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Now available: Google Web Designer! Build beautiful HTML5 content with ease.
Google Web Designer is a new professional-quality design tool that makes HTML5 creative accessible to everyone from the professional designer to the Photoshop dabbler. Download the beta for free. #GWD
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Great, looking forward to having a play with this!
Playing with it now and it's so much fun!
You don't fail to disappoint me.
Really? Only for Windows and Mac? WTF
we need for linux as well!!!!
Can someone provide a Windows download link so I can try it in Wine?
Mac and PC??????????????????????????????????
confirmed, you hate me.....
Please provide Linux support! The Linux community supports you greatly with Chrome OS, Android and indeed with your internal Ubuntu Based OS. It would be nice to see you support the platform with more of your products, this being one of them!
Linux should definitely be supported!
We will see the linux version in the future?
can't wait for something that's noob-friendly
lo usaré en windows, pero me hubiera agradado una versión para chrome os, ojalá llegue en el futuro :)
Asking if it will be on Linux as well is valid, but what about chromebooks eh?
help - I installed the program but it chose regional language settings and I can't see where I can change this to English - I detest using other languages when working with the computer. Help please +Google Web Designer , pretty please with sugar on top??
A Linux (personally I'd prefer a fedora build) would be much appreciated!
Meng Li
Looking good. But why does it force UI localization? I don't want a Dutch language menu, just give me the original English one =P Unfortunately, no settings to change that =(
Would love to see some online html5 examples created in Google Web Designer. Am I missing them or they are not available yet? Thanks!
Where is the Linux version? Get it together people!
Strike one .. won't open html files not originally created with #GWD
No Chrome OS support? What's up Google, don't you like your own baby? 
Is the option to make an easy connection to Google Apps Script available? I'm missing the GApps UI-builder...
turn off ui localisation. I have an english OS for a reason! Also how is it possible to move time on the timeline?
+Google Web Designer  Looks interesting but I'm wondering why this isn't just a Chrome App? I mean it should be simple to make this using Native Client.
After reading all the comments, I now understand that Google+ is only used by the Linux community !
seems a bit buggy thus far. im a serious n00b but font size/color are bugging out on me, really frustrating
Looking forward to a Linux version :-)
How do I change the language? I hate when programs try to guess what language I want them in... Or based on my location... Why can't I just have it in english, why force the local language on me?
Sorry, but Adobe Edge has the, um, edge here. As someone who has spent many years with VideoWorks, Director, After Effects, Splash, Flash, CSS3, and now Edge, I was eager to put GWD through it's paces. Spending nearly an hour with it, I'm now eager to put it away. Out sight, out of mind. I'm really hoping that a future version delivers on the promises of ease without totally whopping Common Sense up side the head.
Looks like another promising Google product. As a #patent attorney, I'm curious about comments on need for Linux and other support.
I feel like most of the people complaining about this don't grasp what beat means...especially what it means to be the first beta release of a program.
Don't say PC if you mean Windows. Linux computers are also PCs. Google you dissapoint me.
Don't say PC if you mean Windows. Linux computers are also PCs. Google you dissapoint me.
Anyone pining for Linux support- Web Designer appears to be based upon Chromium Embedded Framework, so it's probably making use of a feature or set of features not available on Linux variants.
no linux = no use
Tim R.
Please port it to linux.
i am waiting for a Linux version before i give it a try. until then, is just another piece of software i can't run
Jesus christ - you know, I've been using UNIX and Linux for more years than most of the people in this thread have been alive, and all these bitching responses are just embarrassing. This kind of mass hysteria just serves to reinforce the view of some that Linux users are frothing-at-the-mouth socialist lunatics. We're not of course, but this vocal minority of imbeciles is doing nobody any favours.

This is a BETA release - so they're targeting the biggest desktop platforms to get the maximum number of testers before releasing the stable version. Also as it's aimed largely at non-technical people (primarily animators wishing to move over from Flash) it's very likely they won't be using Linux. Google no doubt researched their demographic before releasing this. They didn't just sit in a bar and say "huuurrrr, we only make windows version to annoy linux people - LOL!"

Stop being such a bunch of idiots.
+scott porter I fully agree! Get the design and basic version out and tested then worry about various ports.
It looks okay at start but I haven't tried it fully yet.
Maybe I should jump up and down and start complaining because they haven't ported it to Symbian or Firefox OS or WebOS . . . . . . .
So tell me, +scott porter: will this "beta" last as long as that for Google Drive app for linux? #epicfail  
+Giuseppe Calà
I'm not interested in arguing with you. I like to focus on the positives - this is a free tool, that's badly needed to help the transition from Flash to HTML5 for a lot of people.

Negativity, snarky comments and general bitching during a BETA release aren't great incentives for Google to invest resources in porting to a platform with a very small % of desktop users (and an even smaller % of which would use this tool).

Stop making Linux users look bad.
If anyone needs to change the language of the UI for Google Web Designer, you have to change the locale settings of your computer to an English-speaking country. In Windows, you can do this here: 
Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Administrative (tab) > Change system locale... (button)
Hope this helps.
+scott porter, you get it totally wrong: people asking for Linux version are genuinely interested in it, such people would be a valuable asset during the beta, since they would use it and help with its improvement. and the % of Linux users who are developers themselves, is larger than the % po Windows users being developers. your argument about focusing on positives is wrong too: what good is a free tool if we can't use it?
Dear +scott porter, I understand this is a beta release, but that doesn't justify marginating a platform like Linux while not providing any source nor a note apologizing. Anything.
+scott porter Think of Adobe Brackets: a wonderful product that didn't support Linux but was opensource from the first day. Adobe apologized about it; the community finally added Linux support.

This is what we're demanding here: that spirit is expected from a company that uses Linux everywhere.
I don't think you understand what the term beta means. Anyway I'm not interested in arguing with a few entitled people whining about a free app that's still in beta. It just makes me sad that such people have jumped on the Linux bandwagon and make us all look like jerks. I'm no longer following this thread. Bye.
+Luis Humberto Balam Gonzalez but it's a professional-grade software that finally got Linux support because it was opensource.

This is what should happen here: if Google doesn't want to support Linux, they should opensource the product so we can add it.
+Xavier Mendez "They should"? "We are demanding"? Whatever they do, whatever they release, whatever they use, however it is based on or forked from Linux, nobody can "tell anyone what they should do"  - unless he pays them to do it. And nobody can "demand" anything from anyone, unless, whoa, see, same thing again, he pays for it.

GIMP is "evolving" for the better part of the last 15 years (count them) and it still sucks. Same goes for most of available open source software, with some major exceptions - from Apache to Squid and from WordPress to MySQL.

Let's say that Google releases a Linux compatible version of Web Designer. With what are you going to use it? "Pure code"? With what are you going to design vector and bitmap graphics to use in your designs? Inkscape? GIMP? Linux doesn't have 99 of the freakin' 100 tools needed for graphics and multimedia, yet here are the Linux zealots, crying that THIS is what was missing from the puzzle.

Well, if that makes you feel better, from the little I've seen (I may be mistaken), Web Designer creates what's called "dirty" code. Not-so-optimized and more bloated than any serious web developer would like. Apart from that, it's almost exclusively useful for creating animated banners - not sites, not pages, not any other "general use". It's too complicated for anything other than ads (not meaning "I don't get it", but "needlessly complicated for stuff like creating a simple menu"), and thus, useless for anyone wanting to "simply design a static banner or a design for a site/blog". There are better tools for that.

So, all Linux fanatics are crying that Google hasn't released its new HTML5-CSS3 animated banner creation tool on their platform, when they've got everything else solved.

And before any moron cries "fanboy", yes, I'm working in Windows. I'm also looking at my Linux boxes for the better part of the last 15 years, not finding anything useful to do on them apart from setting up servers, download boxes and learning some programming. There aren't any serious tools for graphics (compared to other platforms), video (compared to other platforms), music... Heck, there's not even a file manager like Directory Opus (no, don't tell me "there is" if you haven't worked with Directory Opus "because it looks like the ones you use" - I've used them all, and compared to it, they're like Notepad compared to Vi).

So, why don't all Linux fanboys go cry up Adobes alley, or try to create ONE tool that doesn't suck (compared to what's available to other platforms) instead of constantly copying and forking the same damn things, then demanding from others to create something that actually works?

/rant over
Are you serious?? No Linux version. Come on Google, its time to contribute back to the Linux community.
where is the love for us linux users ;-(
Google you'd be jack and squat without Linux yet you give the OS the shaft on new products at every turn.
+scott porter I agree with your sentiment. However, as a Linux user I too, at first, was disappointed by the news of lack of Linux support, and then grew a bit embarrassed by the multitude of "me too" posts from the community. But there are a couple things going on here. 1) This is how democracy works. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say. 2) There is a history of Google being perceived to not reciprocate back to the Linux community. 3) Google should have expected this and at least made some mention of when Linux support would be available or what was currently preventing it. I could be wrong but as far as I know in this instance they did not. 4) It's the internet. Even Linux users can get a bit "trollish" at times.
Yeah, I know the Linux community has its share of idiots, the same as all others. I just wish they weren't so vocal. I don't think being snarky, dismissive, sarcastic and aggressive is the way democracy works. At least I hope not.

There's a difference in making a good, well researched case for Linux support, and sounding like an entitled whiner (aka "shit posting"). I swear, if you gave some of these people $1,000,000 they'd moan about the colour of the bag it was in. I know most of the worst fanbois are just kids who don't know any better, but really, they need some parental guidance to prevent them making the whole community look bad.

I've read articles from insiders at some of the top game development houses, and apparently posts/emails of the type we have here are simply ignored. So no, it doesn't work - which is a good thing, as this behaviour shouldn't be encouraged or rewarded.

If I were Google I'd just state there will be no Linux version. They can publish an API and the OS community can implement their own client. I'm guessing there'd be little support for such development though, as the main target for this app is (I assume) Flash animators, who want to move their skillset to HTML5. These people will be using Mac/Windows, and not Linux. Most web developers will already be writing their HTML5 markup and code manually, so it's not a huge draw. However, maybe we're wrong, and there is a big interest from developers on Linux - in which case they should request a Linux port in an intelligent manner, and not be shitposting in comments.
+scott porter, stop playing the Google apologist: they don't release this tool from the goodness of their heart, they have a strong interest in establishing some technologies (html5) while displacing others (flash). for this, they have a need of users to make use of their technologies and deploy them all around. in such case, the users have every right to reply: if you want us to deploy your technologies, then give us the tools.
+Nicu Buculei
Good point, except that HTML5/JS isn't "Google's technology". If anything, Apple have been the strongest advocate of HTML5 - they dropped Flash way before Google/Android. So Google are making a free tool available, to develop apps for an open standard over which they have no control. Kind of pisses all over your argument, doesn't it? I have given my views on corporations in another post, so I won't repeat it, but I don't wear rose-coloured-glasses. I've been in this industry for far too long for that.

Interested in hearing why you think I'm a Google Apologist too. Is it simply because I'm not following the group think amongst the more vocal and less informed masses here? Google are not paying me, I'm not a fanboy of any camp. I've been using UNIX (HP/UX, Solaris, *BSD) and various flavours of Linux for over 20 years, have written kernel modules, drivers, run open source projects, and have probably built and administered more Linux servers, including clusters, than most people here. Still think I'm anti-linux and Pro Google?
+scott porter, Apple isn't a player here, from a HTML5/JS point of view they are a consumer of those, while Google is in the business of providing and managing such content. I don't follow your argument on free tools/open standards, there are tons of free tools to develop for pen standards, some of them made or at least backed by big industry players from Intel to Adobe.
And yes, you act as an apologist by attacking people who complain. Is a free world, people do have a right to complain. And your arguments are weak: so what is a BETA? there are plenty of cross-platform apps in BETA.
See above people rightfully calling Google on not having this tool working on ChromeOS (if it was running on ChromeOS, then it would run also on Linux), that's stupid and a bad image for Google: release a tool which does not work on your own OS. What's their message here? ChromeOS is not good enough?
I'm not even going to address your total ignorance of Apple's business practices, I think you're too far gone to understand.

Yes there are lots of tools for developing software for open standards. This is one of them. Not sure why this is a difficult concept for you to understand. Maybe try dragging your finger across the screen a little more slowly and mouth the words?

By your crazy logic you're an apologist for The Gimp software. I don't use it and I think it's crap, and you do use it, and you think it's good, so you must be an apologist. Did I get that right? I'm assuming that English isn't your first language because you seem to be having some severe problems grasping the meaning of simple words. Have you looked up "beta release" yet, so you at least know what you're talking about?

Saying "your argument is weak" doesn't make it so. My Foo is strong.

Why are these people "rightfully" calling for Google to release a beta product on every platform - and even rewrite it to a webapp? Have these "rightful" people paid Google? Have you paid them?

How about if I "rightfully" called for you to provide all your photographs and code from your website to me, in every format possible? I want all your photographs now, in TIFF format, Targa files and also as BMPs, oh and as scalable vector art. I'm not going to pay you, but you should just do it. What's that, you don't have them in those formats? Well that's stupid and bad for your image isn't it? People like me need it in those formats. Come on, I'm entitled to all your photographs, now. I also want the originals from your camera.

Sounds stupid doesn't it?

You're the epitome of an arrogant, entitled, loudmouth who obviously has no experience or knowledge of software development and believes that code magically falls out of someone's ass.. Calling for everyone to give you something for nothing is just selfish and makes you look ridiculous.

If you choose to use a platform that's not supported by an app, either pay someone to port it if you can't do it yourself, or run the app on the supported platform. Why don't you go and moan to Apple about Final Cut Pro only being supported on OSX? Let them put up with your whining, and give us a rest from it.

As I said a few hours back, I am part of the open source community, and people like you are just an embarrassment to me. You make us all look bad, and I wish you'd just go away.
+Nicu Buculei
Good for you. So did I. 99 out of 100 people I've worked with or known in the general field of "graphic arts" either didn't even know about Linux or laughed at what it had to offer.

I mean, really, GIMP? A program that lost its frickin compatibility with pen tablets, a must for any serious graphic designer / digital artist / sketch professional? A program using different shortcuts compared to "industry standards" (thanks to Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe banging them on our heads for years)?

Please, do tell me, as one pro to another: what tools do you use in your line of work, and how do they actually help you? For the last time I checked, Linux lost the whole frickin DTP revolution. Magazines are dead and Linux STILL doesn't have a program of InDesigns or Quark XPress's calibre.

But, yeah, it's got some cool, fast and lightweight image viewers that you can use with your keyboard.

And thus, "my argument is invalid".
+Odysseas Kourafalos
Must admit, that was my thought - I've been working in the creative industry for well over 10 years, and I've never ever seen a professional designer, or photographer use Linux+Gimp for photo retouching or image manipulation. You cannot compare Gimp to Photoshop with commercial filter packs. It's like comparing Notepad to Eclipse / IntelliJ for a coder
Any idea when Linux support will be available? Given it's working on a mac it can't be too hard to port?
+scott porter
It's not just a matter of "less functions" or that "it's a lesser program" in general (it is, but let's not fret about it for a moment). Main problem is that when 99 out of 100 people work on Mac/Win with specific programs and formats, you don't gamble your work on, say, GIMPs "compatibility" with PSDs. It may very well be 99,9% abso-frickin-lutely compatible with the format, but WHAT happens when you fall in the 0,1% "hole" and lose a job? Are you going to explain to the grocery that "it's not your fault that you don't have money, it's because of a tiny problem with GIMPs compatibility with PSDs that prevented you from getting payed from your latest gig"?

And THAT'S the main reason we call some programs "industry standards" and, like it or not, when you work professionaly, you cannot deviate "from the norm".

It's not a matter of ideology, of "information that wants to be free" etc. If you work as a cab driver, you want the best cab available. If you're a graphic artist, why settle for the equivalent of a... monocycle?!
+Odysseas kourafalos yep, although saying that, Fireworks also has compatibility issues with Photoshop files, despite coming from the same company. Early annoying as it means I have to maintain both apps, even though I really only use photoshop to export visuals for use in Firefox. Hi hum.
+scott porter, when/if you will be a customer of mine, then ask for those images in any possible format and i will provide them. no, you don't need to be a paying customer, just someone i have an interest of giving them to. it won't be a problem, since the operation is trivial, i have access to the "sources", so the operation is trivial. if there are many files, no problem either, i can script it. the same with BETA software, you design multi-platform software from the start, don't add the other targets later, if you want everything to go smooth, otherwise you may find ugly problems pushing you back to the design stage.
PS: call me a GIMP apologist when I will stop talking about the areas where it sucks
+Nicu Buculei
Well where are the photos then? I want them now and I'm entitled to them in every format possible. I'm not paying you, but you should just give them to me. Now. This is you attitude, so I'm applying the same standards to you.

You're obviously completely ignorant about how software is designed and developed, if you honestly think that a web app, and a native app share the same "multi-platform source". Please stick to taking pictures and either learn about software, or stop making yourself look stupid. I could explain it to you, but to be honest you're boring me, and I don't want to be associated with you. I think people like you are a cancer at the heart of open source. You contribute nothing, and want everything. You serve only to alienate software publishers, and make the community look bad.

I'm muting you now, so I will no longer see your whining missives. Bye.
Where we can send feedback? I have W8 on my Samsung Ativ 7. When i start that app, screen goes black and i have to close that app.
Offline installer please
+scott porter nope, this is not the same at all. i am not pushing my pictures to you, i don't care if you use them or not. the situation with Google is different, they do want people to use their software.
and nice way to argue you point of view by closing your ears and shouting "la, la, la, i can't hear you!"
BTW, designing for multi-platform is most important for a native app, where if you rely on some libraries not available everywhere, as it seems the case with Google Web Designer, a later port may be impossible or very difficult.
(why doesn't mute work properly - I can still see comments from this uninformed, hypocritical idiot)

+Nicu Buculei So why do you have pictures up on your website? If you're making them available you should make them available in every format, just the same as you're demanding from Google. You'll also find that telling people you "don't care if they use you or not" doesn't make you sound very professional. Do you actually make any money from your snaps? I'd be surprised; probably why you're having to use Gimp instead of professional commercial software which is actually pretty cheap for a business.

You're a hypocrite. You want to make money by leeching from the Open Source community, but you don't want others to do the same. You're also plainly NOT a software developer, and yet you're trying to tell me (I actually am a software developer, and have been for over 20 years) how software development works. It's laughable. I pity the people who have to deal with someone as arrogant, selfish, rude and obnoxious as you on a daily basis. I pity your kids, growing up with you as a role model. Most of all I pity the community you've glommed onto, as you're tarnishing everyone by being associated with someone like you. You're an embarrassment.

That's it, even though "muting" isn't 100% it seems, I really won't be reading anything else from you. Not because it's "childish", but because I'm just not interested in anything else you have to say. Contrary to your delusional and narcissistic opinion of yourself, your uninformed opinions mean nothing to me.

+scott porter indeed, i am not a software developer any more, some years ago i changed my career path. speaking of rude, i only called you a "Google apologist", on the other hand your own language...
the pictures on my blog are for fun and learning, the commercial work won't be posted there since the blog is licensed CC-BY-SA and paying customers may not be be happy about that.
actually GIMP + UFRaw can be a powerful combination for photo editing, but why would I expect you to know that?
It would be REALLY helpful if we could import animated vector clips, like an swf file, and see it on the timeline. Would it be possible??
I work with complex interactive animation, not only simple banners. 
No Linux version? Come on guys...
how long have the millions and millions of linux users got to wait for this.................... cannot believe that an Android version wasn't made either
Very nice.
I add my voice to ask it for linux!
Thank you
Google, please add a filter option to the threads so we can hide posts based on keywords. I'd love to be able to hide anything with the word Linux to get rid of these pointless fanboy postings, and leave the relevant comments. Thanks.
+Xavier Mendez
Well not sure they "deserve" to be heard. Sure anyone's free to type what they like, but I shouldn't have to read it. I's obvious a lot of them don't even read the threads, and just post garbage on any they find. I'd rather be able to hide comments based on keywords. Screw it, I'll write a plugin for Firefox :)
It is such a breakout for designers to have such a versatile design tool. Developing in CMSs can be a real confining experience. Thanks Google giving the more creative in the crowd a new tool. I love it so far!!
Cant believe !..after downloading installer stalled !!!..nothing works after clicking .exe..any clues? 
+Indivar Rathore Hi Indivar, Can you let me know what OS you're running this from, I'd like to double check that we support your version (System Requirements:

If we do support your version, then please download the installer again, in case there was an issue when it downloaded the first time. If doing this, in addition to clearing your cache, does not resolve the issue, please let me know.

More troubleshooting tips can be found here:!topic/gwdbeta/YwBXIn1VF8k


Jasmine Rogers
Program Manager, GWD
+Xavier Mendez
Hey Xavier,
We're making great progress actually and I'll update the forum, as well as the G+ page, once we have more to share. Thanks for your patience while we work on this!


Jasmine Rogers
Program Manager, GWD
That's... :')
I thought you were never going to add the promised support, just like Unity.
Haven't tried it yet, but I'm currently using Photoshop to create design and soon converts it to Wordpress works
HI Milton, Yes, I do make webpages. I can help you. email me at
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