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Google+ Now Available in 60 Languages

Even more people around the globe can use Google+ in their native language. Go to to change yours, or let your friends know. /via +Mark Davis
Google+ in 60 Languages

Google+ is now available in 60 languages! We already supported 44 languages, but now even more people around the world can use Google+ in their native tongues. Now it’s easy to start a Hangout in Zulu [Qala i-hangout], share your favorite photos in Tamil [படத்தைப் பகிரவும்], or post about your weekend in Urdu [اس اشاعت کا اشتراک کریں].

To change your Google+ language, visit If some of your friends speak these languages, let them know to try it out!

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Will On-Air be rolled out to more people soon? Excited for the functionality.
A little confused, we see different languages already. What's really new?
+John Blossom this brings the number of languages supported to 60, up from 44.
Now that it's in 66 languages, will it change it's name??????
Omar Streete- just a dig at the rename of Google Huddle to Google Messanger & the Android Market place has now been renamed to Google Play. Google seem to rename more than release lately.
Anyone know how these numbers compare to other services? (Facebook, Twitter etc)
the media may want to talk privacy all the time but GOOGLE ROCKS!!!!
Great! Any word on when/if a G+ ipad app will be coming?
That is all well and good but where is the awesome Google+ tablet app that takes advantage of the larger screen. Have you seen Windows 8????. Get it together or Microsoft will eat your lunch!.
Where is my language Albanian (Shqip) :S
GOOGLE STORE, OR GOOGLE MARKET but google play dont make sense in some areas...and also this doenst work in Puerto Rico. i really wanted this.
I want to use +Google+ for Android not in Japanese locale and please do not offer "what's hot" in Japanese stream with stupid updates by showbiz idols and producers.
Very well done, +Google+! Now it's time to go for local trends and let the people know what's being debated and mostly mentioned in their native language. Give something to people to talk about. It always works
HOW can I change the names of the 'default' circles into English??? (I have already changed the master setting, but...)

nice to see many languages but SAD to see Nepali not on to the list.
Nice...........Happy to see Indian Languages been included..............!
+l.alex lazer: Did I miss something? I didn't look closely, but I didn't see Cherokee, Choctaw, Cree, Inuit, Algonquin, Iroquois or any of their related languages and dialects listed. I'd have set my primary to Cherokee just for the immersion factor trying to learn my ancestral language if I did.
+Paul Johnson Ok, allow me to explain. I'm a Google fanboy. I live in Google apps all day when I'm on the road driving my truck and my Xoom has replaced my laptop as my take to work device but if Google doesn't fix it's tablet apps my next tablet will be a Windows 8 device. You can bet that Microsoft, having watched how Apple has done it, will launch a really good selection of apps for it's tablet devices. Google just doesn't seem to get tablets. Compare Google docs on my Xoom to Pages on an iPad. Google docs is a joke. The Google Plus app is the phone app stretched out and all of that white space just looks ugly.

When you talk to Google engineers in hangouts there response is normally “What functionality are you missing?“. Google needs to realise that apps aren't just about functionality. People want a rich UI that delights them. Microsoft seems to have realised this and so far their tablet stuff looks awesome. I predict that If google doesn't get it together fast, Microsoft will eat up Androids tablet market share over the next 12 months.

Your thoughts on this please?. A considered opinion would be preferable to a snarky one liner ;-)
+Robert Strickland: Right, because, as we all know, Microsoft makes the most reliable, affordable products on the market and working with Windows never came back to burn anyone on cost of ownership or ease of use. How's that saying go... "Fool me once, shame on you... fool me 8 times..."
+Paul Johnson

You mad bro??

You're obviously a Microsoft hater and therefore incapable of giving a balanced opinion on this topic. I don't care much for cost of ownership. I do care that software looks good and is nice to use.

I am sorry to have troubled you :-)
+Robert Strickland: No, I'm just not gulliable. I mean, if you want to buy marketing hype, go ahead and buy software from Oracle, Adobe, or Microsoft or even Apple. But if you want reliable and affordable, good luck getting that combination out of the big four.

There's a saying in the software world: "You can do worse, but it usually costs more."
I don't just believe marketing hype. If I did I'd be an Apple fan right?? ;-). At home I run a mix of Windows/Linux Mint/Android. I'm impressed by the Windows 8 preview having put it on my old laptop. I'd like to use mint full time but hardware compatibility forces me to windows.

I see you are involved with open street map. I heard about the project on Floss Weekly. Being a trucker I cover 000's of miles a week. Is tbere any way I can help the project and how do I get started?. Pm if you want :-).
Speaking of translations: I wish I could mark people I have in circles such that their posts to my stream are automatically google-translated by default.
Really???? I've never met a Microsoft fanboy. I know Google fanboys exist. I am one :). I just feel constantly let down by google when it comes to tablet apps for Android. The iPad 3 gets iPhoto and iMovie. Where are the kick ass media tools for my Xoom??? :(. Why is there not a really good photo editor for my Xoom that intergrates with my Picasa web album???. Google needs to fix this...and fast!.
When will Tamil support come to our Android phones?
+Stephen Athey Google doesn't have much time. Have you seen Apple's figures???. Google needs to get it's tablet game together.
Hi +Google+ , I'd love a version in Esperanto and I'd be more than willing to volunteer as a translator, if you need that. :-) Google+ is now freely visible in China, as I see, and many of our fellow Esperanto-speakers in China would greatly profit from this.
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