convenor - JOSE ELISEO M. ROCAMORA , SENATE PRES- FRANK DRILLON, GSIS- Senior Vice President for NCR Operations – Atty. NORA M. SALUDARES, GSIS CORSEC- Atty. MA. THERESA ABESAMIS RAAGAS , 

PETITION background (PREAMBLE);  

That  in March  1976 during the Marcos Regime, the Government Service Insurance System ( GSIS for brevity ) Management and NCR Operations , forclosed and sequester lot no.4 ) located at 1030 Quezon BLVD.  Sampaloc Manila, Philippines, owned by the  herein petitioners mother Marina D. Nartates , ( as per  Supreme Court Orders,  NO QUESTION about that )  
What the herein petitioner pleading is that the evidently GSIS Management / NCR Operations gross negligence of duty  in foreclosing and confiscating the herein petitioner  adjacent Rd. Lot  (NOT MORTGATE,  Without Notice, without  Court Order,)   (79.9 SQ.M ) Tax Declaration No. B-046-01169 –Property Index no.117-09-463-00-000-1001 SWO-40469 1030 Quezon BLVD. Sampaloc  Manila ,Philippines .Approved  by VICTOR R.REYES, 

 likewise the said GSIS –mistakenly  forclosed and confiscated  three others (3) other adjacent properties not even mortgage to the said GSIS; 
namely A).Lot no. 109; B.) Lot 167,; C).Lot no. 175.

Resulting the immediate and taking away, of the herein petitioners freedom to the said property/ies., Loss of monthly THIRTY thousand (30,000.00 ) Pesos income ever since, and worst of it loss of property ;

The said GSIS - Management  in this incident  evidently violated the 1987 Philippine Constitution ARTICLE III
Bill of Rights
SECTION 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.
SECTION 2. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall be inviolable, and no search warrant or warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable cause to be determined personally by the judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may produce, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.

Bill of Rights Article III Section 1.) a, b,

That due to the said GSIS – Management /NCR Operations violations , failures  to bring along a competent surveyor in the  said foreclosures activity , and absolutely had failed to identify first and foremost the exact area, and the accurate location of the SUBJECT  forclose lot No. 4 ; so as to avoid extend beyond,in foreclosing and sequestering the said other adjacent property/ies  inside the Marina Nartates  compound , not  mortgate to the said GSIS.

And definitely in this case the said GSIS, by mistake forclosed and confiscated four (4) others adjacent property/ies not    mortgate to the said GSIS. Resulting a filing of a complaint versus the said GSIS, was elevated up to the  Supreme Court, titled , MARINA D. NARTATES vs . GSIS  et. al.  G. R. No. L-47669,December7,1997.  

Ending up in the court opinion for the  GSIS to  buy out  the said three (3) confiscated property/ies  of Marina D. Nartates , or vise versa,  buy the said  GSIS forclosed lot no. 4 . 


In this situation  the GSIS Proceed with the purchase of the said three (3) confiscated  properties of  Marina D. Nartates on  29 October 1993.( please see GSIS records ) 

That earlier the herein petitioner send several letter request to the said GSIS - Corporate Secretary Atty Maria Theresa A. Raagas for immediate assistance, among others is to furnish the herein petitioners said STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT of Marina D. Nartates. , but sad to say , as of this date the said request                of  the said public documents  was not given due considerations. 

Further informed the said  GSIS – CORSEC - Atty. Maria Theresa Abesamis Raagas , about the said GSIS Management/operatives said violations, forcing the herein Petitioner ,to become one of the poorest of the poor member of our society , due to the said loss of monthly INCOME, and due to the  said mistakes of the said GSIS ; the herein petitioner ( cannot collect the monthly rentals EVER SINCE on the said ROAD LOT, composing of three (storey concrete building fully occupied  with  paying tenants.

That the said GSIS - CORSEC did not really recognize the  herein petitioner  plea, and did not  really care about the herein petitioners, sufferings day and night , and the same has refuse and continue to refuse to comply with R.A.6713 and  other  existing law  in this dealings.
  That the herein petitioner earlier  filed a grievance complaint at the OFFICE OF OMBUDSMAN - IC – OC- 15- 1343 MAXIMO .D.NARTATES JR. ET. AL. vs. MARIA THERESA ABESAMISRAAGAS…

But for some reason or another  the said Ombudsman office judgment is to close and terminate the said complaint,  without giving a chance to meet each other for a conference. 

as a result the herein petitioner has nowhere to go to seek for justice that has been denied ever since

IN VIEW HEREOF We petition YOUR EXCELENCY please, IF POSSIBLE to issue IMMEDIATELY a resolution ordering the said GSIS CORSEC- Atty Raagas and Likewise GSIS SVP for NCR operations- Atty. NORA M. SALUDARES to make an official and formal turn over of the said confiscated  three (3) storey building standing on ROAD LOT to the herein petitioner        

Moreover,  We petition Your EXCELENCY , please IF POSSIBLE , in line with your (TUWID NA DAAN STRAIGHT WAY Program) and for humanitarian considerations , CLEAN UP THE GSIS – Management , and further to issue a resolution ordering the said GSIS NCR OPERATIONS - NORA M. SALUDARES, and GSIS CORSEC Atty Ma. Theresa Abesamis Raagas, to turn over   officially and formally the said unlawfully confiscated property (Rd. Lot ) to the herein Petitioner. Occupied  by the non paying tenant ever since 1977. 

Likewsie Your Excellency please IF POSSIBLE we Petition to REVIEW  and change the Self Serving GSIS POLICY GUIDELINES (PPG No. 232 -13 on Housing Loan Remedial and Restructuring Program, created by the said GSIS   dated 31 May 2015 ,  apparently the said Policy is perfectly design,  to prevent the herein petitioner in acquiring the said GSIS NON PERFORMING ASSETS ( since 1977 ) said forclosed lot no. 4 of the herein petitioner mother, the late Marina D. Nartates,

( in which the  herein petitioner  declare    is wrong and corrupt for the GSIS READMO,   unreasonable decisions   not to allow the said GSIS  NPA since 1977 to be acquired by the heirs of the  former owners  , 

When in fact, the same property was   offered earlier  for sale  at  twelve Million ( Php 12 M) Pesos  ,  to the herein Petitioner ( attached herewith )   Now please  GSIS  READMO  COMMENT HONESTLY ,why it cannot be offered for sale to the herein petitioner   at this point in time ?   )

except  for  the HIDDEN  reason that  the same GSIS Real Estate Asset Disposition & Management office   (READMO) – Vice Pres. Atty. APOLLO M. ESCAREZ, cannot accept his lost to the herein petitioner , in  HLURB Case No REM 050407-13598 Nartates  vs. Filinvest land Inc. . wherein the same Atty. Apollo M.   ESCAREZ   is  then,  the   defense counsel for the said Filinvest at that time, wherein the said HLURB Arbiter HON. ROWENA A.  BALASOLLA, favors the herein Petitioner in the said HLURB Case . No. REM-050407-13598  ( please see HLRUB records of the case )  History repeat itself. 

The herein petitioner Will not stop in this campaign until  HIS EXCELENCY will correct the wrongdoings of GSIS –  employees.   of one of the highest paid executives in this administration , 

  Calling  all friends supporters,  PLEASE SIGN this  Petition now and      have a better GSIS in the  future, please like us in facebook, twitter , google wordpress , blogs, and other social media 

Petition done in Quezon City Philippines this 22 Day of October 2015 by friends of  

Jemnards Faith Foundation INC. (JFFI)  SEC. No. 139256-DSWD Lic. No. FCW-151 October  15,1991 ,   

Supporters  - Movement for change 
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Australia's new "austerity" #budget is not being well received... We're interested to hear what our european users think?
We ask that that the Christine Milne, Bill Shorten and Clive Palmer stand together with the people of Australia and block this budget. We have been lied to, segregated and pushed too far. This budget is aimed at the people who can least afford it, whilst...
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the alp will have to stand up to this idiot pm now
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Have them in circles
2,816 people
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Activist actors call for the saving of an entire island, Nauru which is literally sinking. Call on the UN to address this ecological disaster unfolding before our own generation. Comments welcome.
Nauru is sinking. Save the smallest island country!
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We, the undersigned, call on the Fijian Government to makes changes to the law and policies and give harsher sentencing to rapists than what is being given to them right now. In addition to that we also call on the Fijian Government to setup Sex Offenders Register in...
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Support is growing to explore the universe from a new thirty meter telescope (TMT) project in Hawaii. Advocates see advantages for both science and culture.
Photo credit:
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Regarding the TMT, nearly half of humanity such as China, India, Japan, Canada, and our own country including major institutions such as US National Academy of Sciences, University of California as well as Caltech and I believe most of the people in our own State would like to see the TMT becoming functional as soon as possible.
We should be grateful for the development of the first telescope.
We should be grateful to have learned that the Earth is not flat and that we are part of a unique Solar System.
We should be grateful to know that we are the unique part of a Galaxy with billions of stars in it.
We should be grateful to know that in this universe alone, there are billions of other galaxies….
We should be grateful to have come to the realization that everything on and in this sacred Spaceship Earth - our only home so far - is interconnected with us as a vital part of it. Thus we should always consider the larger picture regarding issues that affect the whole of humanity such as science at its best.

Last but not the least we should consider the financial advantages of the TMT for Hawaii.
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Breed or deed debate isn't going away soon.
We, the undersigned, call on the Animal Welfare Division of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to overturn council legislation allowing the euthanasia of innocent Pitbulls and Pitbull crossbreds....
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Loyalist dogs not vicious at all
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A Seahawks fan has started a petition asking the NFL to revise its media policy so Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch doesn't have to be harassed by journalists.
As a 12, I am calling on the NFL to revise its media policy so that all players are given equal and fair rights as a human being without fear of financial intimidation. As a fan, I have witnessed enough harassment and undeserving...
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Very sad event in Canada...
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Please sign and help save a loved ones life, its quite safe...
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