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Improving the look & feel of Google+ on the mobile web

Quick update for those accessing Google+ from the mobile browser:

- Posts now appear as “cards” in the stream, making it easier to read, +1 and re-share them.
- We've also redesigned the Profile and Page experiences to include cover photos, larger tap targets, and much more.


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The mobile version could be improved a little more: I'd like a little more space between items. Sometimes it's hard to tell which update belongs to whom, if you catch my drift. Thanks.
I'm beginning to realize that I can't fool myself this time. I have always preferred you and bragged about you when talknig too Facebook fanatics but simply can never get used to this multi column layout   And on the other hand the, the optional single column layout has such a lot of deficiencies. Please improve the single column mode. I so want to stay in here!
You also broke the width somewhere along the way :) it's now always a tiny bit bigger than my device's screen width. And it won't allow me to zoom out. (started around 2 weeks ago)

looks good otherwise!
I really like the simplicity of the new G+ layout, at least for the MacBook Pro. Very very nice, crisp. And the photo enhancement is wonderful. That being said, I'd like the single column, too.
Double column works and looks great for me on my MacBook.
Go ahead, keep screwing it up.  You know the old saying, if it's not broke...
I love G+ only been on a few months but come on here more than Facebook. My big problem is my ex partner has set a web site up about me calling me and horrible pics iv informed police but they say G+wont give ip address to get him arrested (iv got 3 restraining orders) iv flagged it 4 times but it still on here. My son is 10 and I really done want him to see it could you please tell me how to get rid of it. Please help thank you 
Stop trying to improve g+ and bring back talk....... please.
Also this new hangout is putting ppl at risk as my ex can join my chat and also obtain my phone number pls sort the problems and keep your users safe 
+Era Iris you can do that through your profile page, i think, also try checking your g+ setting through the wrench icon in the top left (on the desktop browser) 
Google should make a "Plus for everyone" app in the same manner facebook made the Java based "facebook for everyone" and threw it on every age old phone out there and dominated the eastern masses :3
I'm sporting a Samsung Ativ S running Windows Phone 8, with a 4.8" screen and the G+ mobile site is still too wide. What's up with that? I shouldn't have to be panning a mobile site with a screen as big as the one I got! Please fix.
+Margie Hearron its basically severely crippled. I don't know if they've noticed, but mobile browsers have come a very long way. Give the users of G+ on other platforms a proper, sully functional mobile site. You already refuse to build an app for the millions and millions of potential users.
Luckily I do not have to update the app, so I can stick with what works. What a waste of screen space.
i hate new g plus bring back the old one
I like the new UI, but two requests: 1) I'd like it if the sidebar appeared any time your mouse pointer bumps the left side of the page instead of having to hunt for the upper corner. 2) I'd like it if you could close a picture simply by clicking off instead of having to hunt for the tiny little X in the corner.
Can someone explain to me how the google+ can show more than 170,000 google+ on my blog post?  I cannot find where this would have happened.  It is amazing and frustrating to
I know it's not via the browser but the new app (21/5/2013) force closes every time I try to install and run it, I'm forced to restore the previous version from Titanium Backup.  SGS3.
Matt EH
Can you fix non-mobile website? It's like a slow ass Pinterest now. Revert it back! 
I love everything! I'm actually enjoying a social network again Thanx to this update 
Vern C
I don't seem to get notifications until I'm in the app. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of notifications? 
Since last thursday, I did not touch any computer.
Today I open G+ android and wow, I said. I like the new look, the computer version too. Good job Google, keep the run!
I just tried to set up messenger on my android and couldnt even find the app.  So I logged onto google+ on the pc and spent an hour trying to find it there and got lost. Finally I go thru Google+ on the phone and somehow forced an upgrade and now Im lost.  Ive really never seen anything so confusing in my entire life.  Friends, Circles, Hangouts, Extended hangouts, what is all this stuff???   All I want to do is send a message to someone in what used to be an awesome and fast messenger, which used to be in gmail.  Now I cant find it online, it doesnt log me in on my phone, and that is what a friends phone is showing me, offline...  So sad.  Something that was halfway decent has been destroyed.  I'm in the process now of removing all the garbage I just put on the phone.  I really cannot believe how far this has gone and to be honest, its just terrible.
I like Google +, but on my iPad the pictures are really too big. I can just see 3 post in the same time so i always need to scroll :(.
Do we need to see full pictures all time? I prefer to zoom if i need and be able to see more quickly more publications. What about you?
Biggest problem for me is lack of communities access - that's the bit I use most on G+!
Where is COMMUNITIES??!  Apparently not a high priority item for developers.  Of course I also want to see everything else +Margie Hearron listed above.  Edit Post / Edit Comment are tied for #2 on my list.
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