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Get way into what you love.

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Updates and increased transparency: A quick preview of things to come on Google+
What's new with Google+

Hey there Plussers! I'm your friendly neighborhood Server Eng Manger, and I wanted to take a little time to tell you some of the great things the G+ team is working on. As always, we listen carefully to your feedback, and in the coming months, we'll be focusing on your most highly requested areas of improvement, including:

• Better spam control
• Enhanced community moderation
• Improvements to the web user experience
• More intuitive navigation and discovery
• Cleaner notifications

And more that we'll reveal as they become available ;)

We've heard your desire to stay informed about G+ product updates. Going forward, you can expect to hear more from me; our Product Managers, like +John Nack, our Program Managers, like +Carter Gibson; and Community Managers, like +Leanne Osborne and +Madeleine DeRome. We'll try our best to reply to questions and keep you up to date on all the great progress.



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Decipher technology's impact on our lives with Create member Michael Brown

+Michael Brown created this Collection because he "noticed a lot of people sharing and resharing tech blog posts without sharing or breaking down their own thoughts on the advancement of technology and how it effects everyday people. Not everyone can understand the changes that technology brings, but most of the time it affects everyone."

Follow Michael's Collection The Decipher, and maybe you'll be inspired to join him in fostering more in-depth discussion about tech and society! 

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Collection Of The Week: 5 Ingredients Or Less Recipes

Problem: We all love food but we're often busy
Solution: Quick and easy recipes with minimal ingredients

This Collection from +Holly Clegg hits the spot 🍰🍜

5 Ingredients Or Less Recipes:
Interested in building your own high quality Collection? Head over to the Collections Community which serves as your one-stop shop for learning and sharing Collections on Google+. Submit your Collections here for feedback from moderators and the G+ team.

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Exploring ancient villages with +Carlo Ciotti

Interested in the architecture and living quarters of yesteryear? Carlo's Collection explores some of the most fascinating locations from around the globe.

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Community Management Best Practice: Boosting Community Engagement

This post was written by Community Vanguards member and toy photographer +Shelly Corbett

Communities are more fun when you have consistent and quality engagement. But how do you create an environment that will foster this type of behavior? Sharing and learning together is one way to accomplish an active and engaged community. In the Toy Photographers community we take engagement seriously; we enjoy learning from each other. No matter how much we think we know about our specific subject, we love to expand and improve our knowledge. Here are a few of the ways that we’ve found to boost engagement in our community:

Have fun!
If you’re having fun, then everyone else will too. To be a successful community owner or moderator you need to be an enthusiastic cheerleader. If you’re excited, then everyone else will be too!

Share your passion!
If you’re enthusiastic about what you’re doing, don’t be surprised when your enthusiasm becomes contagious. If you’re excited about your community, your members will be too!

Quality engagement!
Early on, we made a decision to leave meaningful comments on every post. We want to give our members a reason to post to our community. We learned early on that our members like to be actively engaged.

Share your knowledge and expertise!
If you’re starting a community then you’re probably an expert. Share that knowledge through interesting posts such as “How to”, “Behind the Scenes”, or “Tips and Tricks”. But don’t simply post a link, tell your members why you think they should read what you’re sharing.

Ask questions!
Present open-ended questions designed to engage your members. Invite community members to share their own knowledge and experiences. By doing this you’re showing them they’re valued members of the team. We can all learn from each other.

Lead by example!
Be the type of member you want to have in your community. Moderators and owners are not only there to keep order and enforce the rules; they’re there to contribute, encourage and support.

Hold regular contests!
Nothing engages a community like a contest; everyone likes to show off their best work. The winner could even be your next month's banner photo?

Have fun!
Did I mention this already?

Running a G+ community can be a lot of work. But it can be also be extremely rewarding if you approach it with a sense of fun and joy. I know this is true because I take great pride in the Toy Photographers community that I run with +Tony Tulloch +aliceincleveland, and +Jason Nvrmore. If you like toys and photography, stop by and say ‘Hi!”

+Shelly Corbett runs the Toy Photography Community on G+:
Check out our Collection for more Community Best Practices:

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Google+ iOS Update: Improved Photo Browsing
Improved Photo Browsing

Hi friendly iOS users,

We’re proud to announce an improved photo browsing experience. Now, when you tap on a photo, you get a richer experience where you can (1) zoom-in (2) scroll to see more photos and (3) pinch or tap the icon in the top right to see a mosaic view of the photos in the stream. One of my favorite uses of this is to browse Leo Deegan’s photo collections, check it out and bring on the feedback!

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Taking your health into your own hands with +Michael A Koontz

G+ Create member Mike Koontz is committed to living a balanced, active lifestyle, and helping other do the same by sharing his advice on exercise, yoga, and nutrition. Follow his Healthier Living Collection to gain tips on building a healthier lifestyle one step at a time.

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Life Saver Triboluminescence

The Science Gifs Collection by +Colin Sullender breaks down complicated phenomenons through the internet's unofficial language.... gifs (pronounced 'jif' with a soft g 😛).

In this post, Colin breaks down Triboluminescence, which is "an optical phenomenon that generates light through the breaking of chemical bonds"

The Science Gifs Collection:

#SharingKnowledge #ShareYourSkills
Life Saver Triboluminescence

Triboluminescence is an optical phenomenon that generates light through the breaking of chemical bonds in a material when it is pulled apart, ripped, rubbed, scratched, or crushed (fractoluminescence). An exact understanding of how the process works has yet to be established. The current theory involves electrical charge separation that results in ionization of the surrounding air, which produces the flash of light.

Mint-flavored Life Saver candies are an easy way to visualize this phenomenon with the naked eye. Crushing them with a hammer (or your teeth) in a dark room will generate bright blue sparks. This light is actually generated by a two-step process involving fluorescence, which is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed another wavelength of light. The light released by triboluminescence is ultraviolet and therefore invisible to the human eye. However, the wintergreen oil used in mint flavoring is fluorescent, and converts the invisible ultraviolet light into visible blue light.

I highly recommend watching the source video from +SmarterEveryDay to see more slow motion footage of Life Savers being hammered and shot with a pellet gun.

Source: (Smarter Every Day)

#ScienceGIF #Science #GIF #Triboluminescence #Light #Luminescence #Mechanical #Chemical #Bond #Photons #Energy #HighSpeed #SlowMotion #SlowMo #LifeSaver #Lightning #SmarterEveryDay
Animated Photo

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+Margrit Schwarz shares fascinating finds and concepts from the intersection of art & science. #Sharingknowledge #Shareyourskills


To join us in this initiative, share the best Collections and Communities that you have learned from with us! Or share Collections and Communities that you created to teach others!
Teaching art & science with Collections
Fascinating finds and concepts from the intersection of art & science.

Learn about the ways that art and science intersect with Create member +Margrit Schwarz!

This week we're celebrating educational Collections and Communities in our Teaching and Learning on G+ campaign. Show us how you use G+ to teach or learn by tagging #sharingknowledge #shareyourskills

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Collection Of The Week: Explorations In Space

This informative Collection by +Raquel Hunter traverses our galaxy with some of the most interesting tidbits of information about our closest neighbors. If you're #FeelingSpacey, check it out!

Interested in building your own high quality Collection? Head over to the Collections Community which serves as your one-stop shop for learning and sharing Collections on Google+. Submit your Collections here for feedback from moderators and the G+ team.
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