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Updates and increased transparency: A quick preview of things to come on Google+
What's new with Google+

Hey there Plussers! I'm your friendly neighborhood Server Eng Manger, and I wanted to take a little time to tell you some of the great things the G+ team is working on. As always, we listen carefully to your feedback, and in the coming months, we'll be focusing on your most highly requested areas of improvement, including:

• Better spam control
• Enhanced community moderation
• Improvements to the web user experience
• More intuitive navigation and discovery
• Cleaner notifications

And more that we'll reveal as they become available ;)

We've heard your desire to stay informed about G+ product updates. Going forward, you can expect to hear more from me; our Product Managers, like +John Nack, our Program Managers, like +Carter Gibson; and Community Managers, like +Leanne Osborne and +Madeleine DeRome. We'll try our best to reply to questions and keep you up to date on all the great progress.



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Today: Live Google+ tips & tricks at Collections 101!
Tune in 6/27 at 8.00pm PDT (UTC-7)

We’re excited to see you at #Collections101 today! Join us as our expert Panelists +Noble and +David Amerland give us the 101 on how to create great Collections and more!

Catch the YouTube live-stream at 8.00PM UTC-7 here:

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Collection Of The Week: +Abbie Stewart's 'Abandoned Buildings'

Writer Abbie Stewart combines her mysterious writing with stunning visual photography of forgotten structures. Urban exploration and horror come together for an engaging mix.

*Explore more of 'Abandoned Buildings':*

Interested in building your own high quality Collection? Head over to the Collections Community which serves as your one-stop shop for learning and sharing Collections on Google+. Submit your Collections here for feedback from moderators and the G+ team.
"What Lies Beneath"
Susan Waverly stood at the edge of the old Crampton property gazing over the fields of yellow flowers. "It's quite beautiful," turning towards Mr. McCain, the owner of the house.
"The flowers only cover the dead that lie beneath."
"It's the boy...The one who comes up from the ground. Still want to rent the house?"
"You're just trying to scare me off."
"Suit yourself," taking out the lease from his briefcase. "Did you bring the thousand in cash?"
"Yes," giving him an envelope.
"Good. Sign at the bottom."
Susan picked up the pen and signed the paper.
"Well, I think that takes care of everything. Enjoy your house," turning towards his car chuckling quietly.
"Mr. McCain?"
"Yes?" Turning around.
"The moving van will be here tomorrow. Is there anyone that could help me?"
"Sure, I'll send out a couple of the boys," turning his car around and disappearing down the dirt road.

Gathering up a few belongings from her car, she settled in for the night tucking a blanket around her sleeping bag on the top floor of the house. Suddenly a loud scream bolted out from below, shaking the inner walls of the house. Susan froze...turned, then took a few steps, slowing feeling a panic rise in her breathing. Picking up her flashlight she slowly stepped into the staircase, moving down three floors to the cellar door.

She paused, then slowly paced herself down the stairs into the cellar. It was cold. The single light bulb at the ceiling hardly shed any light. It was an eerie and unsettling atmosphere.
All of a sudden, there was a voice coming from behind her
"Help me..."
Susan spins around. There's something in the darkness - a figure. She freezes. Her eyes are glued to a little boy, whose figure melts together with the shadows. Like a tape recording, he repeats: "Help me..."
The boy steps out of the shadow.
Susan backs off.
The little boy comes closer. Now, he is standing right in front of her. He raises his hands as if he wanted to be hugged. Again, his sad voice repeats: "Help me..."
Finally, Susan's heart wins over reason. She falls to her knees and takes the boy into her arms. She holds the child close. But what she doesn't see: The boy's evil smile behind her back.
"You're gonna die," pushing Susan back. He starts to laugh..."die, you're gonna die."
Right before her eyes, the child raises a knife and lunges at her, only to desolve and disappear into the floor.

Susan raced up the stairs; slammed open the front door, then jumped into her car behind the steering wheel. She turned over the ignition...crank, crank, crank. Again...crank, crank, dead.
"Damn," closing the car door behind her.

The figure of the boy could be seen standing in the flowers. "Help me..." He disappears.
Susan stops and swings her flashlight across the dark, shadowed flowers.
"Where are you? She yells. "I know you're there you little brat. Come on out you coward!"
The boy instantly appears in front of her...staring at her with his lizard-shape eyes... like needles into hers. Susan backs up. The boy moves with her. He opens his mouth wide making a loud croaking sound.
"What do you want?" Panicking.
The boy's mouth is still open...then instantly slices out his long tongue wrapping it around Susan's neck pulling her down to the ground. She struggles...tries to scream. The boy turns, tightening his tongue around her neck...quickly pulling her into the deep darkness of the field of flowers. 

The morning sunrise spread it's beautiful rays across the vast fields of yellow flowers. It was quiet and peaceful. In the distance a truck could be heard driving up the dirt road followed by a smaller vehicle. The truck pulled around in front of the house as two men stepped down from the driving cab. "Go knock on the door Jim...see if she's home."
"She's not here," a middle age man with graying hair said stepping out of his car."
Turning, one of the men asked," Where is she?"
"She changed her mind. She's not moving in," walking towards the men.
"And you are...?
"McCain. I own the house."
"We have a signed agreement."
"That's something you'll have to take up with her. Best be on you way...trespassing and all."
"No problem," returning to their truck, setting it in gear, then beginning to roll back down the dirt road.

Strolling over to the field of flowers McCain stops, then kneels down. Eyeing through the flowers he catches sight of something. He smiles, then begins to laugh. "I warned her," laughing louder. "Yes I did."

- Story by Abbie Stewart
- Abandoned farm house, Nova Scotia, Canada.
- Photo by Matt Madden and Kim Vallis


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Meet Create Member +Bjorn Troch

"I'm Bjorn Troch, a social guy from Belgium with a big smile and 3 passions: People, Travel and Social Media. In 2010 I decided to combine my passions to explore a connected world."

+The Social Traveler was born...

"The past 6 years I've let friends and followers influence and shape my travels on the go. I didn't use guidebooks or search engines to get travel information once. It's all about connecting with people online via social networks and of course with people in real life."

"I also let People give me challenges and once I accept them I tackle them with the help of the community. Like this I cycled a tandem bike 5000 km across SE Asia with people I met along the way, hiked 900 km on Camino de Santiago, Drove a Royal Enfield motor bike across India, learned guitar driving an old VW van across Canada,..."

"On these adventures I learned that most people have the best intentions and they happily introduced me to their world and even invited me to their homes and lives."

"I share all my experiences, pictures, stories and videos on my +The Social Traveler page"

Bjorn is currently documenting his road trip on the West Coast of North America in his bright yellow Westfalia van named Rose. Follow his Collections to join him on his adventures:

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Four days to #Collections101
Save the date: 6/27, 8.00pm PDT (UTC-7)

What is Collections 101?
Want to learn how to create high quality Collections and increase your exposure on Google+? Collections 101 brings you tips on how to create Collections that stand out and insider strategies for creating great content from our expert panelists, +Noble and +David Amerland!

When is it? How do I join?
The event is June 27th, at 8.00pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). Anybody can join, just use this link to access the YouTube livestream on the day!

Got questions for our Panelists? Leave a comment below.
And if you haven’t yet, check out the Collections Community learn more about the event and Collections! 

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Reshare straight to Google+ more easily.
Reshare to Google+ in fewer clicks

As of today, when you hit the share icon on a Google+ post, you'll automatically be taken to a Google+ reshare of the post. Previously, users were given an option between Google+ and other social options. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of clicks it took you to reshare Google+ content on Google+. While there is no longer direct share capability to other social sites, copy/paste from the address bar in your browser still works just fine.

We hope this will make your experience here a little bit more seamless and thanks for the feedback that got us here!
Animated Photo

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Google+ Collection of The Week: Vintage Astronomy, Science & Art

This Collection from +Vladimir Pecha unearths cool and interesting pictures and tidbits from the past to pique the interest of readers.

In this photo, workers clean the inside of a rocket's liquid oxygen tank in the space division of General Dynamics in 1961.

Vintage Astronomy, Science & Art:

Interested in building your own high quality Collection? Head over to the Collections Community which serves as your one-stop shop for learning and sharing Collections on Google+. Submit your Collections here for feedback from moderators and the G+ team.

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Add #MountainMonday to your Google+ rotation

For almost six years, +Michael Russell has been running the +Mountain Monday project, which aims to display beautiful mountain photography here on G+.

If you wish to participate in Mountain Monday, post a photograph you have made of a mountain (or has mountains in it) - tag +Michael Russell in the post, and use the hashtag #mountainmonday!

If you're more of a spectator, just head over to the Mountain Monday profile and enjoy the cool shots!

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What do you love about Google+?

Inspired by an Earth Day initiative, +Nina Trankova, decided to start a Collection to interview her Google+ friends on what the platform means to them. Follow her Collection and check out these great interviews!

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#Collections101 Panelist: +Noble
Save the date: June 27th, 2017

We are excited to announce our first #Collections101 panelist, +Noble!

Noble is a senior technical product manager with over a decade of experience in shipping mobile, AR, and VR products that meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of users in the enterprise and consumer space. He is a Publicity Chair for Ubicomp and ISWC, two top-tier conferences for the internet of things and wearable technology. Noble’s highest engaging collections focus on Connected Things (IoT), Connected Mobility (Automotive Tech), and Wearable Computing for for consumers and Enterprise use cases.

What is #Collections101?
Want to learn how to create high quality Collections and increase your exposure on Google+? Collections 101 will not only bring you the basics on Collections, but also give you insider tips on how to create Collections that stand out. The event is June 27th 2017, at 8PM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). Stay tuned for our next panelist and more information about the live-stream!

Leave a comment if you have any Collections questions for Noble, and be sure to check out his cool Collections like this one about Wearables!

Also, visit the Collections Community to learn more about the event and Collections! 
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