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Turn the volume up! (or down)

Want to make sure you never miss a post from your family? Tired of all those posts from co-workers clogging up your stream? Go the the appropriate circle stream, then use the volume slider in the top right to control how much you see from a given circle. Move the slider all the way to the right to get an email every time someone in that circle shares a post with you. 
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I hate to be that guy, but we'd like this for the community posts in our streams too.
FWIW, I set the "What's Hot" slider to "nothing" months ago, but it showed up in my stream again earlier today; I had to reset the slider again to get rid of it.
Any plans to add this functionality to the mobile applications? Or to replace/augment email alerts with push notifications in the app itself, similar to what happens when you are mentioned in post? 
It would be great to be able to turn the volume up (or down) in the communities. :)
As mentioned, this really needs to be added for communities.  I love it for Circles, but having no control over the frequency of community posts showing up is making Stream viewing difficult.  Lack of fine-grained control over that volume is one of the things that drove me away from Facebook.
And also add individuals too. I like that one guy and he is in my work circle because I do work with him but really don't want to hear about his cats... 
I want Volume-Sliders for Communities and Saved Searches, too.
I would love to see this feature added to Communities. I would stay involved in more of them if I could get those posts out of my All feed.
Or just don't follow your co-workers. Problem solved! 
Kathy G
I keep the coworkers on Facebook where they belong.  G+ is where I meet and interact with interesting people.  Not that some of my coworkers are not interesting, but there is life outside of the workplace. But then again, having this option for individuals and communities would be a good idea.  
This is a great way to control your streams and manage your G+ time.  I have been using it since they turned it on.  
Another "You Can't Do This On Mobile" feature... I'm underwhelmed. 
I am in love with google plus features but what my friends are not like to come on google plus for me...................Still i am trying to make it my place.................................Thanks google for giving me this beautiful place 
Would it be too much to ask for only Google+ notifications and NOT Gmail messages as well?  If I'm in Gmail I can see the notification ticker anyways and it's a bit of a hassle to filter and delete emails I don't want to begin with.

Adding a notification-only option would be a minor but greatly appreciated update.
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Ugh how do I filter spammy, teen angsty, Tumblr memes on What's Hot? 
Just wondering, anyone know how to turn back on push notifications? I accidentally turned them off when I first got the app, and I've been wishing I hadn't recently
Did this for one of my circles... worked for about a day or two and then stopped giving me any notifications
Should also be able to do this on an individual level, not just circles.
Why Google turn this feature for circles first? Why not community? Answer: Because this is something that Facebook cannot copy.
Almost useful ... who uses G+ on desktop?

I hate G+ on desktop compared to my tabby.
+Brandon White I would say the exact opposite, I love the desktop experience, and dislike the tablet interface. However, everyone is different, and I guess that's why Google develops different versions for different pieces of hardware.
How does G+ determine which community posts show up in my stream? For instance I'm a member of the Nexus community and I only get occasional posts from there showing up in my "all" stream. Is it based on the number of "+'s" or comments a post gets? 
+Vic Panegasser I don't think there is a way to adjust this yet. There is a way to disable posts in your stream using the settings page, but I agree, it would be nice to have this control on communities and circles.
Yeah, I wish there was some transparency on how something shows up in our Streams...that is, what the semantics of each slider position are.  None and all are obvious, but everything inbetween not so much.  But thanks for the feature, it's at least useful for those two settings.
This os alright u can share and check out whats new at the sane time 
I added some people to a special notification circle, at first email notifications worked fine but now they don't show up...
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Communities need a setting like this as well.
Just make the communities not appear in the stream anyway. If I'd want to read their news, I can visit them whenever I want. 
Yes indeed. What's the fox opinion?:-) 
Now let us do the same with the communities!
I would love to see a tree structure in the comment section. The way it is right now is too confusing.
best practice

use 5 circles (0 - quiet, ! - calm, !! - normal, !!! - loud, ♩ - notify) and adjust the 5 loudness settings to these 5 circles and set all other circles to quiet. now sort everyone into the !! - normal circle by default and watch your stream. if someone is too active in your stream, just move him into the ! - calm circle. when you want to read more from someone, move him to a louder circle.

use these 5 circles to control your stream. other circles like "family", "freinds", etc. are just used for sharing from now on.
Seems great !!
Thank you !

I give you another idea: would be nice if I can set a custom sound on each circle/community...
It would be also pretty awesome to have sth like this:
"Circle Friends except Thomas Test" e. g. to organize birthday parties.
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What I'd like to know is why any limited posts I make no longer show up on my Google+ Home page, as of several weeks ago. They'll show up on my profile page, and of course people in the appropriate circles will see them, but I can't see my own limited posts except on my profile page. That seems a bizarre switch to me, considering that this didn't use to happen before
It would be nice to have a filter for the Explore Timeline, to exclude topics I'm not interested
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Sure wish we could turn down the volume on individual users, not just circles.
And was this feature buried in the redesign? I can't find it anywhere.
What would be waaaay better is if you could provide volume control on individual accounts, rather than circles.  Sometimes you want to "follow" someone and they belong in a group, but you don't want to turn the entire "follow" group's volume down.  
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