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A new version of Google+'s Android app is rolling out today with richer snippets from shares, hashtag support in the stream and more. Find it on +Google Play here:

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Today, a new version of the Google+ Android app is rolling out with a few exciting new features, including one of our top user requests: richer snippets of the stuff you share from web pages and other apps.

Now when you share a link from the web on your Android device, it will appear as a detailed, high quality blurb on your post. Check it out in the album below!

Other features to enjoy:

- Hashtag support in the Stream
- More bug fixes and performance improvements

Get the new app from Google Play here:

And as always, let us know what you think!

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Why isn't Messenger represented and working on the actual Google+ website? What's in the works for that?
Nice move but I can't wait to see the control of our page.
Thank you for the richer snippets!
I like the picture options in the G+ Messenger because of all the fine ladies that send me pictures.
I like the UI more for Messenger than for Google+. It also feels more like talking than chit chat, like the feeling I get when using an IM service. I do hope the two are fused in some way. It'd help clear things up.
Mine said updating, but looks the same to me. It's a Sony S Tablet, so maybe they don't get the new view. Sigh
APP2SD Support is long overdue. Thank you for including it. I can finally keep the app on my phone. If 5MB is still too big for you, i recommend the webapp accessible through
I still don't like that you have to actually open a post to mute, etc.
Also want to agree with +Broseph Riot Gayoso , why not just merge talk with messenger and make a unified chat client instead of having two that work differently. Now I message with Talk, Voice, and Messenger. Unite them.
I'm downloading it now.
Rich snippets from mobile. We asked for it, we got it, we love it.
Web app should learn some things from mobile app. It reads so much better...
This talk about methods of communication also has me wondering how +Gmail plays a part in all of this. While it may be insignificant or even stupid, would merging Gmail with these smaller clients be a bad idea?
Much needed improvements. Thanks.
What, no #whitespace ? I want a refund
Will it fill half my phone screen with whitespace?
Is there an option to open my business page within the mobile app?
+Brock Cusick Oh please... I can't count how many times I've heard an iDouche say their phone is the best in the world. Enjoy your iPhail
+Jeferri Lang That makes sense. What if they synced across the different services or something? Keep them seperate for one's individual reasons, but have an ability to sync conversations over. I think IM and email have to merge while tapping a bit into what a social network provides, and I see something like that in Messenger.
Appreciate the update but when will I be able to post to my business page from mobile...whether app or mobile web? I'll gladly take either. Until then, the utility of G+ is very limited for businesses.
Am I the only one trying who doesn't get word prediction on the mobile app in landscape? So annoying
Why is not promoted the development of a Symbian based client for G+. Only for Android (obviusly) and iOS. Google, the symbian-fans need an app. Java-based will be appreciable.
I'd love to try it out, but I'm in South Korea and "This item cannot be installed in your device's country." Strange. I didn't think this was a US-only release.
We need to re-design the application interface for tablet

I should receive creative touches borrowed from website design on the Web
My like just updated not too long ago :P
Will half of the screen be white too? Just like in the PC version?
Would like to see tablet version of app or website.
Sweet! I too, am on my way to Play :-)
Will we ever get a tablet optimized version? Also, it would be nice to be able to edit and copy text from posts.
Where is the tablet support? Clearly you are not following your own bloody business in so development. As usual the right hand is clueless about the left hand at Google. Also why doesn't the input text box in the app auto resize based on the number of lines in it?
Is it possible to add the possibility of changing the font size in the application of tablet
Is there a way to manage G+ Pages with the G+ App?
OK ,I will try it later.But the improvement is ......?
+Ryan Hill Indeed, I manage 2 small pages. I'm normally mobile since I got my Android, but I have to return to the desktop just for the pages. (Not Just something I think they should look into.
ah! and I see that one can now actually share an instant upload image when one starts from the notification press!
+Luís Rosales It's a big problem for me. I do almost all my social networking from my Android. Facebook and Twitter get updated far more than G+ because I can do them from my Android. Until +Google+ gives me access to my page from Android, my page here will only receive limited updates. For those who want breaking news updates, I tell people to follow my pages on Facebook or Twitter because I can't make those updates on G+.
Excellent. YouTube videos now embed properly in the post
I would love to have the G+ app remember the last post I read. So that every time I launch the app I don't have to scroll down to where I left off. Very annoying when it refreshes to the top.
Can I manage my Google+ Pages with my Android App?
Thanks for the update, but it interrupted a long post I was making and I lost all that text! You know how long it takes even to Swype! Ugh. Thanks tho!
"Now when you share a link from the web on your Android device, it will appear as a detailed, high quality blurb on your post. Check it out in the album below!"

So happy that will finally work!
Just downloaded, works great,
Throw it on Windows Phone 7 and I'll be less likely to use Facebook.
Excellent!!! now we are talking, first the web and now on mobile, Google you rock.
it would be nice if you provided a public api so developers can start making interesting stuff with g+
Dear Google team, can you please talk to Amazon and make the Google apps (G+, Maps, Docs, Calendar, etc.) available on the Kindle Fire? Thanks
more whitespace please....
+Google+ just a quick question... how do I manage my G+ page from the mobile app. Thanks
+Mattia Zarulli The new 7" Galaxy Tab 2 is going to be a mere $250. $50 more than a Kindle Fire is well worth the ability to have a full tablet with access to both Google and Amazon app stores.
PS. Thank you for making the mobile experience better than the online one, now I don't even have to fire up Chrome to use G+
Finally!!!!!!! Thank you Google+
+Paul Puey vis. your item #8 in fairness you can just share the URL from the browser. I think that's fair enough.
Hopefully, we will se a table app for G+ very soon?
Still the crazy sorting in Photos From My Posts. Why not by Date of Posting (Descending)? And still looks awful on Prime... I understand now why Android tablets susks in software, even after ICS...
Anyone got any tips on how to manage different pages/profiles from the app?
Still version with incoming stream is the best here, even if it is not working at all (like sharing photos).
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Hey may i ask where is the bar that i can playing +YouTube music while i'm G+? that's the BEST function i love in G+!!!
Are you planning a tablet-friendly version?
Windows 7 app? Hello?! Anyone there?!?!
Congrats on the update.

Swiping left and right to switch streams has become too sensitive now, though. It always happens involuntary, making it difficult to scroll vertically.

Nexus One on stock 2.3.6.
no good.. android 2.1 ... phone.. ahh no signin
In the next update it would be great if you could use instant uploaded photos on other pages joined to your account. At the moment you either have to download the instantly uploaded photos and then re-upload them to that page or, copy the photos from your phone and upload them that way :(
Would LOVE an iPad app. x2 option sucks.
Want a google+ app for iPad, will it ever be available? =)
Una publicacion repugnante de +Daniel Quiroga DEBERIAN CENSURARLA por que en Google+ tambien hay niños dos lesbianas comiendose los genitale que asco, y luego censurais cosas mas inocentes,es que no teneis dignidad.o¿que'?deberia haber un boton de quejas.
When will we be able to manage our Google+ pages with the Android app?
+Natalie Villalobos / +Punit Soni / +Vic Gundotra EDIT Posts is still impossible.
I would also like, if Pinch zooming is possible.
Please don't remove the New Notifications, until I actually read it.
As of now, once you open the Notifications and go back, and return, all seem to be read.

^^ this guy has no clue what he's talking about...
So glad sharing has been improved good job, thank you.

I'd like to be able to select the image and remove descriptions, as per the desktop app and I REALLY want the ability to update pages from the mobile app too.
Like the new Google+ - Except you left out the YouTube Bar feature

Is it somehow possible to get on the dsktop version of the chat a different icon for friends that are logged from mobile? (Like in gmail)
I wish you display full bleed photos and videos instead of wasting the #whitespace!! See 3rd Screenshot
Are there any more detailed release notes than just the following:

April 11, 2012

_Richer sharing from other apps or web pages
Support for hashtags in the stream
Bug fixes and performance improvements_
I would love to know if Huddle (or Messenger then) have become any more reliable yet. has any work got into fixing that application?
G+ really needs a tablet optimization. Is very uncomfortable!
Love the updates! Thanks for plowing forward with innovation after innovation. The thing I love about #Google is they never stop improving, and aren't afraid to take the risk involved in making a right angle turn in design! WTG Goog-sters!
Can not download from Google Play still shows older version at Finland why? And still waiting WP 7.5 app when u release it
The app looks great. I still find myself confused with Messenger. Chat inside G+ on the browser is integrated with GTalk, but on mobile, Messenger doesn't integrate with anything other than itself... and yet I can hangout with people via mobile or the browser without issue.

I would really like to see one holistic system for chat.
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