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By popular demand, we are excited to announce that Pinned Posts have launched for Google+ Communities. Owners and Moderators of communities can now pin any post to the top of the stream so members don't miss important posts. #googleplusupdate  
Moderators can now pin posts in Communities

By popular demand, Community Moderators and Owners will now be able to highlight a post in their Community by pinning it to the top.  The “Pin post” option can be found on any post in your Community.  The post will then be marked as “Pinned by moderator”, and Community members will see the post at the top of their Community stream until a Moderator unpins it.   This feature is rolling out gradually over the course of the day.

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Thank you, maybe we can get another way to organize posts. ;)
Whilst it does not make any difference for me whatsoever, I guess it is a nice feature.
This is awesome for school communities for grades! :D
Great, now I can have a quiz for a community - in order to join my community, you have to add a question to enter - very interactive! When I get a community, that is  :)
+Google+ Can you make it so we can pin more than one thing at once please?
Oh hell yes. Gaming communities are going to be bustling me-thinks :P
It would be useful to have a flush of the pins, thinking that the moderators can pin the best posts of the week/day/... but then reset for next cycle of newer bests.
If only the 'All' stream was actually usable, unlike the way it's been for a year or more :(
Okay, it’s the popular demand, but do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think the “About of the community” section was not enough? Do you think we really need to pin posts? I’m not sure it would be that useful.
+Google+ +Danielle Buckley  thanks! Now can we get more than one pinned post? I'm Ok with putting the rest as a one/two line summary in the "About" section of the community and having the 1st one in that section showing as the pinned post as we see it now (which would allow the moderators to organize that list)
Glad to see this finally. Much needed.
This feature kind of sucks. My favorite community's owner used this to pin a huge list (280 lines!!) of community rules. Between this and the community card that is always at the top already, I have to scroll down to see what's actually going on in the community. Can the peons who don't own the community please have the option to hide a pinned post so if it stays at the top forever we can hide it for ourselves?
Any chance of adding this to Google+ Pages as well? 
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please make it so you can pin more than one thing at a time!
Agreed. It would be helpful to pin multiple posts.
+Lunix Watt The "About community" section is practically invisible, and the pinned post makes up for it.
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