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Goodbye Google+ Photos, hello +Google Photos!

In May, we launched Google Photos as the home for all your photos and videos. With Google Photos you can store unlimited high quality photos and videos for free, find photos fast, and see them organized by what matters to you. Plus, you can bring moments to life and share anywhere with anyone.

In an effort to ensure everyone has the best photos experience we can deliver, on August 1st we’ll start to shut down Google+ Photos -- initially on Android, and soon thereafter on the Web and iOS.

If you’re still using Google+ Photos, now is a great time to make the switch. You may have seen a prompt in Google+ Photos on Android with a link to download the new Google Photos. Don’t worry, all your photos and videos will still be saved and available after you switch to the new, stand-alone Google Photos app. With the new app you’ll still be able to backup, edit, and share your photos and videos, with unlimited storage, automatic organization, and more.

Download the new Google Photos today for uninterrupted access to all your photos, videos and albums.  If you don’t update to the new Google Photos, Google+ Photos on Android will soon stop working, but your photos and videos will still remain safely stored and available via or for export using Google Takeout.

Get the Google Photos app for Android
Learn more about these changes:
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What about the editing features of Google+ Photos? I feel like a lot of possibilities will be gone with Google+ Photos...
I must say, the photo editor feature in the new +Google Photos  is sad compared to the +Google+ photo editability… I already use Google Photos but when I want to edit a photo then Google+ Photos is the best and more complete... the closest features to +Snapseed !
Please add Chromecast functionality to the Photos App. :D This feature is missing when you upgrade.
The new application is little more than a vehicle for demonstrating an impressive search capability. The implementation of at least the most basic features of an actual photo management app would be nice, before the only choice becomes going and finding something else.
What about Google+ Pages? How do I get an account for our Google Plus Page on Google Photos? 
+Google+ Here is my experience. This week I wanted to create an album of my past year playing +Ingress. I tried using the +Google Photos app and to my disappointment I could not make an album in any logical order - not even chronological. I tried making a Story but was limited to a 30 day span of time. I was looking for another photo service to switch to when I lucked into a Help topic pointing me towards the old Google+ Photo URL. There I was able to organize my photos in any order and easily add captions. If you take this functionality away for good I WILL NOT BE USING YOUR SERVICE. Plain and simple. Auto Awesome is amazing. Your Assistant is intuitive to use. But if I can't choose the order that photos in an album appear, what is the point? Please reassure me that this will be kept...
Hopefully the continue to bring some of the features of Google+ Photos over. Organizing and Album for one. I don't see a way to organize them in the order you want or by like date in +Google Photos .

Side question. When you post an album of photos on Google+ or a single photo, where will those be saved at?
+Google+ can you please fix the new app first?  To at least include the basic functions of the old Google Plus?  Which of course never had the functionality of Picasa!  And yes I did send a lot of "feedback"!
I am waiting desktop uploader for google photos using ubuntu linux.
Worst of all, Google photos take up all your phone space. It had taken 23GB and I had to delete the app to free up some space.
How can I view PhotoSpheres, how can I tag my friends on photos, how can I reorder photos in album? Google Photos is nice demo, but many useful functions still missing :(
WTF?? PhotoSpheres are still not working in Google Photos. How can you make the switch to such a half-finished product?
The new photos app is so extremely limited that it's not practical for much of anything.

I hope someday someone writes a tell-all book about what is going on inside +Google that leads to things like this. For the life of me, I am completely baffled! How many photos interfaces is Google going to build and destroy?
Yes +Google+, as others have mentioned, please don't kill it until the full editor and PhotoSpheres are available. I like the new design, but it's not an upgrade overall.
Yes on the desktop certainly I revert to using Google+ Photos as there is functionality missing on the new Google Photos. First make sure the new product is the same or better, before discontinuing the old one.
Marcel Soika
Hope to see all editing options that would make Google+ Photos so great in Google Photos. Especially auto-optimizing!
i need also an Option to deleate all the duplicate photos that i've uploaded twice
How long will it take until links to Google photos will open the Google photos app on the phone? This is really annoying me.
What about sorting in Photos? Unable to order anything when want post. 
For me, the biggest problem is not just that the photo editing capabilities are much worse. I can always run Snapseed manually.

The biggest problem is that Google removed Auto Enhance, and replaced it with something inferior.

(I'm not taking about Auto Awesome. That's still there.)

I've tried both "auto" features, and Auto Enhance from Google+ wins almost every time. It automatically smooths out skin tones, removes red eyes, whitens teeth (!) and centers the vignette on the actual faces present in the pictures. It looks subtle rather than over processed. And it practically never fails, or makes photos worse. And you could have it automatically enhance every uploaded photo.

The new Google Photos just makes all photos look over processed and pseudo HDR. It's not nearly as good. Also it frequently makes photos worse than the originals. And it's not automatic, like Google+ was. No, now you have to edit each photo manually! This is no improvement. It's just stupid.

Please make Auto Enhance available in the future. It's easily the best photo feature Google ever invented.
Taking away (from G+ Photos) the ability to reorder photos in an album is stupid and will move me away from the product. Put it back for the new Photos.
Chromecast support is missing on Google photos. It would be very useful when Chromecast is supported.
Hoping you will address this crucial point: The G+ photo-editing tools are vastly more sophisticated than the Google Photo equivalents, and I would hate to lose all that power. Will I? Please say no.
Peter Keefe
Photospheres, Chromecast support, auto enhance are just a few of the features that make Google+Photos still necessary. Please port these over and then we'll happily switch :-)

Another feature I've been craving for is ability to search for an album by title. We can't do that yet, despite Google being a search company.😵
Sean S
Google Photos ruined the way albums works.  It has become unintuitive.  Now Google Photos treats duplicate photos as a single photo.  So if you have an identical photo in two separate albums and you edit it in one album, it gets edited in another album.  Photos in albums now just points to a single photo.  
Ok, can somebody tell me where in this new google app are:
-album enhancing options
-people tagging
-most interesting photos (not really fan of this functionality, but it's still missing)
-reordering photos in album

Am I missing anything?
Sean S
So will there be additional features to Google Photos after the switch?  How will we view "Photos from posts" photos, profile photo album, etc.
It's also impossible to see photos from autobackup. I used to sort through the #autobackup list, removing them from there as I'd added them to albums (or deleted as blurry/dupes). Doesn't look like this is going to work in GP, so gonna have to find somewhere else :(
How about bringing over all the missing G+ Photos features before you shut it down?  Auto Enhance was the best thing about the service, and you took it away.
Lots of sizzle but no steak... you had a HUGE opportunity to make this a functional AND slick app, and instead you chose to leave out functionality. The old Google + Photos was barely functional to begin with, but this is worse. Sugar coated shit is still shit. I'm thoroughly disappointed by this. 
+Google+ - Are looking at these comments? There is a pretty strong consensus! Google needs a photos system that is at least plausible in terms of basic features. +Google Photos is a significant step backwards, to the point were a lot of people are shoved to go elsewhere, just to do the most rudimentary things. 

And people won't be back. +Google wildly underestimates the damage done by constant re-invention, menu churn and the removal of core features, especially among the less sophisticated crowd. Those people will try it once, and won't be back.
Currently, the only way to edit geolocation and dates (to correct them) is to make these changes in the Google+ photos interface; will that functionality become available in Google Photos, or will we lose that capability once Google+ Photos is gone?

I have a lot of location and dates incorrect in my Google Photos uploads (from the batch upload process, I believe), and have been trying to correct those as I notice them. I'd hate to lose this ability. Thanks! 
what's going to happend whit all my photos i already upload. i saw there is still a space taken from my total storage in google, even i said to the back up in the new service, should i download to keep my original resolution ?
I am moving all my albums to Flickr or Facebook. You can go f yourself for marketing such a terribly terribly inferior product. So many bugs and so many features missing. Shame on you +Google .
Sean S
Since the launch of Google+ I was hoping that Google+ Photos would become something like flickr or other photo hosting sites.  Then the same with Google Photos.  This never happened. Google Photos needs to be like flickr or better in terms of managing photos (rearranging photos in an album, adding geotags, etc.).  
They even took away the ability for others to explore our albums. 
What?! There are so many things missing on the new google photos site. Highlights, a functional album view, making any changes to exif/meta data, the robust editing features of Google+ Photos. They really should keep it up on the web until they reach some level of feature parity (at least let us change the date on photos). Picasa Web Albums is still up goodness sake.
+Surya Bhattarai Because you aren't syncing them. My Note 4 doesn't have any pics locally but they're all in my library in the cloud.
Sean S
I haven't uploaded any albums recently because  I'm stuck on whether to continue using Google Photos or move to a new photo hosting site.
As a fan of Google+ Photos, I hate to say that I may have to go to Smugmug which offers more control over your photos.
Please read these comments +Google+​ (and +Google Photos​). The new Google Photos has many good points but for previous users of Google+ Photos it is lacking in many important areas, as shown by the number of negative comments on this post. Chromecast, photospheres, photo sorting, metadata and image editing, people tagging, etc are not as good as before, or missing entirely.
Ryo Cook
+Google+​ I beg your pardon, but this is insane. Stopping Google+ photos without bringing Google Photos on par in functionality is a big mistake. I can't believe it. This will make some people I know stop using Google for photos and Google+ completely. This is a catastrophic scenario.
Google Photos is not nearly there in terms of features. 
It needs auto awesome / auto enhance and timestamp editing. 
Pat Kight
While I'm not particularly change-averse, surely +Google+ is aware that many, many photographers engage in collaborative projects, competitions and mentorships here which are currently built around albums. Some last for months or an entire year. These have typically been built around Albums and the ability to organize images within them thematically (and not necessarily chronologically, share (or not share) them with specific groups of people and then make them public once the project is done.

This feels a little like pulling the rug out from under some of your most loyal power-users...
Still a half baked product, need Meta data editor, Chromecast support and photospheres.......
Bye bye Google? I hope this changes in the next couple of weeks, or I'll have to look at my options.
August 1 is the shutdown of G+ Photos for Android.  

Photos uploaded by the Google Photos app are showing up in my Google+ Photos web at this time.  Hopefully the August 1 change won't break this.  

And also hopefully, many of the useful features of Google+ Photos web interface (album sorting, Snapseed editing, etc) will find their way over to the new Google Photos web before Google+ Photos is retired.  
+Google+​​​​​​ +Google Photos​​​​​ To be honest, the first passage of your Post shows the only thing I like about Google Photos, which is the unlimited space, but also two things I don't like. I can't really share the "Moments anywhere with anyone". The Chromecast support is missing. That is one big problem for me. That is why I only have Google Photos on my Tablet, but still the old Google+ App with Photos on the Smartphone. So please bring Chromecast support! The other bad thing is this kind of organisation and searching functions. You might be excited about it, but I am not. I don't usually think " oh I would like to see all the pictures of dogs that I have". I want to see some specific "events" most of the time, which I like to organise in Albums or Folders. Furthermore this new search feature doesn't work properly. When I search for "wedding", I don't only get photos from weddings, but also from business events. Not every photo that shows smiling (happy) people wearing Suits/Ties or Dresses belongs to a wedding! I don't even have the possibility to change the " label" (maybe that could help your AI to become even better). For me personally the editing functions are not necessary, but I can understand that there are people, who like to use them.
So, in the End, Google Photos is far away from being an exciting experience for me.

What would be the reason that you can't tag people anymore? Are you getting rid of Google Plus altogether piece by piece?
I shouted because Google will not respond to comments on this post. You must send feedback via the correct link.
Bad idea. I NEVER do anything with my photos outside of Google+. I guess +Google+  just wants to stop using their service all together. Too bad. It was fun while it lasted.
Others have said this before, but...  Please implement Photo Spheres (along w/ other missing features) in Google Photos before turning off Google+ Photos.
I hate to say this but I think my time here at Google + has finally come to an end.  When Vic was around it seemed they got everything right.  Ever since then this place is going downhill.  It's a shame but I am honestly considering activating my Facebook page back on.  UGGGHGHGHGH!  :(  Flickr already has the bulk of my pictures.  I'll just have to go back with my tail between my legs and explain to everyone that Google Plus wasn't as awesome as I had POSTED it to be.  :(
I miss in the new Google Photos the possibility to set afterwords the GPS coordinates, the function is no longer there. Also the possibility to sort the images is missing.
Google + fotoattēli ir ērtāks.

fotoattēli esošam albūmam tiek pievienoti APAKŠĀ !, nevis sākumā. Lai katru reizi paskatītos albūmā jaunās bildes jāritinās garām 10000 bildēm ?

Kopīgotam albūmam kā var mainīt kopīgošanas opcijas ? NEKĀ!

Nerādās fotoattēli no Google Disks  !

Kāpēc katru reizi izejot no fotoattēliem skatoties KOLEKCIJAS ,ieejot sākas ar visi fotoattēli !

Kolekcijām ir NOSAUKUMI bet jūs tos nerādat pie visi fotoattēli !
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't get rid of Google+ Photos. The new Google Photos is soooooo limiting. You can't comment on photos in albums. It will devastate mentorship and other communities and ruin the +Chrysta Rae scavenger hunt. I've already seen problems with the new system. I have sent feedback before finding this post. You will effectively kill the Google+ photography community if you do this. (P.S. I have no interest in using your photo cloud service. I have other methods of storing my photos.)
copied my comment here as Feedback in the App. I hope that won't be classified as Spam by google ;-)
And where will i find the hangouts albums i share with people? I care about them
People have already posted about all the missing features so I won't go over them again. I just wanted to add my voice and say how terrible of an idea this is. At least add all the functionality then announce its going away. 

Unfortunately Google is starting to become known for this kind of behavior and its becoming very hard to talk people into using their services when its always in the back of your mind that they might shut it down at any moment.  
Google is creeping slowly to posses your soul. Once you've signed up, they know your emails and then your address then tracking your pinpoint location if you use G+ and then your credit card if you use Google Play or Google Wallet, then your photos if you use Google Photos, even your heartbeat, your steps if you use Android Wear. Really it's convenient to go back to Nokia dumb phone. 
I will be highly disappointed if we lose the current Google+ Photos. I originally signed up for Google+ because of photography groups that will now have to find another venue once the change is made. Please reconsider this change!!!
Sad times for photographers on Google+
I think the worst of all is that the new functionality does no longer allow comments on photos. And you will lose all comments that you or others ever added to your photos. Just gone.
I spent hours typing text with each shot, for over 20000 pictures, so when friends look through them, they know where I were and what I was doing there etc. Gone.
Understand, I am not crying for the old app, but for the comments.
Please don't take away what we already have set up. It is perfect. We need to be able to comment and share ALBUMs to certain groups and let them comment. Please leave the old option up as well. It works.
G+ Photographers will have to seek out another way besides G+. Any ideas? What about ello? 
The Stanford geniuses don't always get it right, and they dropped the ball this time, too.
How do we comment on photos? What happened to ask the activities that have sprung up using the older album system?
Even Facebook has albums that you can share to private groups... and G+ will not be able to do this anymore? I have been in many G+Mentorships for Photographers and the core is sharing albums privately to the community in a certain order... I have not found a way to do this in Google Photos!
Sad for photographers on Google. Please don't change it. 
To ALL who are concerned with editing in +Google Photos . Look here:
AVIARY is a specialized, intuitive editing app, that has pretty much all you need or had in your +Google+ photos, possibly even more, except for the album problems that I read about above, but I'm talking EDITING ONLY. It's so very easy to get to. Open a +Google Photos . , that you want to edit then tap the SHARE icon and your menu comes up from bottom and AVIARY is right there on the top row. Tap Aviary and you are immediately in it's editing app, in fact the editing tools that came with Google+ photos are almost exactly the same, except Aviary has more and it's a FREE APP in the play store. No I am not an Aviary staff person in no way shape or form, but I'm a huge Photog and I LOVE editing my photos. I do not share many at all on Google+ so you will not see that if you go creeping in my profile but I do have a ton of them on FB. You are welcome to creep there. 😉😆😊 Hope that helps some... seriously it's tapping just as many times as if you were in +Google Photos and editing there.
I also think that this is a step backwards for users of Google+. I understand that most of the same functionality will be available but it is not going to feel as well integrated as Google+ Photos was. I like the old interface better and I really wish there was an option for users to stay with what they know and like rather than forcing everyone to switch.

I mean not great.  Because you dumbed down the editing features, which I use a lot.  I guess it is back to Lightroom for me, even though Photos made it much easier to process shots from my phone.

Who decides the changes you make are good things?  Not users, that is clear.
Has no one in Mountain View realized that Google+ Photos actually has paying customers (people pay Google for extra space to store their photos) that are about to get screwed over?

Now, to be honest, my extra storage came included with my Chromebook, but I have invested hundreds of hours into my photo collection on G+, and I will be severely impacted if and when you shut down the G+ Photos Web interface. Off the top of my head, here are numerous G+ Photos features that I regularly use and that aren't available in Google Photos:

- Album organization (i.e. ordering photos and choosing the album cover)
- Editing metadata (e.g. fixing the location or the date)
- Auto enhance
- Photospheres
- Full editing (far beyond what's available in Photos)
- Tagging people
- Reading and writing comments (existing comments on my photos are just going to disappear?!)

Google Photos is no less primitive than it was when it launched almost two months ago. I've been eager to see how you would build it back up and try to catch up to G+ Photos. This definitely not the announcement I was waiting for.

Your best customers have been using G+ Photos for up to four years, as you have built and improved the service. You've gradually built up a user base as you added features that matter to them. It's fine that you have launched a more primitive blank-slate Photos product for a different audience, but it would be cruel and reckless to kill the great service your users have come to depend on.

Please reconsider.
Only albums showed on the new page. None of my "photos from posts" showed at all. Where are they? Where?
Lucky for me, I have all of the originals on a jump drive.
+Ben Rogers IT seemed like a number of people (me included) didn't exactly like that feature so much, though they really should have options for these things...
+Kenny Rousseau it always appeared as its own album in G+ photos and Picassa. Have they simply not moved those photos or are they hidden in some menu?
+Ben Rogers In G+ Photos, yes, in Google Photos it's not there, personally I DIDN'T like that the album was there, I wanted only albums I created myself honestly, now in Google Photos that DOES NOT appear, there isn't a collection / album of photos from posts, nor from Hangouts
+Kenny Rousseau I want ALL of my photos to move. This yet another d!ck move by Google. I guess I had better "create" an album to "save" these photos. Shirt - r.
Well I suppose you're free to feel that way +Ben Rogers I more see it as them actually making Photos it's OWN PLATFORM as they seemingly shown they wanted to for a bit now, being it's OWN platform it doesn't really have many if any ties with G+, which I both like and dislike, but oh well
Okay then. I'm not going to like that. I love Google plus photos and am going to miss using the app. I'll have to get used to the new Google photos system when it takes effect in August. At least I can still have the same photos available when the new photo system comes out. I am happy about that.
+Kenny Rousseau it is not the platform that upsets me, it is this whole "Google+? What's that? Never existed." attitude that coming from Google. I like and enjoy it, but now it is a longer process to post because they removed the link. I had to open a new tab to see this notification because the link in Photos was non-operative. The link to G+ via my name was removed. (The separation with YouTube was looong in coming though.) It is really annoying.
Dan Weese
Photos is amazingly horrible.  The editing and sorting capabilities are nil.   Nobody from Photos has appeared to answer any questions.  Let's put this plainly, Google isn't listening.
Please bring facial recognition associated with contacts a la Picasa. I would love to search for pictures of insert name here and have it pull up, rather than just sorted by # of photos a person appears in.
Dan Weese
"In an effort to ensure everyone has the best photos experience we can deliver..."

Asking Google for anything is like praying to a stone idol.  +Yonatan Zunger - if you had any idea how many people are deeply angered by Google's indifference to - first dragging us out of Picasa - forcing us into G+ to begin with - then forcing us into this Google Photos - I feel like some cargo cult worshipper, dancing around the wreckage of a C-47 in the jungles of New Guinea - are we praying to stone idols in asking you to do something about this colossal mess Photos is creating?  Google is alienating tens of thousands of us.  AND NOBODY IS LISTENING.

The first thing people try to rescue from a house fire are the photo albums.  In its indifference or simple inattention, Google is messing with the most important thing in our lives.  I've lived a lot of my life looking in the rearview mirror of my life and my photos are all I have left of a good deal of it.  Google screws with this at its peril, for I am not alone.  Google Photo's leadership needs its ear twisted and ought to explain why we're once again being yanked around.  
Google photos doesn't give you the option to edit the EXIF data on your images/videos where are google plus photos gave you that option. So, for example, if the date/time on one of your photos has been messed up then you won't be able to correct it and that will cause it to appear out of order. 
I can't even begin to describe my disappointment if comments are removed from our posts and albums. So many of the photographers here take great pains to carefully craft creative narrative to accompany our images. +Google Photos​​​ +Google+​ has a very engaged community of artists, and it would really be a shame to see that network dissolve because the platform we all came to know and love is falling apart. I'm not opposed to growth, but why get rid of features and functionality that so many of us use on a regular basis?!? PLEASE reconsider the ramifications of this change, and renew the faith of the members that have been active here since the beta days.
+Google+ I clicked on the "new" photos and can see all my "old" albums now organized neatly into Collections.

HOWEVER....there are no comments on ANY of these photos, despite having shared these publicly in the past. Many photos were shared as part of large community creative projects like the +The B&W Project and +Chrysta Rae's  Scavenger Hunt. 

Sharing and commenting on photos is a CRITICAL interactive quality of this Social Media site.  Please clarify HOW we are supposed to do this with the new +Google Photos. 
I am really annoyed that Google Photos uploaded my photos to the website. Be careful everyone if you are using Google Photo app. :-(
Google Photos is missing editing and most importantly for me ability to modify metadata. Are you going to provide feature parity alongside this change?
Auto backup to Google Photo?
Gracias google,esto es un alivio para los usuarios de android que tienen una galería instalada de fabrica como yo,uso un galaxy S4.
When is the desktop version of Picasa going to get updated, or... Better... When are we getting a desktop version of Google Photos? Severely lacking feature in Google Photos is face tagging....
stupid stupid stupid. I had only picasa. then you hijacked it and mutated it into google+. Social networking sucks. Now you're jacking that and making it something else that I never wanted in the first place? Thanks for nothing google. Make up your minds. Leave programs that we use alone and stop trying to upgrade stuff that doesn't need to be upgraded
All changes are base on betterment of site so we welcome it.
Can you guys fix the sync issue with the iOS version before you close the Google+ photos?
Please please we need Chromecast support and photo geotag/location adding editing capability in the Google Photos App/Web interface
Add Chromecast support and I will jackasses.
I do not like the new Google Photos web app. The lack of ability to sort images in an album is nothing short of insane. This is backwards progress and all the material design in the world can't change that fact.
Why not wait until Google photos is done? I still jump back and forth between G+, Picasaweb and Google photos to get stuff done.

Something as simple as a search for a picture and then the ability to go into the collection the picture is from would be great :-) 
+Victor Ude classic cloud software, for every new version you get new stuff and lose old functionality. Plus, development usually stops within a few months of release :-) 
What will happen to all of my hangouts media that's saved on google+ photos !!!!!!!!! 
edgar q
So, with hangouts we have to wait for new features which are available on iOS and now you kill features on Android first? It's comical at this point.
+Peggy K but currently the photos app doesn't have it...
Are you sure they are gonna get it?
I'm really worried.
Mad mad mad.  I have lost faith in Google.  It is clever providing Photos as a separate service for non G+ users BUT this could be done without breaking the integration with G+.
Even frigging Instagram can tag people but Photos cannot!
For goodness sake Google invented Face tagging and the notion of a community around photo sharing.
And now they have gone back to 2001.

+Google Photos it is very nice to search for 'Cats', but at the end of the day I want to be able to intelligently (face and text) tag and organise my photos!!!! migration to Flickr draws ever nearer.
Ra Du
"In an effort to ensure everyone has the best photos experience we can deliver, on August 1st we’ll start to shut down Google+ Photos...".

I love you sense of humor +Google+ . The best photos experience (on the web from what I'm concerned) is the old version. The new one is half baked at most. Sad day it will be. :(
+Nico Wohlgemuth  100% agreed.  Picasa was a brilliant revolutionary photo management app.  Every time I thing that Google is getting anywhere near replicating the functionality online, they change direction.  G+ photos was great, why not just add Search, and allow non-G+ users to use it independently without the G+ integration?
Ok just tell me that picasa web is not shutting down, is it😥
For existing albums, can new photos be added when in the Google Photo interface? There is no option to upload photos from my hard drive, unlike in Google+ Photos.

Does this mean that I have to upload photos at the main  interface (using the cloud icon), and then open up a collection to select photos to add to it?

That would be a 2-step process compared to what could be done in 1-step currently...
+Google+ is there any way the people can check out all the photos/albums I've shared with them in one place? It seems pretty disconnected at the moment. They can only see the albums on the places where I've shared the link.
Everyone... copy your suggestions and paste into the official FEEDBACK form. Please!!
Please add Photo Spheres and Organize to Google Photos. Thank you
Too soon Google. Google Photos is missing to much functionality. 
Bring back auto-enhance!  And re-integrate Snapseed.  There is really no reason to have that as a separate app.

Without auto-enhance, Google Photos is not an adequate replacement for what we already had...  Disappointed.
Really poor decision Google. Photos is missing too much. Poor control of organisation, very limited metadata display and no comments/captions on images will make things like the photography mentorships less effective.

There's going to be no real advantage to using Google for hosting the photos you want to share on G+. Might as well start hosting them somewhere less likely to break the system on a whim.
I have done so, the first time I used Google Photos when it was released and noticed the missing functionality.  And again, I sent more feedback today.  Hopefully someone in the Google hivemind is listening...
Have you guys added casting to the Google Photos app yet? It's missing and only present in the Google+ app at the moment.
For me the only major feature that Google+ photos have going for themselves at the moment, vs. Flickr, is Photo Sphere sharing. If that doesn't make it into Photos, that's a big step backwards. 
I think Google Photos is a good STARTING POINT, not ready for prime time. It's not that useful to me without Google+ Photos to support it.
I like the idea of Google Photos, but come on the full functionality is not there yet and personally I don't like collections, albums were much better and easier to find imo also I cant seem to find the profile photos and cover photos collection which is a minor annoyance when I want to download the cropped version of a photo to upload to other services that don't have cropping functionality.
Ok, Google+ Photos was redundant at this point. But will anything happen to Picasa photos? I only use Picasa.
This sucks. Photos is still WAY WAY inferior to Google+ Photos.

You are doing the Picasa shutdown ALL over again. Picasa was a working platform for Photos, easy to use and had a desktop application that rocked.

In comes Google+ Photos and sucks balls and you replace Picasa and for a migration over to G+Photos.  Eventually Google+ Photos grew but it's still not as good as Picasa.

Now you are doing all over again with Photos vs. G+Photos... Idiots.

Update Picasa to Version 4 instead of doing this nonsense...
I guess I have to switch to Flickr then. I have been using Picasa and then Google Plus Photo for years and really liked it but Google Photos miss so many vital functions.
I''m with many others. Shutting down usable product in favor of non usable is plain way stupid. As soon G+photos switched off I'm going away from google photos for some reliable services like flickr or something else. Sorry, +Google+ your new product doesn't cut in functionality for year 2015.
It's nice, I just wish getting photos from Google photos onto google+ was a better experience. 
lisa k
what about stories in google +  will those go away?
+Google+, it's a shame that you rely on Trey Radcliff to address our concerns rather than having someone in charge at +Google respond to our concerns personally. Shows us what you really think of your users. Disappointing. Vic Gundotra would have handled it better.
Adam M
The editor in the new Google Photos is horrible. Lacking so many of the features found in Google+ Photos.  Why such a colossal step backwards?
GPhotos is not a fully developed product. It does not have all the functionality of G+Photos. Therefore + should not be discontinued. PICASA also needs to be updated and better integrated with GPhotos. In Googles rush to mobile it is destroying great desktop photography products.
+Jim Avila Have you found out the answer to your question regarding business page Google+ photos? I can't seem to find any information about it doesn't seem to have the "switch now" button that the personal profiles had.
Robin Cox
Why not let us continue to use Google+ photos until you port over the basic functionality that's missing in the new app? Is the only choice to go back to Picasa to sort our photos? See the number of views (web)? Captions?
What about detecting faces? I use that a lot and can't see it on Google photos. 
What happens to the "Share on Google+" button on Picasa? Will it work, send to Picasa Web Album or send to GPhotos? Update and integration of PICASA with GPhotos should be a priority. Does Google listen to Users or do Googlers just armchair with each other?
+Eileen T.C. Boh I haven't come across anything yet. =( 

Picasaweb seems to still be up, so I'm hoping it at least falls back to that, as I use on desktop that manage most of the Page related images. 
Pitch for Picasa update and integration with GPhotos too! It's such a good desktop photo program.
Everything about Google+ seems to be totally unusable. I just tried to create an album without sharing it and it seems to be impossible. Uploaded a whole set of photos and now they're gone. Can't find them. Useless.
Please allow us to edit the date of photos in the new Photos page.  While you're at it, please allow us to have dates older than 1970.  I scan and archive a good number of older family photos to share, and having the dates correct helps in the organization of the albums and photos.  Thanks.
Not happy with the changes.
Collections is a mess - I wasted 30 minutes organising for the web page to say "Sorry, try again"
Screw this.
Where will we see our photos on the Web? 
So what happened to organize?  Re-ordering an album/collection is important to me.  I'd also like space for a album/collection description in addition to the title.
Anyone have a suggestion for managing
Way too many photos (raw+) hate having to add more storage for cloud is keeping photos in a card or storage a better solution?
What do you do?
Also info on Apple Retna screen?
Thanks Love to all
WHAT !! Bring back all the features to google photos and then shut down Google+ photos. This is DUMB. I Mean Really DUMB. 
+Adam M Agreed.  It's complete garbage.  Pushing the 'auto' button automatically makes your photo look much, much worse.  Snapseed already got this right, no need to reinvent the editing wheel.
If I can't easily organize it in into folders (drop and drag), upload an entire folder of photos from my phone it is useless to me. Hopefully this will be a huge improvement but I'm not holding my breath.
I don't understand why it's not possible to arrange photos into albums. 
When I can sort the photos by date modified in Google Photos then and only then I will feel comfortable with the tool.
Photos is maddening.  It calls "albums" collections but in Google+ Collections is a completely different thing.  Why the assumption that when I open Photos it wants to show me EVERYTHING?  I have thousands of photos in Google+ (I am downloading and removing them now before the transition) organized into ALBUMS that I want to manage and control when I post pictures from them.  I want a default to open Photos in ALBUMS not every damned picture I ever took including the ones from my phone/tablet.  Also when trying to post from Photos, it doesn't include the automatic look of tags (i.e. #classiccars).  I have to go back to Google+ and manually edit every post to include tags.
It is maddening! Uploading and organising pics should be simple. It's anything but with Google. Who designs this stuff?
+1'ing the pleas to stop destroying functionality. Chromecasting, photospheres, album organization, etc... are all things that people use. I don't understand how the people in charge can come to a consensus, year-after-year, to keep renaming/reinventing/restructuring Google products by (a) introducing features few thought they needed, and (b) removing features everyone was getting accustomed to. I think most people in this world are less happy when you take things away from them.
And not a single word from Google...

+Brian Wells
I hope not.  I will NEVER go on FB.  I thoroughly enjoy G+ and so do the +5000 followers of my G+ Collection of classic car photos.  I enjoy sharing my hobby/passion without knowing who any of my "followers" are other than that they have the same interest I do.
And Picasa? What news of that? I love Picasa for syncing only select albums to the web. It was reconfigured to sync with Google+ Photos. Will that be switching or is it dead too?
JD Mack
I have thousands of Google+ Photos linked in an excel sheet, are all those links going to be bad soon?
Please make Auto Enhance available in the future....
Ooh, less than two work-weeks to fix photo spheres then...
Зачем удалять фото из приложения гугл+?! Оно встроено, компактное, удобное. Новое - просто очередной тяжёлый монстр, который пришлось потом вообще удалить, так как места много занимает на памяти телефона.
Чем вам он в приложении гугл+ мешал?! Откуда у вас вообще любовь к тому, чтобы делать приложения такими тяжёлыми в плане занимаемого на смартфоне места?!
Google photos sucks. I have an Android phone (Google Nexus 5) and I like to take panoramic and 360 (spherical) images - Neither of which can be displayed on Google photos. WTF, Google People? Don't you talk to each other?
yes google plus photo video all 
Really missing the standalone app for Photos on Chromebook. It was so handy and user-friendly. I much rathered it than doing it through Chrome.
No. Do not remove Google+ Photos yet. Not untill the new photos app has the same album functionality of Google+ photos. Why replace one piece of software with an inferior one!! long until G+ gets shut down as well?
Picasso web...Google Google photos. I have to say that my photos from Picasa to Google for sharing has been a struggle for three PLUS years. May the struggle continue!
Picasa anyone? It was a decent editor and photo manager, but totally disconnected from the rest of the ecosystem.  Please bring it all together Google, just make one GOOD platform for Photos instead of 3 HALF-BAKED ones!!
Im missing the Chromecast-Integration in the new Google Photos!
i just want to asked every one can GOOGLE PHOTOS back up photos from your phone like GOOGLE+ please suggest and is it unlimited  
Any applications can be successful if internet connection is good. If not, sometimes the idea negates the possibility of seeing better picture thus making it successful
Seriously what is up with these extremely minimal interfaces that don't allow you to do anything? I merged photos from multiple cameras into an album. Some users had the dates wrong. But it seems Photos sorts them by date and date only.  Even if it's wrong. With no way for the user to change it. On the upside, it's free. But sheesh. I do hope this trend of "smart" things that take control from the user but don't work correctly is just a very bad phase in UI design that will pass.
P Ken
The photo editor app in google+ photos was so much more comprehensive than its apology in Photos. Can we have the google+ editor in Photos please?
Really need a sorting/organize function in the new Google Photos instead of having to sort collections via Picasaweb or old G+ Photos
you know what,google does it severally. when people start to settle down the search giant changes his mind.
Way K
Doing away with the G+ photo editor is a colossal loss. I was very impressed by it. Such a powerful tool. Huge bummer.
My gosh, guys. Do you really think that Google is killing Google+ Photos and they will not deliver at the other side with Google Photos? Stupid plebs!
I add my voice - Google+ photos IS A GREAT PRODUCT.  That's why I use it. So far Google Photos is NOT.  I will not be using it. Period. 
You just interchange the + sign (Google+ Photos -> +Google Photos)
Well, anyway, I thought Google+ will be gone... LoL
Please do NOT shut down the Google+ version of Photos until you've at least implemented feature parity in the new Google Photos app.  Currently there are numerous features that either do not exist or are not as full featured within the new Google Photos application, such as: Organising Albums, Setting Album Cover photos, the "Photos of me" functionality etc.

Google does seem to have a tendency to bring out new versions of it's apps that frequently offer less functionality than the previous versions and then remove or severly hamper users' ability to continue using the old version.  Please don't do that again with Google Photos.
Is there a way to improve the people search in the new app? Different pics of me are showing up as different people. How can I link them together as the "same" person
A shame. I have deleted all the updates as factory version for me worked better, had Chromecast and phone kept crashing with newer version. Also videos jerky....don't mind updates if they improve the experience..
What are the copyright implications on this new application I wonder? Does anyone know how to download all our pictures from the current G+ without loosing resolution? They seem to be compressed :-( 
What about when we post the url to an item in a shop the photo of that item was always available but not to day Wednesday 22rd of July 2015 which is most annoying as we want to be able to see the photo of items people are posting from their shops/blogs etc etc
It is completely insane that you cannot organize (re-order) photos in an album or add captions to many quickly as in the old Google+ Photos.  If that function doesn't show up very soon, I will no longer be using Google for any photo sharing.
Just to vent because I know Google doesn't care or read this but I thought the sync between Picassa and G+ Photos was the best thing (for me) since sliced bread. They broke that last month and I was puzzled for the longest time. Now I see what they did. They broke it on purpose but didn't tell anyone about that particular part. Now I have to manually delete every synced photo manually. If I'd known ahead of time I would simply have had to "unstar" the folder in Picassa and it would have take me only a few seconds to complete this onerous task.
I will lose hundreds of hours of work when G+ Photos is removed due to the loss of my album creation and highlighting. G+ perfectly fit my needs and I can't for the life of me figure out how to replace that functionality with the new Google Photos. If anything this will encourage me to find another vendor that meets my needs. By blasting away all my G+ work, Google has lost my trust and could very well lose all my customer loyalty across an entire spectrum of products. As In I may force myself to join the Apple fray (ditch every chromebook, chromecast, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab I've bought ever). The idea that they would cut us off from our album organization and highlighting is an absolutely preposterous of a customer service move. I have roughly 10000 photos organized into albums of 200 each with 100 photos highlighted in each album. I will lose all of this organization with this move. I was only half way into my project as well. The highlighting ability was an essential ingredient in my strategy. In terms of recreating albums, clearly scrolling through 10000 photos to re-select 100-200 is nearly impossible. I have a few more tests to run before I draw final conclusions but early signs for me is this is a major FUBAR event. Still trying to figure out the interaction between the google drive google photos folder and the google photos app... UGH. 
Great. I need help because I get error messages when I log in to Google plus on my cellular device 
Not sure why you have to launch a shittier version of something that worked so well. Guess someone's job was up for review, and they got the uncomfortable question of "So what have you done lately?" and needed something new and exciting, consequences be damned.
Picasa is SOOO much better than the google photos page.  I want to be able to define albums.  I want captions to be seen by somebody besides me.  Is the intent to also destroy picasa?  Do we need to find other photo-storage facilities?
+Snapseed  +Snapseed +Snapseed +Snapseed +Snapseed Please Please
+Anil Sabharwal +Bradley Horowitz  I hope someone is reading about all the pain and anguish you have caused happy, loyal users of Google+ Photos. I guess you did have a strategy in launching the Google Photos app but I can't think of a good reason why any strategy would have elements of going backwards in terms of functionality and making happy, loyal users discontented and frustrated enough to look around for alternatives and walk away for good possibly.
None of my G+ post photos in June or July have migrated to Google Photos.  I can't see Collections on my mobile device.  Oops!  I use an iPhone and an iPad.  I'm not sure Google has any intention of supporting my operating system.  If Google Photos stays as lame as it's been for me I won't be able to use it in a meaningful way.  
I regard google photos as several steps -- no, FLIGHTS -- down from
picasa. Google+ is useless, so I have no idea how it handled the photos
-- which means I won't miss it at all. If they dump picasa, though, I
will be REALLY pissed.

Picasa is the foundation of Google Photos (just as it has been of G+ Photos). It's not going anywhere, if the words of various Google employees are to be believed. I'm changing my workflow to upload and organize via Picasa Web albums; from there, I can pretty much bypass the Google Photos interface entirely and post directly to G+
The web app is shit. i miss geo-tagging, face-tagging (europe), editing of the date and time the photo was taken. And i miss picasa!
And who can figure out the bizarre insistence on arranging the pictures in a purely chronological way? Who organises their pics on a day by day basis? I recently went on holiday and took pics on 3 devices which were put in 3 albums with different themes. They've now all been lumped together.
Last week I got a "beach collection" prompt featuring my long gone ex standing by the ocean on a winter's day. Totally illogical.
It's missing the sort function.  Completely useless without it for Google Business View photographers because the photos need to be in the correct order for processing.  Uploading from Picasa usually comes out in the order of upload and not in the order of date taken.
I would be okay with this if there weren't so many missing features. Little things like full metadata are what set Google+ Photos apart.
Google Photos is horrible.

Albums are unwieldy (making them all but useless), images silently truncate to 2048 pixels in the long dimension, voting is nonexistent, stripped metadata, sort doesn't work... just a nightmare of forgotten features, and the addition of one we don't want -- facial recognition.
Chiming in here. I have been a faithful Google evangelist for a long time and I am actually feeling embarrassed by this and other recent moves by Google. I feel like I am having to eat my words about "how different they are from Facebook, because they are so user friendly and have so much more to offer. Real tools vs. toys... yada yada yada."

However this watered down photo service has taken away many of the key features that made me want to invest so much time, energy, and yes even money (for extra photo / file storage). Please give us back what you have taken away - and then continue adding the new features to enrich what was already becoming a fine product. I feel tricked and a bit cheated here. I am worried that you have pulled a "bait and switch" on me. I thought I was buying a Luxury car, and now I feel like I am stuck in a little Fiat or Smartcar that can only go 80 miles before having to plug it into the wall again. Very disappointed Google. Bad Google.  
Just want the old editor back. Even for google photos!
Not good, the update for the desktop app duplicated all my photos. Over 19000 as a matter of fact. +Google+​ is there a fix?
Google+ photos was intuitive to use, but google photos has a steep learning curve, and laborious, when it comes to sharing. Sure it's not social media. Organizing photos. Allowing comments. and probably more. I've now spent over an hour, and am still confused in many places. Not a good move google. I might be soon looking for something else.
Google, seriously, its 2015.

The new app needs at least the following before obsoleting the old one:

Reorder pics.
Improve editing to that of google+ photos instead of the bizarre astronomy name filters.
Invite others to album to group add photos for an event
Allow option to get rid of the atrocious stories feature but keeping the other auto awesome features on.
Allow landing page to be albums/all photos/ etc.
Remove duplicate pics when editing
Not good if you back up in photos and you want to delete that particular picture it will also deleted from your iphone too and that should not be there how can ine application can have power to delete from iphone photos 
I can't see the event photos from other people that went to the same event as me.  It used to be that all photos uploaded to a Google+ event all went into a shared album that everyone that went had and could look at.  Now only my own photos I took are in the album on the Google photos app.  That was the one thing me and my friends used Google+ for the most, to addend an event together and get access to all our photos in a nice little album..... that needs to come back
it would be great.... if there were chromecast support :\
Major fail, Google. Moving to Amazon.
It's a terrible terrible decision to move to google photos. In G+ Photos I have the pictures of my contacts in neat little folder. Everything I did send and everything they have sent. Now I can only see pictures I did send. That is not satisfactory. One example, last week a friend of mine wanted a picture he did send me a few weeks ago and hadn't had it on his phone. He's not using G+ on his phone, if it weren't for G+ Photos he would had have waited until he is home and place an order on a car part the next day. Sure it is not a problem to wait another day, but being in the Shop and not having it with you is annoying. Just one example that is not possible with the new service.
Alex Mc
There are still way too many features that makes the old Google+ Photos better than the new one, and you shutting it down for what reasons? giving us an inferior product? screw you Google, not even a 10 days warning, what the hell!, shutting down such an important service with a mere 2 weeks period?!!
This is terrible. There is no way in the new product to determine which of your photos has been most recently added through Autobackup, so you can move them into the Albums you want. Please reconsider.
Mike C
WTF Google!! If you want to shut donw G+ Photos, at least make the new Google Photos on par with G+ Photos! The new Google Photos is so half baked and lacking many important features.
Alex Mc
Google always act like it doesn't give a damn about what users think.
Why does Google always have to reinvent the wheel, and create a million headaches in the process? I don't see how dissecting your social network like its a frog is going to make things better. You should start focusing on innovation with G+ and stop wasting time and money on unnecessary nonsense.

Does anyone remember Google's redesign of G+ in 2013? I'd like to think that people learn from their mistakes, but apparently Google just makes the same ones over and over again.

Just as Google gave us all a place to call our social home, we all too contributed to making this place what it is today. Unfortunately it appears many of Google's changes are meant to benefit themselves, and not those they intended to serve.

Maybe adding more functionality to G+ would be a good idea, rather than constantly taking it away.
Until the features are there, terrible idea. Will look to move back to Flickr at this rate. Can't tag. order. comment etc. And the albums look worse. 
It still sorts wrong - and without an option to manually override.. :(
ZERO stars until you bring back Chromecast function. What a waste "downgrade"!
This definitely convinces me not to download that app these testimonies are valuable and very important to the existence of Google+ if they bother to listen of course
Cannot change the order of the photos at all. Please correct this. 
Yes, how do you change the order of your photos in your albums? Sucks with this feature not being supported. Forcing people to dump Google for iPhotos. What a big step backwards. I can't imagine this oversight.
What happened to the nice tools to edit pictures. The new version is not very helpful :( 
Even after reading all these really still sit back and say "the new Google photos is better"?  After stripping out the old functions that is.  I think It was on track but gutting the old features was a real "ouch"
+Kelsie Bell No.  Your pictures are Private.  We can only see them if you share them to Public.  Right now I can't see any of your pictures so don't worry.  :)
I unfortunately have two photos apps in my drawer and that is extremely confusing.... +Google+​, please do something about this 
Can't edit time stamps on +Google Photos anymore!!! And can't upload MTS videos anymore!! And no Chromecast support. Honestly, they make something so beautiful and go 2 steps back!!
+Fredrik Mellström Suspect someone at Google didn't like the cost in terms of CPU/processing that the auto-enhance was hitting them with if they weren't going to turn that cost into the G+ that they were promised would come with it (by Vic G). Now you have to manually apply and then (on the app at least) save it as a separate file - this leaves you having to go back and figure out from a thumbnail which version is processed and publish the right one... Mess.
+Neil Slater, sure, that sounds likely.

However, they could offer Auto Enhance, and have it default to "off" this time. Then those who care can find it, and the CPU resources needed would be lower, because actually most people would not find and enable the feature. Win-win. ;-)
Another vote for photo re-ordering in albums, it's a sorely-needed feature.
+Jose Navarro Duh?  Not good on these type of sites, and just read about this change at G+.
Is it saying we will lose our pics from August 1st, if we don't do some thing, like what?
+Max Cook​​​ no one is losing any pics. After August 1st we'll just have to use Google Photos app instead of Google Plus Photos. Minus all the cool editing, sorting, autoawesome, chromecast, etc functions of the old Google Plus Photos. Basically it's like going from the paid version of something to the Free version of something after the trial period is up.
Yep,it's rubbish,I'll miss the HDR part.Its so basic,be doing all my editing in Lightroom now then..I'll miss Google +.shame.
So all the photos and videos that need their time and date edited, I'll have to delete them, edit the time stamps somewhere else (any ideas btw?) then upload them again. 
I really miss the awesome editing options they had on the google+ photos app. Is there a way you can bring more of the options back. It's too easy to use and not enough variety in editing features. 
+Jose Navarro OK.  Thanks.  Don't do other than post pics here and there anyways, and just on the computer, no devices, so, no probs.

Sorry to take your time, but must I get "Google Photos app" on the laptop?

(I can't discern if it's merely my general disdain for big corp, or my age which makes understanding help pages' info on Google so hard? hehe.  Or both!)
+Max Cook​ on your laptop you have two options. 1. Use your web browser to upload some pictures. Or 2. Download Google Photos uploader and it will upload all your photos depending on what folders you select to upload. 
+Jose Navarro OK. Cheers.  I'm guessing I'll still be able to do my thing, come to uploading pics to say a social media G+ post, etc.
Please bring back the HDR edit tool
One more day till the old Google Plus Photos gets shut down!  I guess this means Google is ready with an updated version of the New Tool that includes all the old features plus many more new ones based on all our feedback.  :)
Please bring back the Highlights feature!
B Bowen
PLEASE fix it so we can put the albums in the order WE want. I spent hours organizing my albums in google plus and picasa before that. Can you please just let us do that???
Man, I downloaded all my images to my external HD, do not trust any site, app any more since 2008 when my X gf and mine private stuff got "auto" shared to my family contacts. Tons of fun making myself look like an idiot to my mom.. My fault, I admitt for saving it to my private Google account, but lack of security protocol embarrassed the fuck out of me.
J'espère que vous tous vous allez bien
I was really disappointed. The app should work until I uninstall. After all, who is the owner of chromebook. Google?
I didn't think this was going to bother me as much on Mobile but I have to say.  Not being able to get to Photos from the Google+ app is really frustrating.
Where are all my photos I had on Google+ I went to go look for them yesterday and they were all gone. :( please tell me there is a way to retrieve them. 
I feel pretty left alone. All of a sudden almost all essential features are missing. No organize / sort feature. Not even sort by "date taken" ?!? And when you share an album, you can't even set a cover picture. Why maim something that was already working pretty well?

I am glad I found this post. +Google+ : We are not Apple users. You don't need to strip down everything to an absolute minimum of features, so that it only looks good but is in fact unusable.

BTW. People, you can still use most of the features from the old picasaweb interface: .
Please don't send notifications in the middle of the night, that my pictures are being backed up. 
No Chromecast support?! Please make it happen! What's the point to use Google photos otherwise?
I don't like all the pictures nude picture that get send to my account. If it doesn't stop I'm deleting Google +. Thank you so much.....
+Wendy Harris​ i don't think that has to do with Google photos. If you're seeing offensive pictures in your steam either leave the community it's coming from or simply block the posters.
Very annoyed with Google photos, reluctantly upgraded as you'd made it impossible for me to access my photos without upgrading and straight away find two of my favourite photos missing, luckily I still have them on camera, I am going to find an independant storage app.and Google - forget it, you're trying to be too manipulating!!
worst update i have lost my images shared in hangouts conversation.
help to revive them.
Tried to access my photos at suggested above link; found only one (1) of the hundred+ I had before the FORCED update. Where are all my other photis?
i completed the update this morning and now I cant view my photos from my phone. I can't even attach them to an email :( PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
I lost ALL of the first year of my daughters life, WTF Google+ you were my back up when my phone got stolen, the only photos I had of her and your "update" took them all away from me for a second time :*( 
+Google+  I have the new Google Photos app on android... why can't I download some of my pictures from my albums to my phone while other pictures I do have the download option?
I too lost alot of can I get them back???
I lost photos also.  Entire albums gone after being forced to switch.  The ugly downside of the cloud.  We've lost all control.
Lack of sorting/organizing photos is nonsensical.  I just shared our cruise photos to our family and was extremely angry that you did not build in the basics in google+.  I've seen the other complaints regarding.  There should be strength in numbers for Google to get a fix for this.  Let me know when.  Until then, I will use my ipad's picasashare app to send links to my family on other albums (after I've sorted the pics the way I want to).
So if i update it it is going to erase all my photos

Very annoyed I can't sort or reorganize photos in an album. I have an album of pictures of my son that I share with family since the day he was born. In Google+ Photos I could reorganize them so that the newest photos were at the beginning of the album so my family wouldn't have to scroll through the entire album just to see the new pictures. Now, I can't reorganize at all and the newest pictures I uploaded automatically went to the end of the album even though the rest of the album remained organized how I had it before. I appreciate that Google tries new things, but taking away basic features like sorting and reorganizing is really annoying. Time to try flickr, I think.
Google photos app won't download to my phone as memory is limited. Now I can't view cloud photos on phone it says installed but it won't launch! I uninstalledon't google+ hoping that would free up space but zilch. Very disappointing. And chrome cast has been removed from app.what's up with that? To edit photos now I need another app/program Really this is so limiting good storage but what the heck?
It will not play my videos! I have sound, & that's all.
In order to get my Google + photos to load....I had to go to Google play...clear the cache....then it still didn't load all my I had to go to Google my files and I went to my computer and downloaded. I was forced to go to this upgrade....and when I first called Google support for help....they had no idea what to do....really if I hadn't done alot of research on the internet I wouldn't have come up with all these solutions....this 
I don't have none of my wedding photos or vacation photos since I downloaded this new photo app. How do get my older photos back that was on there anyway. Please help.
Sad to say, but judging on what's there so far, I think this was a bad move. Should have been in beta for a while longer. Google+ Photos was getting to be quite good. This just makes me want to go and use flickr or something else. the interface is not only too minimalistic, but it's slow and featureless
I lost all my damn photos and videos the moment I uploaded this stupid thing...I can't even seem to retrieve them...damn it to heck!**
It was a wonderful and unique photo-editing tool, now it's ridiculously bad and useless app, with no decent editing options. Going back to Flickr. 
They screwed up the program with this update ! I hate all 3 choices of views and I have to look in different folders now for pictures. Worse yet is that you had no choice but to do the update. Looking for a replacement app. 
Haven't updated yet. ..and I'm terrified to now because of how fucked up the new update is supposed to be. Wtf is wrong with you Google? Do you try to make shit worse on purpose? F'n assholes. Smh
What Is Wrong With Google I'm Still Having A Hard Time With Google I Just Don't Know What To Do No More
If its not broken why try and fix it? Your tech team should be fired!! Cannot even save my photos after they have been cropped!!! FARCICAL!!!
+Google+​ my photos are missing that were backed up in the old app that are missing months of photos that I just looked at before my phone MADE ME UPDATE this is stupid so much trust in this app and now important events are gone forever y'all should've let people choose the update fix this missing July to March 2015 
I've been using Piktures for a gallery app.  I don't search photos, I don't need them deciding how things should be grouped.  I just want my pictures there, in chronological order.  I also really like that the thumbnails are a uniform size, with no floating action button.  I really, really hate those things.
I have been using Picasa and Google+ since day one! I have THOUSANDS of pics, and yesterday I was shooting for a special event. I LOVE the editing features and was relying on Google+ to enhance my photo's. However, when I went to import over 100 photos, shot MANUALLY ON A TRI-POD...Google+ has D.I.E.D?!? I don't want to learn Lightroom or Photoshop. The photo enhancement is all I REALLY need. ANY help would be much appreciated!
this blows that my albums can't be placed in chronological order.  i think ill stop uploading using pictures from this album till they can get their act right and offer not only faster picture editing options but also be able to arrange the photos chronologically.  looks like google went BACKWARDS on this format.
So has anyone figured out how to get the missing pics back
Can't find my photos.. Only backed up what was on my phone! I have 1000+ pictures that I can't find!!
Over 3000+ photos saved within past 2 years and now they are gone!!! I can't find them anywhere!!!! That's what we get when we don't back them up to a cd, usb or hard drive our self right!?! and not only that.. your not backing up the new photos being taken since your new update. WTH?? Definitely not useing your new and "improved" app any longer. I will be removing it from my phone!!! 
I'm seriously considering shutting down Google+ and this new Frankenstein (Google Photos), and returning to those good all days just with GMail, YouTube and Picasa. Of course, if Google doesn't decide to kill Picasa, which could be my definitive goodbye.
1 issue I cant stand...You know how sometimes you snap a few photos to get the perfect picture, or you may screen shot things you see on the Internet like recipes or what have you. Well when I go into photos a d try to delete unwanted photos, it does not let me erase most of them. It says Photos van erase photos from your SD card, please go to gallery to delete them. Well, I already cleared out the photos I don't want I my gallery but all the extras and screen shots get backed up in photos....the crazy thing is it allows me to erase some that are on my SD card but most it doesn't let me. It's very frustrating. Anyone have any idea of how I can fix this? 
What about IPTC photo tags?  I have nearly 50k tagged photos and in Picasa (desktop) I can search rapidly and specifically.  Neither Google+ nor Photos seems to support these tags.  Anyone know if another product that can search IPTC meta data in a photo collection?
Google Photos; What are You doing? Being forced to update is BS. If I am satisfied with your product and am quite happy to use it in its current form WHY should I be Forced by You to update? I am using your f*#kn product, WHY would you want to be an a'hole and Force me to make a change to that product!! I want the choice! If Google won't let me have the choice I'm sure I can find another source...👍..
It's amazing the Richer and Bigger a company/Corporation gets the more aggressive and none caring it gets!! GOOGLE/BULLY....👎👎..
We read about how Google hires the best talent out there. How does a bunch of supposed PhDs stuff up a working product so badly??? Did anyone actually think that people did not want the ability to reorder photos in an album or story.  Guys, stories were your idea. Stories have a sequence, else THEY ARE NOT STORIES. And the same applies to albums...
And exactly how am I supposed to get my thousands of pics over to Google photo? One by one?!?!
How can I retrieve all my pics from google+? Since the update to google photos I only can find pics from this year whereas I had tons of pics stored in google+ going back 6 years.
Lost all my pictures because was forced to update fukn ass holes
All I want are my photos and now I HAVE completely NO CONTROL what so ever! And am NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT AT ALL! ! ! !
I miss sharing photo albums on G+ and having comments on them... 
Agreed, +Francisco Nogueira. I also miss being able to share an album only with certain other Google accounts without creating a share link. Once that link gets out, anyone who has it can see my album, unless I'm missing something?
Updating to Photos meant that I lost 200+ photos that I had previously backed up to Google+. I saw them, updated service, and then they were gone. Epic fail.
This isn't fair, Google has taken over our privacy and privileges. I had loved the fact that I could go into MY "MY" PHOTOS AND DELETE WHAT I DID NOT WANT, AND NOW CAN NOT DO ANYTHING. I'M JUST GOING BACK TOO OLD SCHOOL AND TAKE PICS WITH A CAMERA :) SAFER THAT WAY!
The new Android Photo editing is ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!!!!! POS!!!! GIVE US BACK THE OLD ONE.
Omg... I thought my pix were gone ... Thank goodness. 
What the F! The new photo editor is complete trash!
I wmat my editor back google!
Ypu screwed up my favorite feature you douche bags!
l mean to say all my ancient photo has been disappeared on my phone Wat to do in order to rename them
The 'new' features of Google photos are a downgrade from the Google+ version. They seem basic, outdated and the interface is quite ugly. It's a shame that software companies decide to change things when a piece of software works very well in the beginning. Google+ photos should've been championed, celebrated and improved for all users not discontinued and replaced by a much inferior version
Joan W.
+Dean Jones
And Google + was itself a downgrade from Picasa.  Picasa should have been championed, celebrated, improved, etc.
i am so sad that i lost all the pictures i have taken this year. moment of my kids life i can never get back. i had everything backed and now i have nothing. why the fuck would yall do this?
I never trusted the Cloud. Now I know why. I had all my children's names and the date on my photographs in Picasa and Google+ lmy albums and photo order that took me years to sort and create in Picasa I had on Google plus and now the order is all lost. I have a class in Apple tomorrow and I'm going to ask him about the iCloud storage I am not going to mess with this. They should've left Picasa alone. 
Please bring back google+ photo editor!
Specifically BULK or BATCH auto enhance and HDR features.
What a big step backwards. Goodbye Google! 
+Google+ Obviously does not care about customer service where the +Photos community is concerned. Today I got on plus to grab a single photo from a few months ago. To my disappointment the option to go back to Google+ Photos is now gone from the new photos app. I am exporting my images and leaving Google Plus effective immediately. Good luck everyone.
Mark T
FWIW, you can still get into Google+ Photos: 1. Go to 2. Click the "More" menu and then "Albums".

I doubt that'll work for long though. I am a paying Google customer and have uploaded about 30,000 photos, a high percentage with tagging, metadata album and photo comments all of which has taken countless weeks of work. I cannot see an official word on the subject but I consider much of that metadata to be mine (I wrote it!) and the wilful destruction thereof (or barring access which amounts to the same thing) to be morally bereft, legally dubious and just plainly wrong. At least the move from Picasa, as bad as it was, didn't delete data.

If anyone knows of a way to backup the album and individual photo comments before they're gone forever, please do say.
Hate the new photo editing, its way too basic. Don't try to fix things when they are not broken Google! The old editor was fab and a life saver for those who can't afford PS :( 
Now that my photos stored on Google+ Photos will be gone thanks to the new Google Photos.

Thank you Google, for screwing up again!
I found out that if i delete a photo in google photos it also delete on my computer.  Is there anyway i can get control back of my photos?
Where is my old albums and edibility? I cannot find any photos that I have organized.
Is there Any response to one of all those questions by Google? 
I think the update is awful. I can't find anything I had organised and can't find my videos anywhere. Can anyone help please?
Everything gone!! The app doesn't even open!!
The album sharing overview is very untransparent.
The old version i see on my album shared people into the "flipping" card.
In the new version this feature completely missing..:(
Please re-up old version, it's really hard to upload photos, and theme is not useful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!
New version does not allow user as much control as before. Please bring back the old one. If not, I'm going to start looking for a new place to share my photos. 
Why didn't they include auto-enhance for the complete album? That was the only reason I was using it.
Can someone help me out? Earlier, when I used to share a photo on hangouts it was saved on photos on the album regarding to whom it was shared to, but with the new app its all gone, All the recent photos ive shared on hangouts dosnt seem to apper on the Photos app.. And now, I cant seem to find those albums to whom the photos were shared too, aswell. 
I miss the highlight tab. It was a valuable tool built in to the Google + photos. I used it daily in my workflow to help determine which images I should post. That feature is absent from the new Google photos. And as of Aug 1 2015 , its no longer accessible in the app or on the computer. Is anyone familiar with that function? If so, have you found an alternative? Google used to automatically highlight photos, any alternative should have a similar feature. Or am I asking too much? It was like having a personal assistant, which is different from the Assistant, Google currently offers. Fortunately, I did not rely on Google for editing. As those features have been changed as well. For that I perfer the Adobe Suite. Just would like that highlight tab ..again. 
You have just taken away anyone's last reason to use Google+. It used to be handy, an example of photo management done well, at least on a basic scale. Now it's hard to upload, hard to manage the pictures, it is even hard to browse through them. Sad.
The old version was better than current one. Has this new version really passed usability test?
Old version best & now can not find photos going back before to 2012. Where is all My photos gone. Google You suck massive
What the hell.......... the old version was so much better I had my photos then set up by albums where are they??????????............ I can't upload new photos to the new version because it stops responding and I have to shut google down photos page has all the crap photos going back to 2005 are you crazy.............  I upload  "what I want:"  not what you have put on the photo page waste of space, I am so so so unhappy.
Bring back the old version because this one sucks!
I HATE it!!!
+Google+​​ please bring back G+ photos..You force me to move to Google Photos and now there's no more Auto Enhance and I can no longer cast my photos with Chromecast...what's the point of that? Taking away those functionalities was just plain dumb.
From all the feed back l believe you didn't get a lot better just made made every thing harder to use. This seems to be normal for the modern technology now a days.
This new app blows! I don't have my albums anymore and alot of my photos didn't transfer. So disappointed....usually6their improvements work but they missed it big time. 
Phyl K
When will the chromecast feature be available?? 
I hate it! I want the old Google+ Photos back! The editing options are all now pre-set. I can't adjust the lights. I also don't like uploading pictures without a destination. Before while you were uploading, you could name the album. Now after it's uploaded it's just scattered into the photos from that day and if you took photos on separate day but the same event, you'll have to find it. 

I really don't like the layout. It's so ...blah. It's too contemporary and the layout makes it look like a mobile version and not a full website version. and I don't like how all the pictures and albums are so close to each other. It make my view look so cluttered. 

I know this is not just a learning curve because I've taken the time to learn this new gallery for pictures and I hate it so much!!!!!!!!

Seriously! Why would you change something so awesome! It literally was awesome and amazing! 

If you gave people the option to have either the new one or the old one, I'm 99% positive people would go for the old one. It was perfect!

I'm so annoyed and pissed off because I used Google+ Photos to post and share my photography. Now it's just this big jumble of clutter and staring at you in the face all at once. As opposed to before where everything was neatly laid out and clear and arranged the way I had selected. 

Also, my pictures are uploading several shades darker than what's on my camera and when I look at in the folder.

This really sucks. I wish Google would read my comment or anyone else's comments about this because I really miss the old one. 

Please bring the old one back!
+Joan W. But this change did not NEED to happen. The old one was perfectly fine. It never crashed and all the functions needed. So your point is a weak argument.
Now my videos won't play on Google photos, why is that? V not cool
Awesome addition to Google. At work having an app like this is a powerful tool - will let our head of online David Kelly and Head of CP&S Gerard Vamadevan know about it so it can be shared among the 1300+ staff in our group 
Terrible...   You are the company for the shareholders and not the people now..
Why? Why can't you keep it the way it was? All the +1's and comments are gone. And the new Photos is just hard to use. At this rate, when I learn it, you'll change again anyway. 
Give back 🔙 the old version of googl+ photo it is just 4 option unlike
I hate it. Why must they always change things and make everything more complex and harder to use. Our company relied on google+ for photo collaboration and now we don't even know how to upload them. Even the go back to the old google plus is now gone. 
The old photo editor was much more complete than this one. The filter "gallery" is simply ridiculous! It's kind of answer from G...probably they think we are just sheeps to be driven where they want to go... (true..sad but true)...
New Google Photos is definitely a great step forward, I love the assistant for example. But you released it too soon, it's lacking so many great features I used all the time before like the whole album management, map exif widget and many more! I wish I was able to use old Google+ Photos when needed!!
Still have yet to see any real move forward with this app. 
I'm missing the ability to tag people.  I like being able to tag family or friends and have it shared/automatically added to their google photo album.  
Would u just leave us alone! Things change so fast, it is almost impossible to appreciate Google. We wanted to show cruise photos last pm, and couldn't find them. Very disappointing. Slow down. What r u trying to prove?!


Incredibly but amazingly too, Google has finally announced the self sorting feature it's being removed, the old G photos and Picasa albums restored and full control of organization and uploads will be finally given to users, also batch deleting will be available soon, great to know also that  Google Photos will be fully syncronized with drive, so what you see is what you get. Your Drive wil no longer be full of duplicated stuff and nothing unwanted will take up your paid for space anymore.

Great news too, Google is bringing back old Google Maps, and it's clear that will be sacking the last programmers and management staff who allowed all this to happen in the first place, in a last desperate move to regain user's support.

Thanks Google for being so great and straight forward to our demands. I almost thought you couldn't give a damn about us users!!!

How silly am I?
If any of you see these changes applied withing any timeframe closer to a year, please do not hesitate in celebrating, it wil mean Google guys are actually reading this. I we don't it will only mean our thoughts were right, Google could not care less of what we need or want.

Regards from an extremely fustrated user.
Can anyone recommend a replacement for the old Google+ Photos? I loved how well it worked and how seamlessly it integrated with my Nexus 7.  The enhancement and panorama features were amazing!

Now it feels like MSPaint versus 'shop
The old G+ photo software was better than the new one. Picasa hasn't seen any development worth mentioning in the past 18 months. Snapseed for Android is still OK, but the Windows version has been shelved completely, so bets are still on when (not if) Google will mess up Snapseed for Android.
As often, Google f***ed up a very good and practically flawless software and replaced it with something that  looks "cooler" but offers only a fraction of the functions. This is increasingly p***ing me off. :-(

If it goes on like that it will soon be "Goodbye Google+, goodbye Android" for me instead of "Goodbye G+ Photos." I know that Google don't give a f*** if a few customers leave, but perhaps, if a few million people kicked them in the back beyond they'd listen a bit harder to what customers tell them.
wdf !!!! google+ photos editing tools was awesome please include it in new version . other wise no use of that app  it is like synch apps without that editing features  
How can I delete Google plus but keep the regular Google??
+Darlene Owsley this isn't a help desk.  It's a comments section of a post from Google+.  Look for Google+ Help Community.
In a normally functioning company would people responsible for "Google Photos" type mess lose their jobs immediately...
I use the Desktop Uploader Appplication to reupload all my photos, as the resolution for free now can be higher. The problem now, ist that old photos are tagged with the upload date, instead of the original creation date. That was way better with Picasa. Is there any way to fix this, without reuploading them again?? Secon question: Will there be an Update for Picasa to do the Backup? By now I can only upload in low 2k px resulution or original (uses drive storage)
Vahran jaua hanzn Hashan X
All of my pictures before May 2015 (my daughters birth and newborn) pictures are all gone): Someone please tell me that I can get these back. Those photos mean so much to me. Please help!
How can I see who I had shared some of my albums with? I don't see this option anymore and I don't remember who I had shared it with and I need to change that!!! Please fix.
I cant upload any pics and all of my photos from before may 2015 are gone. What happened! 
This sucks. Its like every other photo app with the same filters. I miss the cool and brilliant effects of auto awesome and those were the beat filters. Loved the highly contrasted one and being able to adjust details. I made great rock pics out of it. :(
NbNad g
بتاريخ 2015 9 24 05:19، كتبها "Abd Xalid" <****@**>:

> Danssn gD Fhya.Zhian
All Of My Photos From The Summer Just Disappeared After Updating The Photos, Why And What Happened I Want All My Photos Back.!!!!!!
Google photos lost my photos. Now I only have 175. The same number that's in my gallery. All the others that was supposed to be backed up are GONE! Where are they. Get them back. I will store them in a card instead. My grandchilren's pictures they sent to me are NO longer there. Help restore them fix this I want my memories back.
Pls remove this paroblam I cant see you tube any seiaral of tv and watsup imege

Where are the photos from my posts stored? They are not in the new photos tab or on the photos link on the page.
+Jose Navarro
I see a bunch of "random help questions" here in this topic!!
But I don't see YOU chastising them for their posts!!
I guess there are AH's in every group!!
+Billy Bob Big-Johnson Sooooo  "everybody's doing it" is your answer?  LOL Scroll through there are at least 5 people I've responded to exactly the same as you.  Learn where the appropriate place to get your questions answered is all.  You'll get way better help.
I wanted to know where my google+ APP is. It was deleted today and I can't download it.
when I delete a photo from android device, it says it will delete from every possible place that it earlier backed up to. This is crazy... I dont have space on my android device and thats the reason I backup to cloud... what stupidity to NOT give an option to delete only from my device.
Then why would an album I made last week show up on my Google+ page Photo tab, yet the album I created yesterday doesn't...
Whoever made the decision to replace google + with google fotos inferior editing function should be sacked
I can't believe we cannot reorder photos????
I can't delete the pictures I no longer want, why?
I want answers to my random questions...should I ask here or in the google photos forum?
I still don't see how to do it give me a link
Has anyone answered questions for any of you? This is my first time on this site and as far as I can see it's useless. I would also like to know how the heck I can delete photos in Picasa? ....lets me download, but, then I have a copy that I can move to an album but I can't delete and it's taking way too much space on my smartphone
I am still missing two years worth of photos!! Wish I could get a response about it 
Please i want back a few more photos which is still at lost.
The link sharing from website with the image is too small, also there should be a provision to add image and connect the URL separately , so anyone click the image will get re directed to website.
More bad news. I've stuck it out using Picasa Web as a mediator between taking photos on device and trying to work with the new Photos experience. Picasa web isn't as shiny as Photos but it's still, imho, a better product because it does PRECISELY what the users want and need. This lack of feedback from Google is disappointing to say the least. When Picasa stops working that's pretty much it. I have to move to another service.

EDIT: (since comments are closed)
In case you missed it sorting photos was added to the new photos with no explanation offered regarding why it was removed to begin with. Happy to have the functionality again. Still disappointed by Google's lack of timely support.!msg/photos/SoouLrPrwms/41gfptCNEQAJ
Less than an hour ago.
I just added photos to a google+ album with content from 2 Google+ postings.

Not at all pleased with the labyrinth of photo bullshit.

I Cannot find the album to share it, edit it or just review it.

And I do not classify myself as feeble, incompetent or ignorant. Though some on the other side of my political viewpoint will disagree, I seem more than competent to those catching my posts.
How do you share pictures from google Photos via Google+ now with someone not on Google? Before you could email link which I chose that option copy link to clipboard and then pasted into email and recipient couldn't open links....???
Also if Google workers are reading this forum I agree with many other comments. This process is hard to use between Google photos and Google + and Picasa. some years back when all my Picasa albums got put into Google+ that was hard enough to deal with.
But I'm trying to go with flow and research my questions on web as I come up against more problems with this. The main thing I noticed too is only way to share an album from Google Photos is by Google + if you aren't on any other social networks. When you do so it puts your post and cover picture not clear and crisp and cuts off picture when viewed as post. Very annoying. I kept going back and forth between 2 apps to use different cover photos trying to find one that shows just bottom of pic so wouldn't look stupid but I must be missing something because other friends and followers post things that look the old way. I don't understand all this. 
Why isn't it possible for the developers of Google Photos to program the basic functions so, that an ordinary person can use meaningfully this environment?

To the scenario photo albums:

If a photo album is created under Google Plus, the photos and vidoes are arranged apparently in depending of their time stamp.
The album appears also under Google Photos and can be shared additionally there.
If the album was shared there then appears an indication under Google Plus that the album was shared under Google Photos.
If the order of the album objects was changed in one of the two environments, then it occurs no synchronization between both environments! Why not?

The ability to set the order of the album items under Google Photos, is catastrophically bad. If the edit mode is activated to move the several album objects, then informations are not available to the single album objects in the full view. The video views are often black, at the images and videos lack the information (file name, first line of the info field etc.) of the single objects, so that it is extremely difficult to find the right position. Why is that so?

The deleting of pictures and videos works catastrophically under Google Photos. It's not possible an option to delete an album, including its contents. Single album objects can not be deleted directly and immediately. To delete an album and album objects, which are not needed in any other album, then the objects are grouped under Google Photos according to their time stamp after the deleting of an album or removal from an album. It is quite confusing and makes it hard to seek and delete afterwards the single image or video objects. Why is that so?

A special case is to share an album under Google Photos for Google-Plus. If an album is shared public and in addition to some users, then is not possible like under Google-Plus. The album must be shared in a second step for this additional user. Why is that so?

Photo albums can not be used directly to collections under Google Plus. The single images or videos must be selected again. While the selecting of the images and the videos the listing of the objects is confusedly til chaotically. Why is that so?

Conclusion: The new environment under Google Photos seems to be adapted to the new version of Google Plus with the following difference: the user has no possibility of choice. Neither the new Google Plus version and even Google Photos are in these state not to be usable. Google in its hopeless competition with Facebook can not exist durably and will lose another users. When Google Photos and Google Plus system should continue to deteriorate, I will have to join to Pinterest or something else!

Lots of kind regards and a nice time! :-) Bernd

P.S. This was my response toward the new Google-Plus version and Google-Photos today (September 3, 2016):

Last but not least!
What kind of a mess with the old Picasa environment?
Picasa is now presented in the new Google Plus environment as the owner's album archive?
Why is that so?
Which role are playing Picasa data contents now?
This album archive, particularly the Auto Backup is not properly manageable, it is unmanageable!
Empty albums can not be deleted! Images can not be removed from Auto Backup albums!
Why is that so?
What shall this nonsense with this obtrusive Auto Backup folder and function?
I do not want any automatism that is uploading automatically images from the mobile devices into the net in the background!
What shall these annoying automatisms?
Why are not these contents of the Auto Backup manageable and handable properly, Mr. Google?
Brave New World?!

You can put my photos back you don't have the rite to move them without askig don't want your upgrade
What is happening here is Google Photos are ignoring the EXIF data embedded in the photos. The name of the file should have nothing to do with the photo or its ordering. If you want to find out when a photo was taken refer to the EXIF "tags". There are plenty of perl libraries which can do this. Who and when the photos are added should have nothing to do with the order in which they are displayed. If people really want to choose display ordering Google Photos should have a dropdown list box allowing the default ordering of the photos in the Album when it is created. This property could be a global property the user sets up in their Google setup - this is then inherited when an album is created, and can then be changed when a visitor / someone wants to view the album.

I am a programmer (linux / UNIX platform) and have been one for thirty years. This could be coded up using the perl libraries within a day or two at most. A possible speed up on loading the album is to store the albums file names and essential EXIF data into a small text file in the album's "directory" and use this to drive the code which emits the HTML into the users browser.

Google programmers are scary smart, and with the new tools they have available could bang this together in no time at all.

Colby Debbie wedding August 6,Thur 11th my dad jeanee
I can neither see nor share pictures .what is wrong with my Google plus