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Hello World and welcome to the Google+ page. We are delighted to be part of the fast-growing community that has developed around Google+. This page will be a primary channel where we can directly connect with you, hear what you are thinking, and share with you new updates on the product, the community and upcoming events.

We’re just getting started, and we would love to continue the conversation here with the launch of pages - a great way to connect with brands, organizations, and businesses you love most.

A few of our favorites can be found within the shared circle below. For more details about everything about pages visit the Official Google Blog post:

Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about
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Nice!! Got some businesses to love on now.
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Wonderful! Keep on chooglin'... erm... Googlin'!
Perfecto!, excelente idea.

Contactos agregados
Glad to be a part of this -- as I was from day 1 - !!!
I would have added that circle... but.. its got Faux News in it!
when will you make it possible to remove what's hot on google+?
INTRUSIVE and so-facebook
it is weird to add a group /a page as if it were a circle ... no ?
Am I the only one to be disturbed by this ??

So one circle = one page ?
or multiple pages / groups ??

It is not obvious (and I am an early adopter...) +Natalie Villalobos
I already have difficulties to manage all my circles (73 circles !)
So here I am contrived to create a special circle named pages or groups if I understand well ?

where I will have a 1,n relations to other people sharing same interests as me
but with a continuous flow of notifications ... it make me feel dizzy
I pimp Google and Google accessories.. and I don't care who knows it. (: ♥

Thanks for the circle share; much appreciated.
Hello Brands!
I see Denis, Natalie, and the "verified" tag, so I guess it's real...
cant wait till my friends come join this thing
+Vic Gundotra How about a little small business love? I have been waiting for this moment since June, and any more anticipation is going to put me in a straight jacket.
Reporting this as SPAM since this "What's Hot" crap is being injected into my social stream with no way to remove it otherwise.
the button needs to be updated to "add these pages to your circles" :)
Y0 dawg, we herd u like Google+, so we put a Google+ in ur Google+ so you can share in Google+ while you share in Google+...
Google developers is not a page in here,, its someone else's profile. Please check it out guys
Awesome, also I am fond of turtles.
how can I differentiate... whether it is page or someone's profile
Fox News??? You gotta be kidding me....
We should have some way of id of yes no officially.
Congrats Google+ on your launch of Google Pages today!!
guys this is not a page... this looks like a profile to me
i'd rather not be opted in to a shared cirlce (or anything else that Fox News is part of...
I vote + Brands the hot topic of the day :)
Great news.
BTW "View people in circle"?Maybe it's better to change it to "View pages in circle"
So, eventually Google+ will give us the ability to create pages? Like Facebook has offered for a long time.
I am shivering with excitement. :)
Really nice idea. I would share the circles too, if wasn't for fox news.
I think the google+ page needs a google+ page for it's google+ page.
When will pages be available to create? I tried to create one and was told it isn't available yet.
does adding a page to your circle, count towards the 5,000 circles limit ?
When will it be released to all companies? You got my hopes up!
+Google+ On the creation process of a page it doesn't appear any of the Central America countries. We exist!
Page create is rolling out gradually! Thank you for your patience.
now that we signed up for this google plus...... do it have a filter? meaning take out the ones that is not productive and using alot of profanity?
Fox News, less credible news than Comedy Central.
Can you separate Peoples and Pages in Circles setting?. Now in one place called "People in my cricles" I see Pages and Peoples. I prefer to work with them separatly.
Google+ is on Google+ (and posts on Google+ a Google+ comment about Google+ which is on Google+). It looks like recursion to me. Maybe we will find ourselves to be into an infinite loop. But can we? We have to remember things between iterations in order to do so or else we will think that everything is new. I bet a static post will do the trick.
we have our company on google plus +John Smith , how we can to create perfil for companies?
Overlaying a div on the page creation form cannot stop us from trying it :P
Please, add a way to choose the default home page. I.e. to display all circle exept one : I like to have circle from people I know only online. But they produce to much post rather than the people I know IRL.
We're all Qassem Suleimani.
نحن جميعاً قاسم سليماني.
כולנו, קאסם סוליימני.
Nous sommes tous, Qassem Suleimani.
Wir sind alle, Qassem Suleimani.
Siamo tutti, Qassem Suleimani.
Мы все, Касем Suleimani.
ہم سب ہیں،قاسم سلیمانی.
Biz, tüm Kassam Süleymani konum.
हम सभी कर रहे हैं, Qassem Suleimani.
Είμαστε όλοι, Qassem Suleimani.
Vi er alle, Qassem Suleimani.
Lorem omnes Qassem Suleimani.
Sisi ni wote, Qassem Suleimani.
Сви смо, Кассем Сулејмани.
ما همــــــــه قاســـــــــــم سلیمانـــــــــــــــــــــــی هستیم
We're all Qassem S o l e i m a n i
برای کشتن این مرد باید از روی جنازه ی خیلی ها رد شوید
To kill this man should be denied many of the dead

مرگ بر منافق
مرگ بر آمریکا
مرگ بر اسرائیل
مرگ بر انگلیس
مرگ بر آل سعود
مرگ بر آل خلیفه
مرگ بر وهابیت

Down with hypocrites
Down with America
Down with Israil
Down with Britain
Down with Al Saud
Down with Al Khalifa
Down with Wahhabism

الموت للمنافقین
الموت لامیرکا
الموت لاسرائیل
الموت لبریطانیا
الموت لآل سعود
الموت لآل خلیفة
الموت للوهابیة
I was waiting for this for months...
Great job!!!
Will there be a Google+ app for Chrome soon?
Hey +Google+, please fix the issue with Photo Details. I can't see any photo details anymore.
Fox? Why would anyone in their right mind support Fox "ENTERTAINMENT".
This is great. When would we be able to create pages? I am a concert pianist and I would like to create a google+ page.

Thank you
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ، لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم
i make a circle and named it "William" and put in it my favorite pages , i want the posts from that pages to keep just in "William" not in my stream , how to do that , ty :)
+Justin Paglino It seems appropriate, since it is just "entertainment." Just as WWE (also in this circle) is to real sports, so is Fox to the real news. :)
See, All this "Down with America" craziness comes with Adding Fox News....
Fox News Must be the Yin to their Yang...
Why are so many Iranians comment bombing with Death to the West? Shut them the hell up. No one wants to see that shit.
+Shaun Lester We're taking care of it. If you see these comments please click the flag on the comment as Abuse. Thanks!
Phoenix Suns??? Waiting on you Bulls... where u at?
Google+ pages certainly hijack the entire home stream. Wish I could select what circles were in the main stream.
+Ryan Snook I agree with Ryan. Please let us customize the Stream with specific circles in it.
Sam H
Can you make it more iPod friendly?
I'm quite sure this is already on the radar, because so many people ask for it. Adding my voice to the chorus asking for more friendly URLs, especially now that brands are involved.
Very excited to see this feature finally available... 8¬)
+Google+ Is there anywhere to see a global listing of brands that have already created +Pages?
Why are you going to announce that "today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide" with a link that takes you to a page with a "Create Your Google + Page" button and that tells people that "Google + Pages Isn't Ready for Everyone...Check Back Soon" message when you click it? What a joke this has become!!!
Gee. What I always needed, Google. FOX news and Google Maps in the same circle.. Funny, I never needed to map FOX's BS before..
Okaaay... so if I do not watch broadcast TV-news or otherwise, shop local and am not a slave to brand names, do not give a rats rear about big business sports teams, do not eat at chain diners, brew my own coffee and tea, what is all the fuss about the new google+? Have a car do not care if anyone envies me rather they were happy with what they have...