Join Face the Nation in a Hangout at 4pm GMT Friday
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+Face the Nation will be hanging out Friday at 11 am EDT (4pm GMT and 8 am PDT) to continue their discussion of the 2012 campaign, and whether the Hispanic vote will play a critical role in this year's presidential election. Drop a comment on their page if you have questions you'd like them to cover.
Looking ahead to the 2012 the Hispanic vote key to a presidential victory?

We'll continue our Google Hangout series TOMORROW AT 11AM EDT, when CBS News Political Director John Dickerson will host a conversation on politics, immigration and Campaign 2012.

Join us on the Face the Nation Google+ page tomorrow at 11am EDT, and watch for highlights from the Hangout on Sunday's broadcast.

What questions should we ask? Post them here and on Twitter @facethenation
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