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Create Your Own Google+ Page

+Dave Besbris and team report page creation has now rolled out to everyone, so head over to to start your own page for your business, brand, place or... anything that you think is amazing that the community will love.

If you are having issues getting to the page, refresh and show your browser who is boss. Looking forward to all your great ideas here on Google+.
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Is there a way to share management of a Google+ Page yet?

For example, can I add additional Administrators, or those who can post within specific page circles?
lol, "refresh and show your browser who's boss", I love it :P
I have created our companies Page, working great. But after I signed out and back on, I cannot get access to the Page again ??
How do you get back to admin your page once you have switched back to your personal account?
I have a little drop down arrow under my name at the top of the left column that says "1 page". Clicking on that gives me access to switch to my page.
Just tried it...getting "only certain people" message
How do I add other "admins" from my team to help manage the page?
Emanuele, Look in the top left near your photo, should see a drop down "x page(s)" select the drop down.
+Benni Tommy MM, if you go near your name you can fine a little arrow. If you click, you can find your previous page.
I'm also curious if there's a way to share management of a page.
Yeah would love to see how we can add other admins to the pages we create!
Just created a new page for my band in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Check out That's No Moon if you have an interest!
So are we going to see people using this to make fictional character pages like on twitter? (God Damn Batman is a particularly good one) you know, since we have to make regular user accounts with our real names.
Can you link it to your google place page?
It really looks cool. Yes you can link to the Google place, if you search by the name it asks you. I am looking forward to having the admin function though.
Set pages to "employment" would be cool :)
Don't share a link that takes me to a page telling me this is not yet available to me.
the organization that i created a page for already has a picasa and youtube page - seamless linking/integration of those other media services with this page (despite the fact that they are separate google accounts) would be fantastic.
+Daniel Newton the rules for using real names should be removed in the near future they have said.. Thought I believe that it in general is a good rule, I'm pretty tired of all those osama bin ladens on G+.
Are these pages linked to my account? As in can people see that it is me who operates behind it? Because I can see use for this to be about sharing some videos and keeping in contact with those people that watch my video's, but I don't intend for them to know my real identity, just that they know me by my nickname. I hope I don't have to create a page just to find this out and that someone can help me with this.

Also any news on adding nicknames to Google+ ?
an ETA perhaps?
I would think linking to your Google Places page is a feature that will be coming soon.
What if I want to add another admin to the page how do I go about doing that?
Business pages need to have more than one owner/admin/contributor.
have the same issua as +Eduardo Carrillo, started creating the page with my google apps admin profile, but ended to have it assigned to my private profile... any way to move ownership?
When making a company page by having "company inc." will it affect the new direct connect feature? Or should I just name page "company"? -Thanks!
How would you feel about people using pages as tags?

Instead of posting limited to family/work/hobby circles, and having to decide who should see what, I could post to publicly to pages, and let people decide for themselves what part of me they are interested in by following the pages.
+Jonathan Grubbs if you choose the first option (local business) in creating the page (and not the generic business one) it seems there's already a link with places
i am very happy this is finally here. i hope this brings companies into Google+
Would be great if you could assign ownership of a page to multiple people. That way instead of having a couple logins you could assign multiple people the ability to post as you business or organization.
+Paul Jr Castro No, with public sharing people get everything (if they follow you) or nothing (if they don't).
If I divided the content in pages, they could get just the part they want.
Circles does the same thing, except then I have to decide what they want.
Is there a limit to how many you can create? I'm looking to make my own page for my graphic design, but I'd also want to make one for a cause, and another for work, all 3 unrelated to each other. So it's not spam, I'm just an active, busy person :)
If I choose "Other", can I create a page name of whatever I want. For example, "Cheap Laptop Computers" or any other term which may be valuable from marketing perspective?
I've already created three and I'm not done yet.
I'm wondering how this works with businesses. For example, I am the owner of a company, but I'm wondering If I create a page from my google apps account, can I transfer ownership or delegate privileges? I want to keep the ownership to the company, not linked to my particular user account. Any suggestions?
I'm so excited that The Pride Network now has a home here on Google+ - I'm not sure how to share the page, but be sure to search for The Pride Network. We're a LGBTQ non-profit organization with lots of information to share, keeping you informed!!
Please get rid of what's hot... or put it somewhere besides the top of my page... or make it so I can minimize it by default. Kind of annoying. Kind of extremely annoying... Oh, and can you ban those dang idiots in your other thread please.
Maybe I'm missing something but I couldn't find anything in the help about copyright issues and what happens when somebody creates a page for a company that they don't have any formal link with. For an extreme example, can I create the Facebook page and what happens when Facebook complains?
Normal G+ pages are supposed to be owned by a real person. So if I have a generic corporate GMail address, I can't use that to create a G+ account which could then create the corporate page. This means the ownership of the G+ page has to be a real person who might leave the company later.
Is there a way to pull in my blog's RSS feed to populate my Google+ Page's Stream? Similar to what how I have my FB page set up to pull in my RSS feed?
Will we be able to update our page(s) from the Android app soon? For me that is a must… please do this better than Facebook!
Can everybody post on it or just you? Would be great when everybody could post on the page.. (or did I missed this function?)
Hi :)

Why do I receive the bellow message when I try to create a Page?
"Thanks for your interest in Google+ Pages, but we haven't finished releasing them to everyone. Please check back soon."

also, it would be awesome if the "youtube google hangout" feature could give me the option to link to a page i created/administer as opposed to my personal profile.

thanks g+, you guys rock!
Although it's tied to a user account, and it says it'll be public, does the user account remain private from the page, so you can keep your private profile and your public page separate with no public association to each other? The one I'd like to do for work should be just that, and I can't have / don't want the people that follow that page being linked to my private profile or know that I run it, since it's a brand and not me personally... this seems to be the case, but can anyone confirm that?
Is there a ways to add multiple Admins yet? I have the corporate page as the owner but I want to set myself and our ad agency up as the admins...
How others than just the owner can post on the page?
I keep getting an "Error changing circle memberships" notification everytime I try to add someone to my page's circles.
I am trying to figure out how to switch between using my personal profile and my page, any ideas?
Nevermind...I think everyone with pages should remember this important info right here: "Pages can only add followers of the page to its circles -- people must first add the page to their circles before the page can add them."
+Rach Espinosa Next to your name on the left of the page there should be an arrow where you can select your page(s) or profile.
Google+ Pages feels rushed. And why there's no Places integration is beyond me.
Are we gonna be able to have more than 1 adminitrator? Right now i cant find the way to add more and most of the time there is more than one person moving social media. Does anyone know? Thanks!
Nevermind... i just read its coming... the problem is that... i hate waiting :P
+Sandro Lonardi Indeed. It's really important that content ownership of the page can be shared among company employees and can be passed from one to another.
Looks like a BETA.. and feels like a ALPHA version
+Google+ +Google +Dave Besbris
so, when i'm trying to locate my business place, where is the name of my country in this list.. where is IRAN? what are we? from Narnia?? it's very offensive Google! why would you do that to us?? i'm NOT related to the government, why wouldn't I be able to even CHOOSE my country on the list??
I'm so disappointed.. I just wanted to create a page, and that's what i got :|
+Dave Besbris Beautiful... please don't forget for optional adding another administrator to the page - I founded page for our non-profit organization and I'm not sure that I will be available all the time
I'm looking forward to the eventual addition of page analytics.
I am wondering when Google is going to add groups to the platform. For me, having group functionality is essential. At the moment, the process of linking a group of people is cumbersome; you must invite everyone to a circle and have each of them create the same circle and invite every one else to that circle. Right now, I have to stick with Facebook, but I'd rather move completely over to Google +.
According to his staff, more than 3.2 million people have responded to the invitation at Billy Graham Crusades to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
+David Saintloth I had to log out and log back in to get the link to start working. Not sure if that actually fixed it or was voodoo, but worth a try.
Does anyone know if "pages" will be able to do Hangouts??????????
Would I use this for my band? Or is that something yet to come?
it could be fun if I could browse for currently available pages on g+, to see if there are some pages i'm interested in.
is jocking:|:|
can't add another admin in Google+ Page:|:|:|
is it possible to have more than one page under the same user name? anybody?
good news.
as always from Google.
but i think these G+Pages have to be more interesting.
with different "features" and "instruments".
it have to look not like personal pages, IMHO
wish you Good Luck there in Google.
Swamped my Feed with constant "Come and see my new Page"!
My business doesn't have a first name, a last name and a gender. Why on earth are these fields required?
+Pravin kevin, I just created a test page +JustForTesting (which I can't link for some reason, maybe to new :P) and I can freely switch between my main view and page view (and possibly more pages should I have more than one)
What about some funktions? Like that it's kind of boring..
On an other gmail account i have a G+ profile for my association which has been suspended some times ago. I just created the new G+ page for my association from the same gmail account. Do you know if i can delete my old association G+ profile maintaining my new G+ page?
Can we add multiple managers to a page? I can't find any way to do this.
Mine has been created here Circle, Share and +1 please!!!

What would be nice is the ability to add multiple admins to pages as well as being able to update our pages via G+ Mobile
I'm seeing "Error changing circle memberships." when I am trying to add some friends to the circle of a page I created. :( I get the same error when I try to add my personal Plus account to my Page's circles.

Also, is it possible to have multiple administrators for a Google+ Page?
+Dan Ostrowski You can only add users to circles who have added you first. You can add any pages you want, though.
Ahh, that makes sense! Cool. Still waiting on multiple admins, though.
we waited so long for this, thanks G
does anybody still wanna stay with facebook? hahahahha cooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
Google+ has a google+ page? Well there is one on facebook. Lets make sure that its only page by page. I don't wan't 5 duplicates of the same page.
Thanks Google+ team. Looking forward to the conversation.
Want moderation administrations feature.

Pages can comment but we can't know who is owner. This can be used to abuse.

My page +Naruto Anime

Where are RSS feeds for pages/profiles.
How about a different stream for Pages than the regular one? OR let us choose circles we don't want to appear in the main Stream...
Sweet. Interested to see how these badboys turn out!
I live in Barbados and that is not on the list of countries.......
Needed items.. Ability to add additional administrators.. A custom URL.. (eg. analytics.. verified accounts... and more detailed contact information
Chan Li
G+ page is not very cool ,nothing special feature
Just set up a page and am promoting it. Nice. Thanks for doing this and getting them so functional so quickly.
I set up a page today. I like how easy and user friendly it was to set up and edit my page. take a look by following this link.. peakaffiliategroup
Did you really just name them "Pages"? Why not "non-Facebook Pages" to make it more clear?
Chan Li
i just creat a test page , the circle feature is great ,but nothing other special features?
How come I'm blocked, the message says that it's not rolled out to everyone.
It's done. But I am not happy with the way you are scaling profile pictures, this is fine for photos but not acceptable for company logos etc., Facebook and Twitter have this done right, please fix it Google.
Yeah, we need add admins. Google+ it's AWESOME. I really like this
Are there any differences in functionality when choosing "Local Business", "company" or "product/brand"? I dont get the difference and all of those 3 fit my business so what should I choose or it doesnt really matter?
Makes me wish I had a business or product to promote :/
Why I can create a page which has the same page name with the one has been created before ? bugs ?
Having more than one administrator would be great, but I'd also like to see a way to transfer ownership of a page to someone else.
not out for Google Apps user though?
I don't know +William Lim I had the same thing happen when I got fed up waiting for the page to be created and refreshed the page - Google+ went ahead and created it anyway. I just deleted it...
Having difficulty adding people into my business page circles. Says that there's an error. Sadly it looks like this is not fully functional.
A few feature requests for our new podcast page for +Across the Nerdaverse - ability to add my co-hosts as page admins, a dedicated category under Entertainment for Podcast Shows and maybe some cool features like the ability to post polls.
This is great and adds a lot to the network! A comment that I would like to make, is that now that I can add certain pages to my circles, it would be really nice to have more control over my stream. I wish there were check boxes next to each circle in my stream so I could filter circles in and out of the stream. Especially now that I follow pages, my stream gets really flooded. Also being able to change what circles appear in my default stream would be really great. thanks!
So far so good - thanks for the great addition to the feature set of Google+
how to relogin to the page?

never mind, I found it
Are admins/page creators anonymous? Can we add other admins at this point?
Awesome! Will there ever be a way to use videos that we that we have already uploads in YouTube, for example have the ability to embed them or connect two platforms. That would so rock! I just feel like like upload it here when I can possible connect them both. I think that would also increase Google+ usage.
Question: What's the disadvantage of creating your Page in the wrong main category? Is there a way to change that without creating a new page?
+Jack Stull -- I'm not quite sure why you need other people to have the same exact circle as you for it to be a "group" conversation? If what you'd like is privacy so that no one in that circle can 'share' or '+ mention' others not in that circle in a private post, just use 'lock this post'.

I agree +Saadi Camcho, personally I liked the old favicon with just a + at the center.
+Dave Besbris and team report page creation has now rolled out to everyone, I understand everyone meaning it includes me. But it does not. I am not allowed.
ramya n
this is sooo coollll
How do I find Google+ Pages for different organizations or businesses? There should be a separate tab that lists all available G+ Pages. And/or the Circles tab should recommend G+ pages just like it recommends people today under the 'Find People' tab.
Wow..Finally. We need all those facebook cool features here in G+ now :P
Why is it only limited to 20 pages? My company owns over 30 brands and I'm stuck now.
Trying for that, but there are some technical issues...Hope i will enjoy my blog to ...
This is an awesome opportunity for all business owners.......nice..
My page followers are not visible, how to made them visible?
404. That’s an error.
The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
Another one asking to allow for multiple administrators/owners/managers for pages! It really would simplify managing pages of sport/cultural associations and events.
Another thing: pages for musicians must allow streaming of music somehow, otherwise they are missing something.... ;) - Thank you!
Is there a way to add more than one administrator to page?
Google+ you will dominate the web once you integrate Google Docs
Must have function !! Very Good !!
finally! Looking forward to localized language versions (I guess that is in post beta).
Why I cannot find my country???? It is frustrating!!! Where is Montenegro???
+arbni tefiki Yes. I love Google+ and all of the exciting new things on it...except for the logo.
I created my page yesterday...but don't know how to get into it again as the admin. I'm sure there's a button somewhere...
is there anyway i can add all the people in my profile circles to be add my Google+ page to their circles as a one time feature. This helps so that I dont have to ask all people who are in my circles to go into the page and add this page to their circles.
+Google+ I find myself wanting a well implemented and more deeply integrated Groups option - one that can show up in my stream - or show up under another tab.

Pages almost gets it done - except that only the page owner can start a comment chain (that would function as a thread).

Are there plans in motion for changing the current groups - or starting a parallel group system that works more closely with Google+?

(I looked for a better way to submit this and haven't found it - if someone can advise me to a better way, I'm very open the the possibility.
I would love to see the ability to autopost blog posts from +Posterous to +Google+. I'd use it so much more if I could easily share outside content.
please its so kind if you added posts for questions and votes .. Because its so intersting to know others ideas, choices and answers .. 
if i want to make my google+ page for my company.... should i do it from my personal account or should i make an account for my company like a person and then and the google page?
I have a google + profile wich I ve already learn how to use , is greate by the way , but now I ve created a google+ page and I can t edit or manage it . Whats the problem ? , cant a person have the two , personal and bussines profile ? . How does it works ? . Thanks
Come on Google. Pags are nice.
But everybody NEEDS to allow several persons as admins.
+Lustre y laqueado de muebles L-d-m-L-p yes, you can have multiple pages along side w/ your personal. Up top where you see your name you will see a downward facing arrow. Click it and select your page you wish to manage. You must do this again to switch to your personal page. Also you will not receive any notifications, etc. from your page unless you are switched to your page.

Google is leaving the end users all the power. A brand can not circle you until you have circled the brand first. Also if you uncircle a brand you are automatically uncircled from the brands circle(s). A brand can not join a hangout either. A brand may only start a hangout for which the end user may join. Also, according to Google's TOA brand pages can not run specials, coupons, etc. on Google+ Pages. (I think this defeats the purpose myself.)
Thanks , it was helpful . Now I m gonna try it but they look the same to me .

I was using my Google + profile for sharing and connecting whit my blog s readers , followers and visitors , I supouse now I can have a personal profile for people who know me , friends , etc and use tha page for my blog .
the black icon on the G+ was good. Why WHY did you guys change it??? Don't you dare change the icon in the android app !!!
How do i switch from my google+ profile to my page? im soo confused on what too do
Hi Tim you can find a small drop down button next to your profile picture where you can switch from your google+ profile to your page and back from page to your profile... hope this helps you...
I have a few questions.

How is it that I can just go ahead and create a page for any company or organization? Where is the accountability in that? And what can be done about duplications, that is multiple pages for the same company!

If a google plus page can be searched by preceding a + to the company's name, why not do the same with personal profiles?
there is no country for Costa Rica. how can i create a page for a hotel located there?
+Google+ is getting more and more diverse. I now have a personal profile with my "real name", the ability to add a non-human entity via pages, and the trouble of dealing with a Google apps account at work and another at school that keep hounding me to join Google+. Well I certainly don't want three personal profiles. I want one. Especially if they have to be publicly searchable. Imagine if my name was John Smith. People would wade through all the others and still have to pick one or all three of my personal profiles to circle.
+@everyone- I really need help on creating a google+ page. I want to make one but, I don't know what I'm going to do it for and about. Can someone help.

Sorry for my english if it's wrong!
yu can now, just sing in as a page, go to setting in your right sidebar, there is only one, you cant miss it, then second tab you will see managers, here you go, good luck, give the administration to somebody else ;)
How do i post messages on my wall 
And is there a way to create a private page, which content would only be visible to specific circles or people invited by page administrators? Just couldn't find it in the settings...
How do i delete pages which multiply?
Add a comment...