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It’s now easier than ever to find the best stuff in your favorite Communities!
Never miss another great Community post

Great conversations make for vibrant Communities, and there’s no better conversation starter than an interesting post. But with all the activity lively Communities have, even the most compelling posts can slide out of view before you have a chance to see them. To make sure you never miss out on what’s up, we’re changing the way Community posts are displayed to show you the good stuff first.

Starting today, whenever you visit a Community, you’ll see the most high quality, relevant posts up top, rather than the just the most recent ones. Of course, if you’d like to switch back to chronological view, it’s easy to do so from the Community Settings / Preferences menu.

We’ll be rolling this out gradually, so please visit your favorite Community and let us know what you think!

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#Googleween13: Adorable, Fluffy......Zombies

Illustrator +byron rempel draws lovable cats with a very unique twist.

"The snuggles are long gone, only rage and hunger remain."

You can view Byron's Collection by clicking the link below, and don't forget to add your own Halloween themed post to our #Googleween13 hashtag. We'll be featuring unique entries from you for the rest of the month!

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Adriana iancu
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Meet Create Member +Isabelle Fortin

"I am a French Canadian designer and art director in Montreal, with a side hobby of experimental photography."

Check out our favorite Collections by Isabelle: From the clothesline ( and Up Close (
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Check out the Collections and vote now!
#FeatureFriday: Fashion Week

This week’s #FeatureFriday is all about Fashion Week, and we are happy to announce our two talented finalists: +The Art of Fashion and +Style Figure

Now the choice is up to you! Check out their Collections:

Style Figure covers the latest runway looks and celebrity fashion news. +Style Figure's curated sartorial posts not only bring you the newest styles, but they will also pique your imagination and give you major fashion inspiration!

+The Art of Fashion's Fashion Week Women’s Collection brings you the highlights from the women’s ready-to-wear runway shows around the world. From Alexander McQueen to Versace, these high-fashion looks celebrate the artistic sense of fashion!

Which Collection inspires you the most? The results will be announced on Friday, October 21st, based on your choice.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their Collections.

Keep creating!
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Style Figure by Style Figure
Fashion Week... by The Art of Fashion
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Halloween is a mere 13 days away, and although this day traditionally conjures up costumes, candy, and other commercialized elements, there’s a lot more under the surface.

In America, we all have different relationships with Halloween and acknowledge it in varying fashions. Internationally, Halloween may not exist or have a vaguely similar equivalent (Dia de Muertos in Mexico).

With such a diverse group of talented and creative users on Google+, we’d love to open the floor for you guys and gals to share what Halloween (or its equivalent) means to you. For the next 13 days, we’ll highlight several themes, topics, and vantage points that encompass different aspects of Halloween.

Photographers, pumpkin carvers, costume designers, make-up artists, designers, writers, or even parents who give their kids healthier options instead of candy, you’re all welcome to participate in this series. Whatever your personal experience with this day happens to be, share it with us using the hashtag #Googleween13. Non-creators, you’re free to participate as well by re-sharing things you’ve found on the web (be sure to give credit!).

We’ll be looking through your contributions and sharing the most unique entries. 
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Mesum indonesia
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Building Healthy Relationships Between Children And Food

For World Food Day, Google+ Create member +Azlin Bloor offers a succinct but important message about educating children about the origins of their meals.

"Teach your kids to think about where their food comes from, it's never too early to teach them about ethical food sources."

How will you help bring awareness to these issues? Share your post with us by tagging #WorldFoodDay!

Check out Azlin's Collection:
World Food Day
“Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.”

That's the message this year. What does it mean to you?

In our house, we try and focus on what is within our immediate control. And on education. In our own little way, we can all help.

Teach your kids to:

* think of all those who constantly go without food and water
* think about where their food comes from, it's never too early to teach
them about ethical food sources
* waste less food
* eat more nutritious food

This image was taken a few years ago, my girls harvesting the corn that they'd planted and looked after. Every year, they pick out a crop or two and are responsible from start to end, gardening organically. And so we learn about responsible gardening and food sources.

Do you grow your own food when you can?

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Google+ Celebrates Indian Food
Today, on our Google+ food tour, we land in India. Indian food is widely known for its diverse array of intoxicatingly delicious spices which vary from one region to another. Try your hand at some Indian cooking with the recipes in this Collection by +Guru Dutt.

What’s your favorite Indian dish? Share a recipe with the hashtag #EatAcrossGPlus and we’ll share some of the best ones!
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The Joys Of Locally Sourced Food

For World Food Day, Google+ Create member +Lerato Majikfaerie shares a quick anecdote illustrating the point that while we are all global citizens, we should eat locally.

"It's about eating what's seasonal, and eschewing mass produced factory farmed industrial agriculture wherever possible. Reducing the impact on the planet."

How will you help bring awareness to these issues? Share your post with us by tagging #WorldFoodDay!

Check out Lerato's Collection:
Being a global citizen; eating local food
#WorldFoodDay #LocalFood
Today, 16th of October is the UN World Food Day.
This year's global message is "Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too"

I've been thinking for a while about collecting my posts about food, especially with a focus on all the traditional recipes I make, using home grown and local ingredients. Old fashioned cooking and traditional recipes.

Today I stopped at one of the many local farm stalls. They're dotted around everywhere. People in the community grow food and it's shared. Most of the farm stalls are run on honour - there a tin to leave money in, people respect it.

I get fresh, organic, raw dairy - milk, cream and butter from a neighbour who raises the cows free range and with love. Another neighbour raises pigs and cues organic bacon.
We have such an abundance of fruit trees, a thriving veggie garden, wild edible bush tucker growing in the forest.

There's a weekly feast in the village with a large community smoker and dozens of families come together to share food, eating locally.

For me, there's a special joy in eating food that's come from within walking distance. It's about eating what's seasonal, and eschewing mass produced factory farmed industrial agriculture wherever possible. Reducing the impact on the planet.
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The Race For Sustainable Agriculture

As the world's population grows, +madhura ravishankar stresses the importance of using the available land we have for growing crops more efficiently.

"By 2050 the world must feed 9 billion people. This can only be achieved if we all work towards reducing our carbon footprints as climate change affects all dimensions of food security and nutrition."

How will you help bring awareness to these issues? Share your post with us by tagging #WorldFoodDay!

Check out Madhura's Collection:
Food Security


Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's Recipes
That brings the bare necessities to life.
And thus sang Baloo in the Jungle Book. But to this day we are still searching for the bare necessities, like food, clothing and shelter.
The WHO defines food security as a situation when everyone at all times has physical and economic access to sufficient and nutritious food. It consists of food availability, food accessibility and food affordability. With climate change and shrinking resources, it is indeed a challenge to ensure food security.
India is one of the world's largest producer of grain and despite the availability of food, about 25% of the population goes to bed without food.
Natural calamities like excessive rainfall, drought, soil erosion and the accessibility of water for irrigation, pose challenges. Population explosion and lack of improvement in agricultural facilities are also detrimental.
India being a large and diverse country, the concept of food security becomes very complex. Even the existence of a Public Distribution System (PDS), does not help much as the corrupt practices hinder this from reaching the poor and needy. Even then the PDS can only be a support system that provides some immediate relief, but not an enduring food security to the needy.

With the emphasis on promoting sustainable agriculture, the need of the hour is to address problems like greenhouse gas emissions, water( its use and waste), soil health and the sustainability of natural resources.
By adopting practices that produce more with less in the same area and by using the resources wisely, food can be grown in a sustainable way.
And India is still a long way off from these goals. By 2050 the world must feed 9 billion people. This can only be achieved if we all work towards reducing our carbon footprints as climate change affects all dimensions of food security and nutrition.

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Creator, photographer, and animator +Mark Rodriguez captures the spirit of #Googleween13 through this amazing collection of artwork. Not only are the visuals incredibly striking, but Mark's commentary to accompany each piece provides interesting insight.

After checking out Mark's collection, be sure to join in on the fun by using the #Googleween13 hashtag on your relevant posts!
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Traveling Home Through Your Garden

For World Food Day, Google+ Create member +Nina Trankova shared a haul from her garden and reminisced about the the wonders of a Bulgarian shopska salad.

"If you did not visit friends in Bulgaria and had shopska salad together, you haven't yet discovered the ignition of fulfilling taste."

How will you help bring awareness to these issues? Share your post with us by tagging #WorldFoodDay!

Check out Nina's Collection:
Small Basket
That's my first year growing vegetables in the garden and I harvested a few of these small baskets.

"Shopska salad" is the keyword

If you did not visit friends in Bulgaria and had shopska salad together, you haven't yet discovered the ignition of fulfilling taste. I bet that shopska salad is the most used word at Sofia airport for everybody who arrive back home and foreigners leaving the country, it's the first they are asking: are we having a shopska salad?
Small basket for a huge difference!
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The Effects Of Climate Change On Arable Land

For World Food Day, Google+ Create member +Peter Quinton offers his thoughts on how our global warming crisis affects our food supply.

"Today, about 50% of arable land is moderately or severely affected by land degradation."

How will you help bring awareness to these issues? Share your post with us by tagging #WorldFoodDay!

Check out Peter's Collection:
World Food Day #WorldFoodDay

Image: 'Change' Composite image combining elements from sky, water and land.

Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.

Continental cooling is the process of filling dry salt lakes and sea beds with sea water to establish new micro-climatic conditions around the restored water bodies and to reduce the impact of continental drying and warming of dryland ecosystems.

Our capacity to produce food is being compromised through land degradation. Today, about 50% of arable land is moderately or severely affected by land degradation. Land degradation affects 1.5 billion people directly, including most of those least able to deal with the emerging crisis. Degraded land ceases to be able to support past yields. Instead, the ground tracks towards infertility or desertification. Persistent land degradation will lead to desertification and the loss of the land for agricultural purposes. These changes lead to wide-scale population displacement and are vectors for social disruption and conflict.

A significant contributor to improving land degradation is local warming and the lack of water. The gradual removal of water from the surface and subsurface results in less agricultural yield and the emergence of arid landscapes, typified by lakes drying into large sterile salt lakes and the retreat of some large salt water seas.

The current debate about the swap of energy sources from coal powered generators to alternative energy generators (wind, solar, nuclear) will not address the problem caused by the loss of arable land to degraded land. Even if the Paris Accord objectives are met and temperature change limited to an increase of fewer than 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, this will not slow the dramatic loss of arable land (which is presently estimated at 12 million hectares lost pa). This will have an alarming impact on world agricultural outputs.

It is clear that other proposals need to be considered to reverse the loss of arable land.

The effect of large intermittent water bodies on local climates is well understood. For more than a century, there have been calls for some governments facing desertification to engage in large scale processes to flood dry salt lakes and sea beds. In Australia, calls to divert fresh water rivers from emptying into the sea and instead to empty them into inland lakes, resulted in the establishment of large new artificial lakes to provide water to inland agricultural areas. However, schemes to flood dry interior lakes have not proceeded.

It is time to reconsider these projects on a Global basis. The diversion of freshwater has failed to achieve earlier goals of creating micro-climatic change in dryland ecosystems. Diversion of large volumes of seawater into the salt water basins now needs to be seriously considered to help cool dry land areas (creating areas of freshwater precipitation, cooling through rain cloud reflection) and creating the circumstances necessary to achieve restoration of degraded land. The restoration of degraded land and the possibility that large areas of semi-arid land might be opened up to sustainable higher yield agriculture is one of a number of important initiatives that need to be considered as we face this emerging crisis.

This is one of a series of posts prepared by individuals on Google+ as part of World Food Day. Check out the others using the hashtag: #WorldFoodDay

We'd like to invite you to help us spread awareness on food security and climate change with the hashtag #WorldFoodDay. Our planet, Earth, needs us to discuss and find solutions on how to grow food in a sustainable way or how to reduce food losses.

This is an expansive topic, so there is a lot to talk about: like the well-being of ecosystems and rural populations, finding solutions to reduce emissions...

There are lots of ways to explore the theme of World Food Day!

Share your post in a Collection or a Community with the hashtag #WorldFoodDay between Thursday, October 13th and Wednesday, October 19th.
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