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See how people are responding to what you’re posting right from your profile with the new profile insights panel.
Insights for everyone

It’s always great to see a positive response to something you’ve posted. But sometimes you want to see what’s happening overall — the big picture.

To help you see how you’re doing, we’re introducing a new profile insights panel in Google+, available whether you post as a person or a page. It’s a private dashboard where you can see the engagement on all your posts, and on reshares of your posts, as well as follows on your profile and Collections.

To find your dashboard, visit your profile on the web version of Google+ ( and open the three dots menu at the top.

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Video Nasties: Exploring The Banned Films Of Yesteryear With +Nergling

The #Oscars are almost upon us, and today we're featuring one of the more interesting movie Collections G+ has to offer, Video Nasties. We spoke to the Collection owner, Alex, who is a Sci-Fi enthusiast and amateur filmmaker.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the Sci-Fi models you create. How did you get into that?

"I am a 32yr old modeler and painter from the UK and have been into science fiction and fantasy my whole life. My love of miniatures though comes from my uncle who gave me a game called 'Battlemasters' for my 8th birthday. It was a stand alone game which had everything you needed to build two sizable armies with which to fight across a mat with a battlefield painted on it. My collection of models ranges from high fantasy, dragons, giants and knights to deep space colonies full of mutated denizens!"

You have a very interesting Film Collection called Video Nasties. Where did the idea to create this Collection come from? Have you watched any of the films? Are the tame by today’s standards or are they still “shocking?”

"Being into sci-fi and fantasy you inevitably get drawn into horror too as there is a lot of cross over between the genres (think Alien, Starship Troopers, Robocop etc.) I love a good horror movie, ever since discovering Evil Dead on late night TV (thanks Channel 5).

The idea to create the Collection came to me as I hadn't seen anything like it before on G+ Collections, there is always a large horror community on any big social media platform so I thought that people might enjoy it and I am passionate about movies. I've watched 90% of the Video Nasties, having started watching them in my late teens either on VHS or on DVD when many of them were released by VIPCO (Video Instant Picture Company). VIPCO billed itself as the leading distributor of banned movies, naturally the Video Nasties would be front and centre stage of any horror fans movie collection!

To be fair most of the Video Nasties are pretty tame by today's standards and they really only stand up to any scrutiny if you watch them with a pre-internet view of the world. The main reason any of them are still banned in the UK is the intent to shock rather than the content itself, or the fact that the distributor just hasn't bothered to approach the BBFC for a reclassification since their initial ban."

What are some Sci-Fi or Horror films that you would recommend to everyone?

"I would recommend the following movies for anyone into horror: 'Alien' (1979) and 'The Thing' (1982) as they are both a masterclass in building dread and paranoia amongst the characters. 'Evil Dead 2' (1987) and 'Braindead' (1992) by Peter Jackson (yes THAT Peter Jackson) if you want a more lighthearted yet gruesome experience.'Phantasm' (1979) which stands on its own as a quite unique horror experience. 'Kill List' (2011) a more modern film with some pretty strong content and a killer twist!"

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A different kind of street traffic. Great shot +John Soanes!

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'Get Out' hits theaters today and it has the distinction of being one of the few Black horror films to enjoy a wide release throughout the country. We spoke with +Ashlee Blackwell, a horror film enthusiast about her G+ Collection focusing on Black women in the genre.

Ashlee, tell us about Graveyard Shift Sisters and the purpose of 28 Days Of Black Women In Horror Movies?

"In honor of February being Black History Month and Women in Horror Month, 28 Days Of Black Women In Horror highlights 28 Black women entertainers in the film and television industry who've starred in anything to be considered horror. Giving these women the spotlight directly pertains to the site's mission of demonstrating the contributions of Black women in the horror genre."

Please give us a little bit of your background as it pertains to Graveyard Shift Sisters. Are you a writer or filmmaker, and how long have you been doing it?

"I'm a writer with a MA in Liberal Arts from Temple University. I have been blogging on and off for almost ten years and consistently for about 4 years with Graveyard Shift Sisters."

What's one (or a few) Black films that you recommend everyone watch, and why?

"For those interested in an exhaustive and extensive catalog of horror films that feature Black characters and stories unique to the Black experience in America, I recommend Horror Noire: Blacks in American Horror Films from the 1890s to Present by Dr. Robin Means Coleman."


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Baianas dressed in traditional attire blessed the main carnaval venue in Rio de Janeiro to bring good luck to the festival.

Lavagem da Marquês de Sapucaí #mycarnaval

How are you celebrating Carnaval? Share the images of your Carnaval experience on Google+ with the hashtag #mycarnaval.
Lavagem da Marquês de Sapucaí - Carnaval 2017
Foto: Lia Amorelli

Como não se emocionar com elas ??

"...Mãe, baiana mãe
Empresta o teu calor
Eu quero amanhecer no teu colo
Onde deito, durmo e rolo
E isolo a minha dor
Eu quero, quero te saudar nesta avenida
Pra valorizar a vida
Que a vida valorizou.."

MÃE BAIANA MÃE (Aluisio Machado e Beto Sem Braço - Império Serrano 1983)


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Meet Create Member +Karin Nelson

Hello Karin, what got you into photography?

"I've taken pictures ever since I was a girl with a little point and shoot camera in the 70s. Then I moved to Italy, and I forgot about my passion - until meeting people that shared that same passion. I bought a SLR camera and started up again. Then, a few years later, I moved to Canada with only a couple of suitcases, and there was no room (and no money) for expensive camera gear, so I sold everything. In Canada, the next few years were busy, starting a family, a new job... and no time for any hobbies. But then, a few years ago, a friend showed me his new DSLR camera - and something just clicked. I was reminded of how amazing it was to hold a camera and focus on life through a viewfinder. That's when everything came together for me. I purchased a camera and I haven't stopped taking pictures since."

What's your favorite creation?

"I love my ""The Egg and I Trip"" collection... it combines photography with traveling and story telling. I traveled with my family on the traces of my favourite book of all time (Betty MacDonald, ""The Egg and I"") and visited some of the places she described in her book. And we saw a bit more of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula." (

Links to Karin's Collections:

Lights, Camera, Dinner:
Floral Macros:

The Create Program ( is welcoming high quality content creators and curators with active Collections who would benefit from an official Google+ recognition and from the insights of a diverse network of passionate people.


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With the #Oscars a mere three days away we talk to +Michael Brown, who runs a great Movies & TV Reviews Collection about this weekend's festivities.

Hey Michael, Where does your love of movies stem from, how long have you been an enthusiast?

"My love for movies stems from me being 14 years old and my father taking me to the theater from 12 p.m. 2:10 p.m. hoppin' to all different sorts of movies within the theater. It was a tradition we would do every month. It opened my eyes to the many different genres of films and different flavors of production that different directors have."

Can you recommend any really good sleeper films that most people haven’t seen?

"A film within the past year that I think is a sleeper is The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. However overall and pretty relevant to today, another sleeper film that comes mind is “Unbreakable” by M Night Shyamalan. Definitely M Night Shyamalan's best work previous to “Split”."

Are you rooting for any particular actors/actresses or films at this year’s Oscars?

"There were so many great performances this year but I'm reserving my cheers for Andrew Garfield winning best actor in Hacksaw Ridge, Taraji P Henson as best actress in “Hidden Figures”, and “Arrival” for best cinematography."

What’s your prediction for the winner of Best Picture this year?

"I have to give it to “Hidden Figures”. Not only did it do well in the box office but the depiction of the real life story on the big screen was nearly flawless."

This is a strong year for Black Americans at the Oscars in terms of nominations, which performances or films did you enjoy most?

"Moonlight happens to be one of the best films in my opinion from the list that are nominated this year. However I can see how the premise of the story can be dismissed or even rejected because of its strong push back on boundaries within the black community."


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Are you celebrating Carnaval?

Carnaval is a celebration that takes place in many parts of the world. It’s a time of year filled with joy, music, dance and the honoring of traditions. It's a time to party and truly celebrate life! From masked balls in Venice and Mardi Gras in Louisiana to the traditional murgas in the Canary Islands and the Samba Schools and Blocos Afros in Brazil, carnaval brings people to the streets as they celebrate, sing, and dance together until the early morning.

Carnaval is a joyful celebration of life and creativity. You can transform into a superhero, a pirate or a queen… How are you celebrating Carnaval? Are you putting your daily routine on pause to relish in the revelry?*

Share the images of your Carnaval experience on Google+ with the hashtag #mycarnaval. Create Collections about your favorite Carnaval groups, musicians and dancers, and share other exciting moments as the Carnaval season begins. With so much going on before and during the festival, we are excited to see what you have to share.

Keep celebrating!

This initiative was created by the Google+ Create Program, a program that celebrates the inspiring individuals behind the most captivating Google+ content. Want to learn more about it? Check the Create website!

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Today, we talk Film and Sci-Fi with a NASA employee (and more importantly, Google+ Community owner 😂) +Michael Interbartolo for #Oscars Week!

Hey Michael! Please share a little bit of background information on yourself and your interest for Sci-Fi. What got you into it and how long has it been an interest?

"I’ve been a space geek since I first saw Star Wars back in the 70's. I’ve been a rocket scientist for over 20 years, working in Mission Control for the Space Shuttle program, a program manager for a Mars prototype lander as well as several design teams to evaluate and optimize the Orion spacecraft. I’m helping provide operational and mission assumptions for a Human Journey to Mars Mission as part of the Engineering Directorate at Johnson Space Center. Outside of work, my kids and I attend and cosplay at local pop culture and sci-fi conventions."

Give us a brief description of your Sci-Fi Community and everyone what they can expect there? Is it specifically focused on movies, or does it encompass other areas of Sci-Fi as well?

"The sci-fi community was started by +Craig Engler pretty much as soon as community was added to Google plus. Craig was working at Syfy at the time and saw it as an opportunity to engage folks across broad interests. It is a place of discussion with folks posting about movies, concept art, new books, as well as help each other identify old movies or books they remember snipers of but not the title. We are lucky enough to have one of the creators of Dark Matter post production updates for the TV show."

What's your favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time, and why?

"Not sure I can pick just one. For more realistic/hard scifi I would say The Martian and Moon are tied. They both represent a grounded view of space exploration. it represents a possible near term achievement for where we could be going as a specie if we put our minds to it. For the more space opera type growing up that would be the original star wars, now it would be a guardians of the galaxy. Guardians recapture the fun and excitement for me like the original star wars did when I was a kid. plus my son likes to cosplay as star lord so it is a nice bond to have with him as I made his costume."

Arrival is nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, what did you think of the movie and how do you feel it stacks up to some of the memorable Sci-Fi films of the past?

"Arrival was a grounded movie that I really enjoyed. I liked that it wasn't the typical alien first contact/invasion movie (though I do like a good popcorn invasion movie) I really enjoyed that like good science fiction it can be a mirror to get folks to reflect on current events or the human condition through a lens of alien contact. sort of like how District 9 examined how we handle the situation of contact and refugees while commenting on apartheid this asks the question would contact bring the planet closer together or to the brink of war? I also liked that the ending made you think and talk about it since it was a but timey whimey wibbly wobbly to quote Doctor Who. I thought Arrival ranks up there with the classics of 2001, Blade Runner, and Moon. I think it has the repeat viewing factor where the more you watch the more you pick up on and get a deeper understanding of the movie."

Which movie do you think will win Best Picture this year?

"I haven't seen all the nominations yet, but it seems like the science fiction movies dont seem to win the big awards. sure they may get the techincal awards for special effects, screenplay, costume and soundtrack, but best picture I think Arrival will be a long shot. I would be okay with Hidden Figures winning as it helps highlight the early days of space exploration and the unsung heroes who helped the astronauts on their journey. I guess La La Land or Moonlight are probably the odds on favorites given how well they did at the golden globes and baftas."

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The Black History In America Community

We've featured Black History Collections and creators this month, but if Communities are more of your thing this may be for you. The 'Black History In America' Community incorporates historic figures, current contemporary issues, as well as memes and art to give a well rounded perspective on the Black experience. #BlackHistoryPlus
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