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Meet Create Member +Azlin Bloor

"While I've been in the UK for over 2 decades, I was born and raised in Singapore. My recipes reflect my unique upbringing, a multicultural family that includes ethnicities from Asia to Europe to the Middle East to North Africa. Not only do I cook the food, but I live and understand the cultures (and languages!) behind the recipes. When I’m not blogging, my most important job is homeschooling my 4 young kids; I’m also a private chef, a cookery teacher and cookbook author."

Check out our favorite Collections by Azlin: 10 minute Recipes ( and
20 Minute Recipes (
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Meet Create Member +Massimo Marengo:

"My name is Massimo Marengo, and I live in Iowa, one of the prairie states in the US Midwest. I am a professional astronomer, and my creative outlet is photography. My work involves a lot of travel, which I document in images and words in my photoblog. I often travel in the exotic locales where top astronomical observatories are situated: Chile, Hawaii and the US Southwest, all desert mountain areas that I love to explore with my camera."

Check out our favorite Collections by Raquel: Smartphone Photography ( and Captured Light (

The attached photo was taken at the Las Campanas Observatory, Norte Chico, Chile. The dome in the foreground is the Swope telescope.
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Encantador lugar !!
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Photographer +Middleton Joshua bridges art and nature through this captivating image. #TopPics
Jurassic Park reminiscing .

Once i look through the viewfinder on my camera my world collides with reality ,images start to morph with visions and thoughts of an existence way before that of our own.
What crossed the path from where i stand now ? I love the thought of what was, its so intriguing.

This was taken at the Tropical Garden as part of the/ Fantasy Collection, Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand .
If you are ever coming through these ways make sure to drop in and check out .

#Lovethetron #Hamiltongardens #nzphotographs #middletonjoshua #google #tropical #pentax #nonhdr #plants   .

Middleton Joshua Imagery © copyright 2016
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lindo o lugar

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Congratulations to this week's Environment themed #FeatureFriday winner +Luciano Cruz. Time to dive into his Collection: Water!
#FeatureFriday : Environment

Congratulations, +Luciano Cruz, your Water Collection has been selected by Google+ Users!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their environmentally themed Collections!

You can get a head start on next week's  #FeatureFriday  and submit your favorite Spring Cleaning & Interior Design -themed Collections by filling out the form linked here:

Happy Friday and keep creating!
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This week's #FeatureFriday celebrates our environment. Which of these two Collections speaks to you most? Click to vote.
#FeatureFriday   : Environment

This week’s Feature Friday celebrates the world around us, and we are happy to announce our two talented finalists: +Luciano Cruz and +Margaret Tompkins.

Now the decision is up to you! Check out the Collections:

Water - Luciano's Collection's tagline is "Water is what brings Life to our Planet" and it showcases beautiful images of of rivers, waterfalls and oceans (

Wildlife Photography - Margaret's Collection showcases gorgeous wildlife images of birds and other animals in their natural environment (

Which Collection inspires you the most? The results will be announced on Friday, based on your choices. 

Vote now!

Thanks to everyone who shared their environmentally themed Collections!

Keep creating!
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Water by Luciano Cruz
Wildlife Photography by Margaret Tompkin
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I'whishe's good life every day
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Last week, dozens of Create members took to Google+ to celebrate our planet on #EarthDay. What actions are you taking to #CreateABetterEarth?
I happened to witness a slice of heaven that fell into mother earth's lap! 
Well.. it didn't have to fall from above. It already is the heaven that we all inhabit, called mother earth. Do we realize it? Yes, we think about it and we do celebrate our mother earth many times a year. But shouldn't we celebrate her every day? Shouldn't we be conscious of each act of ours in realizing how it affects her? It's just like we celebrate out loved ones in every day lives and take care of them. Because she takes care of us every day of our lives.. in fact she provides us each and every one of our breath, from birth to death!
Let's remember how precious she is and the great care that we need to apply in anything and everything we do to keep it that way!

This image is taken over the Caribbean islands through an airplane window with my head and neck pushed out (in actually) behind the camera onto my fellow passenger's face who luckily happened to be my husband!
We are a group of members of Google+ Create, a Google program for recognizing creative users of Google+. This year we are celebrating Earth Day with this small, symbolic art project with the theme: Earth Day 2016 - My planet. My part. 
#BeenaRPhotography   #landscapephotography   #arialphotography #caribbeanislands   #earthday2016   #motherearth   #nature   
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This gorgeous, thanks for posting 
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One year ago, we introduced Google+ Collections: a platform for curating and sharing the coolest content about anything and everything that you're into. From cats in Tokyo (, to original poetry (, to Copenhagen street photography ( -- you've created and shared Collections about everything under the sun ( Today, help celebrate one full year by sharing your favorite Collection or making a new one with the tag #CollectionsTurn1. Cheers ( to more years of #DiscoveringAmazingThings.
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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Reach out to the teachers who have impacted you, and help us give a special thanks to our very own Professor Sooraj. In the spirit of #TipTuesday and Teacher Appreciation Day, here are our favorite Prof. Sooraj G+ Collections tips:

1. Credit the Content your share:

2. Why should my Collection posts have a catchy intro?

3. Why I should have a good cover photo?

4. Why should I have more than 1 post in a Collection?

5. Moving vs Resharing a Post
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Making it to Friday is kind of like climbing a mountain. Get lost in some cool Collections this weekend to celebrate: #TGIF
On the Edge,   Eldorado Peak

After climbing Eldorado Peak I was able to take this photo of the next team climbing this distinctive ridge. I spent 3 days and 2 nights on an ice cap with various climbs. All of the climbs were exceptional and the views and photography were also great. 

- Randy
Climbing Junkie Story
At night I would sleep with at least one quart of water so it would not freeze. I was able to make several quarts of water each day using a couple of methods and excluding a stove. Even though this area gets the worlds record of snowfall time and time again. There was no melt-off that was easily accessible to gather.  ....Our record snows;  
My original photo;
Link to slide show of this trip; Use arrow key!
Climbing on Eldorado and others on an Ice Cap
Hero Shot
My Bivouac
Congratulations! If you made it this far, there is more good stuff to come. I have included some slide shows that were taken while climbing.

The Ptarmigan Traverse, Washington Cascade Mountains.

The North Ridge of Mt Stuart

Some Personal Favorites

Slide show of nameless lakes, un-mapped lakes and others;

Climbing on Eldorado and others on an Ice Cap

Thanks for taking the time to look. It would be nice to hear your thoughts and comments.
- Randy
#mountainmonday  +Mountain Monday  +Michael Russell 
#landscapephotography   +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow   
+Kevin O'Connell +***
+David Liu        
#stunningmoment   +Stunning Moment by +Alycia Cai +Zvonimir Fras
#breakfeast   +Breakfast Club  +Gemma Costa +Rob Heron    
#georgsramaphotography   (+Georg Srama Photography) curated by +Georg Srama
#promotephotography   +Nikola Slováková  +Gittan Beheydt  
#hqsplandscape   +HQSP Landscape curated by +Nader El Assy +Luca Ferroglio +Craig Loxley +Dorothy Pugh +Jesse Martineau +David D
  #cascades   #northcascades   #cascademountains   #climbing   #climbingjunkie   #randylikestoclimb   #ice   #snow   #drama   #adrenaline   
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A 2:
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Meet Create Member +Dirk Puehl 

"I stand like some lone tower / Of former days remaining", Tennyson once said. I’d like to invite you to the tower, gather around the fireplace, and listen to stories that might begin with “Once upon a time”, about blood and thunder, artsy, weird and wonderful things, curiosities and lots of ships, told with a twinkle in the eye, here on Google+ and my blog."

Check out our favorite Collections by Dirk: Poet's Corner ( and Boney was a Warrior (

Painting: "The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up" by the English artist J. M. W. Turner, in 1838
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Красота впечатляет
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Meet Create Member +Raquel Hunter  

"Raquel S. Hunter is a writer, health enthusiast, animal lover, STEM advocate, space exploration kookoo bird, architect of change, and an aspiring vegetarian. An avid gardner, Raquel has harvested hundreds of pounds of food every year from her small urban homestead. As an architect of change Raquel created a health website, planted over 5000 trees with Trees for the Future; and has given away 100s of fruit trees, 1000s of reusable tote bags, and 100s of pounds of fresh produce to friends, family, and strangers. 
Raquel bakes bread every Saturday and Sunday in a cast iron skillet she inherited from her grandmother."

Check out our favorite Collections by Raquel: Living to 100 ( and Explorations in Space (

This photo was taken on the Urban Homestead. It symbolizes life, amidst necessary, and beautiful messiness.
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Earth Day 2016 - My planet. My part.

Over the years I have connected with local Brazilian communities that are struggling to preserve the botanical ecosystems of their ancestral lands, along with their way of life.

According to Brazilian Institute of Space Research (INPE), five to six thousand square miles of forest are lost every year in the Amazon rainforest alone.

The large-scale destruction of forest ecosystems not only threatens native communities, but also results in the extinction of hundreds of thousands of rainforest species.

Numerous devastating projects are underway in the Amazon, including the construction of the Belo Monte Dam, displacing 18 ethnic groups living near the Xingu River; and the dam at the Tapajós River, displacing 10 ethnic groups.

For the last few years I have been working on a independent documentary film project ( about the preservation of botanical knowledge among traditional Brazilian societies. I hope to raise awareness about the problems local communities face because of deforestation and the construction of mega structures.

On the occasion of Earth Day 2016, I ask you to join me and sign the petition to stop the construction of the Tapajós Dam.

Image: Valdermir Cunha, +Greenpeace Brasil 

We are a group of members of Google+ Create, a Google program for recognizing creative users of Google+. This year we are celebrating Earth Day with this small, symbolic art project with the theme: Earth Day 2016 - My planet. My part.

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