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Case Study: How Mashable is growing with Google+

Excerpt: "Mashable has been using Hangouts, a live multi-person video chat tool, to meet their audience face to face, creating deeper interactions. 'I haven’t seen anything else like Hangouts in terms of crossing that barrier of really making a connection,' Megan says. 'I feel like it’s the deepest connection you could get.' "
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Hangouts is such the killer app. I need to do it more often.
Too bad they hate G+. I'll never forgive them for that "Google Execs Don't Use GPlus, so they don't care" nonsense.
People I know on fb say fb has 700+ mil accounts. What those retards don't realise is that its taken 7 or 8 years to get there. G+ currently has about 170 mil accounts IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR... I predict (and will bet real money) that by the time G+ is as old as fb, we will not only have double the amount of current fb users but fb itself will have died an agonising death.
I hope you're right +Andrew Craig I detest FB with a passion, although I do have an account I use it just to promote our site. I don't "use" it as such and always feel dirty after visiting it.
I personally went from 19 to 81 in my circles in just a matter of days just by interacting more.... Amazing.
G+ is the open minded liberal, fb is the close minded inbred cousinsisterdad
I'm having a hard time seeing the difference to be honest. I like it better than FB but not really impressed.
Yes, it`s much better than fb, but it isn`t so popular. My friends use facebook only.
+Nikola Tomic how are you measuring this popularity? If you look at the relative figures, fb was lucky in its first 3 or so years to have the same number of users as Google has attained in less than 1 year.
+Vernard Fields you, I think, have fallen straight into the Facebook minded "but none of my friends are on here" trap...I'm sorry but your friends ARE on here, they are called human beings.
+Andrew Craig I find G+ the network for people who want to find others from all over the world who are interested and passionate about the same things. It's people who are open minded to connecting in meaningful way with others.

The people stuck on Facebook are the one's who are fine with keeping their relationships to just those they have met in the physical world. Nothing wrong with that bu I find that as I change and grow, I'm growing apart from my real world friends who are all on Facebook.
I don't want G+ to be the next Facebook. I use G+ because it's not Facebook.
ha ha ha ! fny! cause i thnk fcbk is wyyyy btr den google or g+ or wat eva u called it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+shaeyh-shaeyh beibyie What's better about facebook? Nothing really... only thing its got going for it is the popularity... Once people catch on that G+ offers a whole lot more, they'll switch... :)
Exactly my thoughts +Jordan J. Caron I will freely admit I have a fb account, but as you said its mainly the people you know, or have known in the physical world and fb is ok for that (if nothing else) G+ is all of that AND everyone you don't know yet.
+Ryan Mills, apparently Facebook has people that can't spell, type, create full sentences, or use punctuation effectively.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
it sound sansetive lovely friends. join me at G+ bussiness wise.
I suggest Google buy WAZE. Or add those Waze functions to Navigation before it's too late.
I don't know I'm fairly new to G+ but I'm not really liking it 
I need a button to SHARE some posts with 'extended circles' OF ONLY SELECTED CIRCLES , can you please make this choice for us so we can create it in 'setting' or etc., please?!
G+. Ever since the recent UI update, the post/+1 notifications in the google bar no longer work properly. It almost always reads 0, and if you click on it, everything shows as having been read. However, if you click on the "read" posts, they will show you new replies. I've tried this on Windows, Mac and linux systems and it is happening on all. It is also happening on the android G+ app as well as the Chrome extension, so the problem has got to be on your end. This is a very important feature as it is available across all google products yet now it is no longer functional.

Please look into it.

+Google+ need help in hiding the chat bar on the right so that the stream takes the entire space?
Coming google+ Release a App creators some facebook? type some

Google+ have only for Games now not for apps.
Google plus is remarkable.Of all things,the plus one page is very useful.The whole thing is nascent and will evolve rapidly.
please: merge Google+ foto/video with YouTube/Picasa and merge Google+ Messenger with Google Talk (text audio and video)!! the same products with different names are creating confusion..
please merge +1 on Google Play with +1 on Google+ Pages!!
ps:integration between Gmail and Google+ is the way!!
integration! on account...the world in my hand! and add italy to country that can rent movies.. and buy music.. and read books!! :D
...and please integrate Google Drive properly when it launches .. :D
I really started using it just a couple of weeks ago because finally I understood WHAT the difference to facebook is: facebook is about people and talking with people...G+ is about sharing passions with don't need to know the people. What I really like is that I can join a conversation without having to introduce myself, without having to friend somebody I don't even know I want to be friends with and that I can leave the conversation if I don't like what I see without having to reject anybody. My eyeopener came with +Guy Kawasaki book "What the Plus". If you have people who don't get G+...that is the read that will help them understand, it certainly did for me.
+Gabriela Ehrlich - you are still missing something. Yes Facebook is for the people you know, while G+ is for the people you WANT to know, but there is a lot more to it than that. While facebook is only a social network, G+ integrates most of the important features of both facebook and twitter, adds some of their own and then has it function as a central hub for all things google (and to some degree android). G+ and it's features are deeply connected and integrated into lots of Google products, such as Docs, Gmail, Messenger, etc. No other social network has that, and it is important, as it allows you to use G+ for things such as personal past times as well as work (as in real work), all through the same account, while keeping your different interests segregated into distinct separate groups. G+ is FAR more than just a social network.

Of course it helps that this far G+ has remained relatively geek heavy and the conversations are usually thoughtful and in depth, which is something that you just don't see in facebook.
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